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Stop H.R. 5 Talking Points

Stop H.R. 5 Talking Points

  • A five-year-old girl in Decatur, Georgia was sexually assaulted in her school restroom by a male classmate who identified as "gender fluid."
  • Will remove the equal opportunities and fair playing fields women have worked so hard to achieve.
  • Will violate women and girls’ privacy, safety, and dignity.  Consider a women’s homeless shelter that provides a safe place for women who’ve survived sex trafficking, rape, and domestic violence. Men who identify as female will be allowed to sleep just three feet away from these women.
  • Already, teenagers have been forcibly taken away from loving parents who—in the state’s eyes—fall short of enthusiastically affirming their son as a female, or their daughter as a male. As just one example, an Ohio court took a 17-year-old girl away from her parents because they didn’t want her to undergo hormone treatments and were unwilling to call her by the male name she had chosen. The court awarded custody to the grandparents.
  • Christian organizations like Catholic Charities are being forced to violate their commitment to placing children in homes with a married mom and dad. 
  • Small business owners who serve everyone, but, like most creative professionals, can’t express every message or celebrate every event, will be punished.
  • Discrimination and disagreement are not the same.  Using the force of law to stifle disagreement threatens to undo the core of what makes America unique.  To ensure America continues to be the most welcoming, flourishing, and prosperous nation in the world, our laws must respect and advance the following principles:
    • Every American should be free to peacefully live and work consistent with their beliefs, without government coercion.  

    • Every American should be free to associate with others around shared values and beliefs and to form organizations, businesses, and other groups.  Those associations should be free to advance their missions and to expect their members to share the association’s values, beliefs, and mission to ensure a rich, robust marketplace.

    • Every American should be treated with dignity and respect by all levels of government, and our lawmakers should dispense justice with impartiality, equity, and integrity.

    • Every American should be able to expect safety and privacy in sex-specific facilities.

Source: All for Freedom


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