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September 30, 2016
5 Things to Know about the New Johnson Amendment Fix

(Alliance Defending Freedom) Yesterday, Rep. Steve Scalise and Rep. Jody Hice introduced a bill in the House of Representatives called the Free Speech Fairness Act. The bill is aimed at fixing the Johnson Amendment, a 1954 addition to the tax code that gives the IRS the ability to censor the speech of pastors, churches, and other nonprofit entities on issues related to candidates and elections. Here are five things you need to know about the bill: (Read More)

September 23, 2016
Where Was the Church While Charlotte Burned?
September 23, 2016
Teacher Stomps On US Flag In Classroom
September 23, 2016
Child Euthanasia Center in Netherlands Expected to Open Soon Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children
September 23, 2016
When ‘Liberty’ Forces 18 Girls Into a Single-Stall Shower Room
September 23, 2016
Religion, the Great Economic Engine
September 23, 2016
TIM WILDMON When a culture rebels against God
September 21, 2016
House to vote on holding baby body parts dealer StemExpress in contempt of Congress
September 15, 2016
Americans Doing Good


(Breakpoint) I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lord Jonathan Sacks, a British rabbi who won the 2016 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion—a prize Chuck Colson also won. Lord Sacks told me that every American ought to read Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic book, “Democracy in America,” at least once a year.  (Read More)

September 15, 2016
Why God Has Blessed the United States

(The Stand) Why is it that some nations prosper and other nations don’t? 

There is one abiding and overarching principle God uses in deciding whether to release his favor over a nation or withhold it. That one principle is whether that nation is a friend or a foe to the sons of Abraham.  (Read More)

September 15, 2016
The Numbers That Show Planned Parenthood About Abortion, Not Women’s Health

(Daily Signal) As Planned Parenthood looks to spend a record $30 million this fall to influence the November elections and keep its taxpayer funding flowing, Live Action has released a new online tool pro-lifers can use to help counter the kind of propaganda $30 million can buy.  (Read More)

September 15, 2016
Ignoring Child Abuse in Afghanistan

(Breakpoint) Last autumn, Marine Corps Major Jason C. Brezler got into trouble for sending classified email via an unclassified email server. But the principle source of his trouble had nothing to do with email servers or even classified documents...  (Read More)

September 15, 2016
Churches could be forced to comply with transgender law

(OneNewsNow) Churches in the People`s Republic of Massachusetts have grave concerns about a new anti-discrimination law that could force congregations to accommodate the transgender community – under the threat of fines and jail time.  (Read More)

September 15, 2016
Evolution’s Can Opener

(Breakpoint) There’s an old story about a chemist, a physicist, and an economist stranded on a desert island with nothing to eat but a can of soup. Puzzling over how to open the can, the chemist says...  (Read More)

September 15, 2016
Human-Animal Hybrids Are a Violation of Human Dignity

(FRC) Human-animal hybrids? No longer is it simply the stuff of science fiction. On August 4th, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released a proposed policy that would lift the longstanding moratorium on the taxpayer funding of certain experiments creating embryos that are part human, part animal, known as “chimeras,” and even letting them grow into adult form.  (Read More)

September 08, 2016
The Incredible Leadership of Phyllis Schlafly

(Daily Signal) With the death of Phyllis Schlafly, America has lost an authentic heroine.

Schlafly was an American patriot, a true renaissance woman, an exceptional leader, and a wonderful human being.  (Read More)

September 08, 2016
Disturbing Survey Finds Only 1 in 10 Pastors Have Preached on Pro-Life Issues Recently

(LifeNews) A distributing new survey of pastors and priests finds just 1 in 10 mainline Protestant pastors has preached on pro-life issues in the last six months. And few Protestant churches have any kind of formal pro-life ministry inside their church.  (Read More)

September 08, 2016
The Lost Purpose for Learning

(Breakpoint) Christian Overman, who directs the Seattle-based Worldview Matters and is a commissioned Colson Fellow, believes—and I largely agree—that we’ve lost the culture because we’ve lost our schools—including, in some cases, important distinctives that make Christian schools, well, Christian.  (Read More)

September 08, 2016
Observatory Earth

(Breakpoint) In Mark Twain’s classic story, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” a denizen of nineteenth-century New England named Hank Morgan mysteriously finds himself thrown back into sixth-century England.  (Read More)

September 08, 2016
Minnesota Families Sue School District Over Bathroom Policy

(Family Policy Alliance) One school district in Minnesota is feeling the effects of President Obama’s bathroom edict. The school district in Virginia, Minnesota is now facing a lawsuit from 11 parents outraged over the school allowing boys access to girls restrooms, locker rooms and other facilities.  (Read More)

September 08, 2016
Progressively Regressive Sexuality

(Breakpoint) How often have you heard sexual progressives claim that those of us who hold to traditional sexual morality and marriage are “on the wrong side of history?”

But as one new book points out, it’s the proponents of the sexual revolution who are embracing a sexual morality that history left behind millennia ago—in the dusty ruins of the Roman Forum.  (Read More)

September 01, 2016
Christian University Offers Credit For Work With PP

(Faith & Freedom) Students for Life of America has obtained a copy of an email from a large "Christian" university offering credits for an internship at Planned Parenthood.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life, says, "It`s a disgrace for a large Christian university to offer credit for an internship at the largest abortion provider in the nation."  (Read More)

September 01, 2016
Is Administration Doing Anything About ISIS Genocide Against Christians? Lawsuit Filed

(CNSNews) Seeking to establish what the Obama administration is doing in response to the genocide being waged by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) against Christians, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed a lawsuit Tuesday, after the State Department failed to respond to earlier to Freedom of Information Act requests.  (Read More)

September 01, 2016
California Passes Bill to Jail Reporters Who Film Undercover Footage at Planned Parenthood

(LifeNews) California Senators passed an oppressive, Planned Parenthood-backed bill on Wednesday to stop whistleblowers and journalists from conducting undercover investigations of any “health care providers.”  (Read More)

September 01, 2016
Think Global, Act Local

(The Stand) When I leave my apartment for work in the morning, I exchange polite conversation with my Indian neighbor downstairs on the way out. And when I come home in the evening, my Muslim neighbor is walking with her children in the parking lot. Later on, I cross paths with my Spanish-speaking neighbor as we walk our dogs.  (Read More)

September 01, 2016
`Born this Way’ Is Shaky Science

(Breakpoint) If you blinked sometime around 2010, you probably didn’t recognize the country when you opened your eyes. Once President Obama “evolved” on marriage, and the Supreme Court redefined that institution, the remaining cultural dominoes are falling, and fast.  (Read More)

September 01, 2016
Come Out from Your Safe Space!

(Breakpoint) It’s become so commonplace on American college campuses that it’s hardly news anymore. Students demanding “safe spaces,” where they aren’t confronted by any idea that might offend them or challenge their way of thinking.  (Read More)


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