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September 25, 2015
US Must Leverage Aid to Stop Child Sexual Abuse Among Afghan Security Officials

(Daily Signal) The New York Times Monday ran a shocking story about the U.S. military condoning child sexual abuse among Afghan security personnel. According to the report, U.S. military officers were told by their superiors to ignore acts of alleged child rape and molestation committed by Afghan police officials, sometimes on U.S. military bases.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
ABC`s New "Muppets" for Adults Only!

(The Stand) 1MM suspects there are going to be a lot of shocked moms and dads when they discover that the family-friendly Muppets of the 1970s are no more. It appears that no subject is off limits. ABC`s new Muppet Show, airing on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT, is not what Jim Henson imagined and created. The new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects not suitable for family viewing.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
Republicans Will Use Reconciliation Process to Try to De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

(LifeNews) House Republicans are expected to announced today that they will attempt to use the reconciliation process in an attempt to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which has been caught selling aborted babies and their body parts.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
The Power of a Poem

(Breakpoint) It’s been said that poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. In other words, culture influences us. Books, films, television, and even advertisements often drive us to alter our thinking, and ultimately, our laws.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
Can You Exercise Your Faith at School?

(The Stand) Students, teachers and coaches have been making the news recently for practicing their faith in public schools. This has begged the question as to what exactly our rights are in the school setting. Many today are getting the idea that nothing religious can occur on school property. This is not necessarily true. Many laws and court rulings provide First Amendment protection to students and teachers.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
Report: American Pastor Tortured in Iranian Prison as U.N. Prepares to Welcome Iranian President

(CNSNews) Imprisoned American pastor Saeed Abedini was reportedly abused and threatened with new charges as the third year anniversary of his imprisonment approaches Saturday, according to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which represents the Abedini family.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
"Birth Tourism" Comes to Bellevue

(Faith & Freedom) Residents in the upscale Newcastle Golf Course area of Bellevue became suspicious about a couple of homes on their street.

Doug Wiviott, who lives on 155th Ave. SE, says, "We noticed there were a lot of pregnant women around all the time, and we thought that was a little strange."

What Doug and other neighbors were seeing is indeed strange. It`s also likely illegal.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
Rocky Top, zu no longer home to ze

(OneNewsNow) The University of Tennessee has pulled its controversial, politically-correct guide to pronouns after backlash from the public and lawmakers.

The university published a list of gender-neutral pronouns on its website, suggesting that transgender students are uncomfortable with traditional pronouns such as "he" and "she."  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
Harvard Doc Fired for Telling Truth About Homosexuality

(The Stand) I’ve often made the point that the homosexual agenda represents the biggest threat to religious liberty in our nation’s history. This is for the simple reason that every advance of the homosexual agenda comes at the expense of religious liberty. As the gay agenda advances, religious liberty is forced into retreat.  (Read More)

September 25, 2015
Sensationalist Science

(Breakpoint) Every dubious claim published online or in the grocery store checkout aisle comes with the backing of “a new study.” Political pundits swing social science findings around like clubs...  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Worship the State - or Else


(Breakpoint) An important mark of a free society is the willingness of its citizens to respect those with different religious beliefs, even if they deeply disagree with them.

It’s a right Americans have protected, albeit imperfectly, since our founding. But now, this right is being trampled on, by judges, mayors, and college administrators. Astonishingly—for America—we are now going a step further: We are, in effect, facing a demand that citizens worship false gods—or pay a high price.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Planned Parenthood Caught Admitting: If They Learn We Sell Aborted Babies “It Could Destroy Us”

(LifeNews) Ironically, Planned Parenthood trembles in the face of its most faithful ally: the traditional  media.

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released a tenth investigative video Sept. 15, that showed Planned Parenthood executives discussing aborted baby parts for money as a “valid exchange” for a “fair amount of income.” The Planned Parenthood executives admitted terror and distrust of the media – and worried about becoming a public relations or “P.R. issue” that might make headlines. A worry much unfounded, as MRC studies have found.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Superhuman Effort Underway to Defeat Houston Bathroom Bill

(CitizenLink) A dangerous “bathroom bill” slated for the November ballot in Houston, Texas, will have ramifications for the rest of the country. Prop 1 has been called The HERO Bill by gay activists, but their efforts to force an agenda on Texans have been anything but heroic.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
A Battle Worth Fighting to the End

(The Stand) The latest video exposing Planned Parenthood`s barbaric practices has just been released. You can watch it here. In it, Planned Parenthood openly admitted, "Everything we provide is fresh," and some clinics "generate a fair amount of income doing this" when describing the harvesting and selling of baby parts.

Please contact your representative today and urge him/her to support the defunding of Planned Parenthood in a continuing resolution. Tell him/her that given the barbarity of the undercover videos, the time to fight is now in spite of the unwillingness of Speaker John Boehner.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Open Letter to California Governor Jerry Brown: Please Veto Dangerous Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide

(LifeNews) On September 11, California legislators passed Assembly Bill X2-15, the “End of Life Option Act,” which legalizes physician-assisted suicide. If the bill is not vetoed by California Governor Jerry Brown within 31 days of its passage, the bill will become state law. Here is an open letter written to Gov. Brown by Dr. Jacqueline Harvey, Ph.D. urging him to veto the bill.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Kermit Gosnell Movie Producers Prepare to Start Filming Expose’ of Infamous Abortionist

(LifeNews) On September 21st, actor and director Nick Searcy will begin filming his feature film, Gosnell. The documentary is about late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell who was convicted on three counts of first-degree murder in 2013.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
The Balance of Fear

(CNSNews) There exists in America today what can be called a balance of fear, and it is nowhere better described--through the acts of young Christians who overcome it--than in Tony Perkins` new book, "No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth."  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Have We Lost the Culture War?

(The Stand) Do we really want to tell Christians the culture war is over and they’d better adjust to the new reality? 

Is that what we should’ve told slaves following the Dred Scott decision in 1857, in which the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that black people could not be considered American citizens? 

Is that what we should’ve told black Americans in the South prior to the Civil Rights movement – that the culture war was over and Jim Crow was just the way it was?  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
Office Depot Retreats from Refusal to Print Pro-Life Prayer it Said Was ‘Hate Material’

(CNSNews) Office Depot has retreated from its refusal to make 500 copies of a flyer featuring a pro-life prayer—that calls for the conversion of Planned Parenthood—that was written by a Catholic priest.

The company had initially refused to make the copies, according to a letter written by a lawyer for Office Depot, because language in the prayer “falls within the definition of ‘graphic material’ and/or ‘hate material’” under the company’s internal policy.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
The Death of Good Journalism

(Breakpoint) Back in the day, the iconic Walter Cronkite closed his nightly CBS newscast with the reassuring words, “And that’s the way it is.” And for a generation at least, Americans believed him.  (Read More)

September 18, 2015
TV series to air biblical basis for pro-life position

(OneNewsNow) A television series will help people who support life for the unborn to present their beliefs - and back it up with scripture.

Wretched TV has produced the series, and Todd Friel is the executive producer. He explains the purpose and message of the series.  (Read More)

September 10, 2015
Women’s Health Care Will be Vastly Improved if Planned Parenthood is De-Funded


(LifeNews) Planned Parenthood does not offer any women’s health services that are not offered by other health care centers. None.

The same services it provides are abundantly available, especially serving low-income individuals in urban and rural locations, while at the same time these alternative facilities don’t perform abortions.

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) offer comprehensive women’s health care that puts Planned Parenthood to shame. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
“In this World You Will Have Trouble” — Welcome to Rowan County

(Albert Mohler) The Commonwealth of Kentucky is now the setting for a dramatic display of judicial arrogance, even as the larger story points to the sweeping moral change that is transforming the nation’s landscape. Today, U.S. District Judge David Bunning ordered Kim Davis, County Clerk of Rowan County, to go to jail for refusing to obey an order of his court requiring Mrs. Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
A Matter of Time Before ISIS `Holocaust` Hits West

(CBN News) After the Holocaust, the world said "never again." But a group of religious freedom fighters says the world is allowing genocide to happen again.

ISIS is wiping out Christians in entire regions of the Middle East and Persian Gulf. Former Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., has seen the evidence himself. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
Margaret Sanger, Busted

(Breakpoint) Why would a national museum refuse to remove an exhibit honoring one of the leading racists of the 20th century? Simple. The honoree founded Planned Parenthood. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
Red Letter Words

(The Stand) “Well, I’m a red letter man myself,” he blustered. “If the Bible doesn’t say anything about it in the red letters – if Jesus didn’t say it, I don’t pay attention.” (Read More)

September 10, 2015
Navy overrules punishment for Bible-believing chaplain

(OneNewsNow) Wes Modder, a decorated chaplain and 20-year military veteran, was punished after expressing his religious views about faith and marriage, when he was asked about his views during a private counseling session. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
1K Christians, Muslims killed by Boko Haram over 3 mos.

(OneNewsNow) Since Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari took office 100 days ago, more than 1,000 Christians and Muslims have been slaughtered by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram, which also displaced nearly 2.1 million Nigerians within the nation’s borders. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
The Tentacles of a Dilemma

(Breakpoint) What’s the difference between evolutionary theory and an octopus? Well, one is a slippery, color-changing escape artist that can get out of any tough situation and the other is an aquatic invertebrate.

But seriously. One of the biggest problems for neo-Darwinists is the origin of complex structures that appear suddenly in nature or the fossil record. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
Report: Planned Parenthood Has Failed to Report Sexual Abuse

(Daily Signal) Alliance Defending Freedom, a non-profit legal organization that advocates freedom of religion, compiled a report that states clinics in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, and Ohio failed to report the sexual abuse of minors in their care to the appropriate authorities.  

The report chronicles “decades” of failure to report sexual abuse, ADF Legal Counsel Natalie Decker told The Daily Signal in an interview. (Read More)

September 10, 2015
Police Place "In God We Trust" on Patrol Cars

(Faith & Freedom) A police department in Texas has placed large "In God We Trust" decals on their patrol vehicles.

Police Chief Adrian Garcia says it`s in response to the continual killing of law enforcement officers, particularly the August 28 killing of a sheriff`s deputy who was shot 15 times at a Houston--area gas station.

Other law enforcement agencies across the country are also putting "In God We Trust" decals on their vehicles. (Read More)

September 05, 2015
Privacy For All
September 04, 2015
Coalition Gathers Petition Signatures to Oppose California Transgender Bathroom Law

Restroom signs at Charlotte airport

(The Christian Daily) A coalition of individuals and non-profits has been working to obtain signatures for a petition to fight a law that allows transgender individuals to use sex-segregated facilities in public schools, such as restrooms, according to the gender they identify with, regardless of their biological sex. (Read more)

September 03, 2015
Kentucky Clerk Jailed for Marriage Beliefs

(CitizenLink) Federal officials have taken Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis into custody. She will spend time in jail for exercising her rights of conscience. Davis has maintained she cannot issue same-sex marriage licenses because of her deeply held faith. Late this afternoon, she refused to allow her deputy clerks to issue the licenses in her stead. (Read more)

September 05, 2015
Family Research Council

Kim Davis is the county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky. She has been jailed by a federal judge for refusing to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple. And Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D) wants to keep her there.

Her refusal is based on her belief that God has ordained marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Regardless of the recent Supreme Court decision claiming same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, Kim is standing on a higher law, one she believes derives not from the decision of any court but from the hand of our Creator.

Our Constitution guarantees Kim Davis the right to practice her faith. It`s called "freedom of religion," and is the first freedom listed in the Bill of Rights.

The couple demanding she issue them a marriage license claims Kim`s exercise of her freedom of religion has imposed a burden on them. Yet they have had many other options for obtaining a license and have, in fact, now gotten one.

Apparently Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is more concerned with imposing a moral and personal burden on Kim Davis than he is with accommodating her deeply-held Christian convictions. So, he is keeping her in jail.

This is wrong. We jail criminals, not people of conscience. We penalize wrong-doers, not people who simply decline a service for moral reasons -- a service which is readily available in other places.

American Christians need to stand with Kim Davis`s right to stand by her religious convictions. You can help by signing our petition below to Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear asking him to issue an accommodation to Kim Davis allowing her to live and work according to her beliefs:

Dear Governor Steve Beshear,
I stand with Kim Davis`s right to live and work according to her deeply-held religious convictions. I urge you to immediately issue an accommodation to Kim Davis that will free her from jail.

If you agree with the petition above, click here to sign.

September 02, 2015
Missouri Teenagers Protest a Transgender Student’s Use of the Girls’ Bathroom

(New York Times) A transgender high school student in Missouri is facing backlash from her peers after requesting to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker room.

More than 100 students at Hillsboro High School, about an hour south of St Louis, walked out of class on Monday in protest. (Read more)

September 02, 2015
Victory Ahead in Chick-fil-A Marriage Battle?

(CBN News) The Denver Business Development Committee voted unanimously to approve Chick-fil-A`s request for a seven-year lease at Denver International Airport (DIA).

The vote now goes to the full city council, where it`s expected to be approved. (Read more)

September 02, 2015
Las Vegas High School Backs Down After Lawsuit, Allows Student to Start Pro-Life Club

(Life News) A Las Vegas high school has backed down in the face of a potential lawsuit from a pro-life organization representing a pro-life student who was denied the ability to start a pro-life club on campus. (Read more)

September 02, 2015
Atheists Demand `No Gods` Statue in Arkansas After State Approves Ten Commandments Monument

(The Christian Post) After a statue of the Ten Commandments was officially approved to be erected on the grounds of the Arkansas state capitol last month, a Wisconsin-based group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation is demanding that a statue be erected representing atheism.

While the Ten Commandments commands Christians to honor "the Lord thy God," the FFRF statue would offer the opposite, "there are no gods." (Read more)

September 02, 2015
Clerk the Only One Obeying the Law

(The Stand) The distinctive mark of the American political experiment is that we are a nation of laws, not men. And what we mean by a “law” is something enacted by the elected representatives of the people or by the people themselves, whether at the state level or federal level. (Read more)

September 02, 2015
Insanity Unleashed in the Name of Education--Call Me `Ze`, Not `He`

(Faith & Freedom) Educators at the University of Tennessee are very concerned that students might be offended by the usage of personal pronouns like she, he, him and hers---so they are offering an alternative vocabulary to the old misconceptions of male and female.

A University spokesperson says, "It`s about education. We are a higher education institution and exposing our students to a lot of different things."

"We are exposing our students to an increasingly diverse and global world," she says.

Insanity. (Read More)

September 02, 2015
Heads up Parents---and a Suggestion for Teachers

(Faith & Freedom) Heads Up Parents: As kids prepare to return to public school classrooms, Human Rights Campaign, the nation`s largest Homosexual Rights organization, is prepared to welcome them.

Their new "Welcoming Schools Initiative Guide" is waiting on the educator`s desk to help teachers answer questions that may come up in class, like, "How can a family have two moms [dads]?" In addition, they are preparing the teacher to seize "teachable" moments in the classroom. (Read More)

September 02, 2015
Warning: "Do Not Instill Christianity in Vulnerable Young Men"

(Faith & Freedom) America`s largest atheist organization is demanding that publicly funded universities take immediate action to bar coaches and chaplains from "converting football fields into mission fields."

The atheists claim coaches and chaplains are attempting to "instill Christianity in vulnerable young men." (Read More)

September 02, 2015
Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Explains the Tissue Donation Process

(The Daily Signal) For eight years, Abby Johnson, who used to work for a branch of Planned Parenthood, didn’t just witness the fetal tissue donation process—she participated in it.

During her tenure at a southeast Texas clinic—the same location featured in the fifth undercover video shot by the Center for Medical Progress—Johnson said she would “coerce” women to sign up for studies, then reap the financial benefits. (Read More)

September 04, 2015
Colorado State University Caught Signing Contract With Planned Parenthood to Buy Aborted Babies
September 04, 2015
IAA Unearths Unusual Steps in the City of David


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