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May 26, 2011
Pastor Jack Live in Washington D.C.

(Family Research Council)  This week we are hosting our eighth Watchmen on the Wall Pastors Briefing in Washington, D.C. We have a packed program of congressional leaders, policy experts and church leaders speaking. Click here to check out the live streaming video here.

May 26, 2011
Obama White House criticizes Minnesota traditional marriage amendment

(LifeSiteNews)  The Obama administration has condemned a traditional marriage amendment proposal in Minnesota in a statement issued Tuesday.

The amendment, passed by the state legislature on Saturday in a 70-62 vote, would allow Minnesotans the opportunity to vote during the 2012 election to enshrine traditional marriage in the state constitution.

When the gay news source Washington Blade asked for comment on the amendment, White House spokesman Shin Inouye issued a statement. It read:

“The President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples or to take such rights away. While he believes this is an issue best addressed by the states, he also believes that committed gay couples should have the same rights and responsibilities afforded to any married couple in this country.”

May 25, 2011
Pro-Life Groups: Boycott Pepsi for Using Aborted Fetal Cell Lines

(LifeNews)  Dozens of pro-life groups are calling on pro-life Americans to boycott PepsiCo because it has contracted with a company that uses fetal cells from babies victimized by abortions to test and produce artificial flavor enhancers.

LifeNews.com reported on the controversy in March when information came to light showing biotech company Senomyx was found to be testing their food additives using fetal cells from abortions. Senomyx ignored a letter from the pro-life group Children of God for Life, which complained about its practices.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
Anti-bullying policy for all

(OneNewsNow)  The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) has submitted a Model Anti-Bullying Policy to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission Briefing on Bullying that, unlike others submitted by those pushing a political agenda, is for all students.

ADF believes some activist groups are perverting well-intended policies to promote homosexually-based programs in public schools. The "Welcoming Schools" program from the Human Rights Campaign and the "safe schools" initiatives of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) are two examples.

May 25, 2011
Gallup Poll: Americans Want All or Most Abortions Illegal

(LifeNews)  Gallup released its annual abortion poll today showing Americans want all or most abortions made illegal and saying they believe abortion to be morally wrong, but the poll found Americans split on what they call their abortion position.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
School district boasts of ignorance

(OneNewsNow)  The school district in the "candy cane case" is apparently hedging its bet by arguing it shouldn`t be held accountable for not knowing religious rights extend even to youngsters in the early grades.

The Liberty Institute has presented arguments before the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a case that could affect the First Amendment rights of 41 million grade-school students.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
History channel gives 10 hours to `The Bible`

(AP)  Mark Burnett, producer of "Survivor" and "The Apprentice," is taking on an epic challenge.

Burnett and his wife, actress Roma Downey, are creating a 10-hour History channel docudrama based on the Bible. The series is set to air in 2013, the channel said Tuesday.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
`Gay` activist leaving federal office of `safe schools`

(WorldNetDaily) President Obama`s hand-picked homosexual "safe schools czar," Kevin Jennings, is on his way out of office.

Jennings, an outspoken homosexual activist, was appointed to head the Education Department`s "Office of Safe Schools" when Obama took office.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
Texas governor signs new ultrasound law

(LifeSiteNews)  Gov. Rick Perry signed into law Wednesday a new informed consent measure that requires women to receive a sonogram at least 24 hours before getting an abortion.

“Governor Perry was pleased to sign this important legislation, which bolsters our efforts to protect life by ensuring Texans are fully informed when considering such an important decision,” said Katherine Cesinger, Perry’s spokeswoman, according to Reuters.

May 25, 2011
Hamas to Obama: We Won`t Recognize Israel

(CNSNews)  “The U.S. administration will fail, just as all others have in the past, in forcing Hamas to recognize [Israel],” a Hamas spokesman declared Sunday after President Obama once again pressed the terrorist group to relinquish violence and recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
Egyptian Christians: We`re under siege

(WorldNetDaily)  An Egyptian human rights activist says the Coptic Christian community in his country is under siege by the Muslim majority since Barack Obama abandoned President Hosni Mubarak, his regime collapsed and the Muslim Brotherhood`s integration into power began.

Reports document attacks by armed gangs on about 60 Coptic Christians during a protest at a national television headquarters and even suggest that the Egyptian army has been part of the aggression.

Entire article.

May 25, 2011
Parents of genderless baby criticised for parenting methods

(LifeSiteNews)  Parents of 4 month-old Storm decided before the baby was born to keep their child’s gender a secret as a “tribute to freedom and choice in place of limitation”.

“If you really want to get to know someone, you don’t ask what’s between their legs,” Storm’s father, David Stocker told the Toronto Star .

Stoker is a teacher at City View Alternative, a tiny school that bases teaching on social-justice issues like class, race and gender, while Witterick is a stay-at-home mom who “unschools”, an educational idea based on the idea that a child chooses whatever type of schooling they desire.  Their older sons, Jazz, 5, and Kio, 2, choose what clothes, hairstyles, and activities they want and are encouraged to explore and challenge “gender identity” or how they are expected to look and act as boys.

May 25, 2011
North Carolina county officials battle to keep open prayer podium at public meetings

(LifeSiteNews)  A federal appeals court last week heard the arguments of anti-prayer groups challenging a North Carolina county board for allowing non-officials to open meetings with Christian prayer.

May 25, 2011
UN told Ireland will not accept abortion at human rights meeting

(LifeSiteNews)  If the United Nations didn’t know that Ireland is a pro-life country, they know now, after members of the Irish public spoke up passionately in defense of the country’s pro-life laws at the first the first of several public meetings conducted by the Secretariat for the United Nations. The meetings are part of the UN’s review of Ireland’s human rights record.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Recruiting Children? You Bet We Are

(Family Research Council) For years, groups like FRC have been making compelling arguments against same-sex "marriage." And this week, a homosexual activist may have made the best one of all. "Recruiting children?" writes Daniel Villarreal. "You bet we are." After accusing voters of overreacting to the dangers of same-sex "marriage," one homosexual confessed that parents are right to be worried. "Can we please just start admitting that we do actually want to indoctrinate kids?" he says on Queerty.

"[Conservatives] accuse us of exploiting children and in response we say, `NOOO! We`re not gonna make kids learn about homosexuality, we swear! It`s not like we`re trying to recruit your children or anything.` But let`s face it--that`s a lie. We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it... Why would we put anti-bullying programs or social studies classes that teach kids about the historical contributions of famous queers unless we wanted to deliberately educate children to accept queer sexuality as normal?"

If Americans don`t want to take our word on the real gay agenda, they can take Villarreal`s. Of course, most readers didn`t appreciate being "outed" on their real education strategy. By late yesterday, the article was flooded with angry comments from activists who wanted to keep the goal of perverting children under wraps. Fortunately for parents, that mission took a big step backwards yesterday with the departure of Safe Schools "czar" Kevin Jennings. After two scandal-plagued years, one of the President`s fiercest gay allies has finally resigned from his post to take a job with "Be the Change."

Unfortunately for families, Jennings has already been the change that most parents feared. In his time with the Department of Education, the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) was an outspoken proponent for celebrating homosexuality in the classroom. With his history of drug abuse and religious bigotry, conservatives--including the 53 congressmen who fought to unseat him--won`t shed any tears at his goodbye party. Without Jennings, the homosexual community will lose its grip on a key foothold in the Obama administration. While FRC is relieved to see him go, the push to indoctrinate kids won`t go away when Kevin Jennings does. Make sure you`re prepared to spot the propaganda in your kids` classrooms. Download a free copy of FRC`s "Homosexuality in Your Child`s School."

May 20, 2011
Good News and Bad News on ABC`s Fall Line Up

(One Million Moms) Starting with the good news, after tens of thousands of OMM members signed a petition a couple of months ago encouraging ABC to drop all plans of airing the program "Good Christian B-tches" this fall, the network has announced they will change the name to "Good Christian Belles." This means profanity will not used or insinuated in the title and be listed in television guides, listings and schedules. Your voice was heard!

The bad news is ABC is going forward with airing this Christian bashing program.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Girl Scouts, No Longer a Family Friendly Organization for 2 Sisters

(Christian Post) Two sisters are fighting to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means leaving everything they’ve worked for during the past eight years.

After discovering disturbing connections and curricula of Girl Scouts of the USA, Sydney and Tess Volanski decided to leave their beloved Girl Scout Troop after eight years of involvement, compelled not only to quit, but also to spread the truth about the highly acclaimed organization.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Netanyahu rejects Obama idea of 1967 borders

(AP) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat alongside President Barack Obama on Friday and declared that Israel would not withdraw to 1967 borders to help make way for an adjacent Palestinian state. Obama had called on Israel to be willing to do just that in a speech the day earlier.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
All students deserve to be protected from bullying

(ADF) The Alliance Defense Fund has submitted a model anti-bullying policy to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights for recommendation to school boards and other governing bodies. Unlike other policies, the policy drafted by ADF attorneys would protect all students from bullying rather than only a select few and would be implemented by school boards rather than the federal government.

“All students deserve to be protected from bullying, not just certain ones favored by certain political activist groups,” said ADF Legal Counsel Dale Schowengerdt.  “The constitutionally sound policy we are recommending protects all students, is designed for local school boards where it can be effective instead of involving the federal government, and guards student rights protected by the First Amendment.”

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Parents group flags NBC show for nudity clause

(The Hill) The Parents Television Council (PTC) is raising concerns over an NBC show set to debut this fall that required cast members to sign a nudity clause.

The watchdog group that previously waged campaigns against MTV`s "Skins" and "Gossip Girl" is now calling out "The Playboy Club," which is set on one of the more infamous nightclubs in Chicago during the 1960s. Contracts for the show stipulated that nudity or simulated sex may be required of cast members.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Oakland Elementary School Teaches Pupils That There Are More Than Two Genders

(Pacific Justice Institute) Redwood Heights Elementary School will be teaching children in grades kindergarten through fifth that there are more than two genders. The two days calendared for this are entitled “Gender Spectrum Diversity Training.” In documents released by the school, students will be taught that “gender is not inherently nor solely connected to one’s physical anatomy.” Further, gender is a “complex interrelationship between [physical traits] and one’s internal sense of self as male, female, both or neither as well as one’s outward presentations and behaviors related to that perception.” Another document from the school advises parents: “When you discuss gender with your child, you may hear them [sic] exploring where they [sic] fit on the gender spectrum and why.”

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Five Reasons the Pro-Life Movement is Winning on Abortion

(LifeNews) Trevin Wax, an editor at LifeWay Christian resources and a blogger at Kingdom People, is out with an article that is making the rounds in pro-life circles explaining five reasons why he believes the pro-life movement is winning on the issue of abortion.

Wax says the pro-life movement is moving in the right direction on public opinion, he sees the mainstream media as moving away slightly from the pro-abortion mantra, and he points out the next generation or two of Americans are taking strongly pro-life positions and, like Justin Bieber, going as far as saying they are pro-life in public and not worrying about any backlash.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Christian VP Chosen for Muslim Brotherhood`s Party

(Christian Post)  A party formed by the Muslim Brotherhood to run in Egypt’s next parliamentary elections has chosen a Coptic intellectual as its vice president, in an effort to broaden its appeal.

Rafiq Habib has been selected for the position in the Freedom and Justice Party as the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to establish its position in Egypt after years of being hamstringed by the ruling party.

Entire article.

May 20, 2011
Senate blocks radically liberal, pro-abortion judge nominee

(LifeSiteNews)  For the first time since Obama took office, the Senate GOP has managed to block one of the president’s federal court appointees, defeating the radically pro-abortion University of California-Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu.

A filibuster effort proved successful Thursday afternoon after the Senate voted 52-43 to open debate over Liu’s appointment to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, eight votes short of the necessary 60.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Girl Killed by Abortion Drug Followed Old Planned Parenthood Policy

(LifeNews) A teenage girl who was recently killed by a deadly infection following usage of the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug followed the same Planned Parenthood protocols for taking the drug that claimed the lives of women in the United States.


Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Widespread ‘family breakdown’ demands sweeping reforms of family law: UK judge

(LifeSiteNews) “The terribly high incidence of family breakdown” in the UK demands sweeping reform, according to Sir Paul Coleridge, a justice in the family division of the High Court, in a speech to the Christian charity, CARE, in London last week.

Coleridge called on the government of David Cameron to make reforms in marriage and divorce legislation to address the problem.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Germany to subsidize IVF in bid to reverse dwindling birthrate

(LifeSiteNews)  Family minister Kristina Schröder announced last week that Germany is planning to subsidize IVF treatments in an attempt to increase the country’s sharply declining birthrate.

Germany has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe, about 1.46 children per woman, well below the replacement level of 2.1, with parts of the depressed former Communist areas having the world’s lowest birthrates.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Supreme Court Won’t Hear Atheist’s Complaint over Presidential Oath

(CitizenLink) For the second time this year, the U.S. Supreme Court has turned away an appeal brought by atheist and lawyer Michael Newdow.

In the first case, Newdow had challenged the use of “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency. In the appeal rejected today, he had sought to stop the chief justice of the nation’s highest court from including “so help me God” when swearing in U.S. presidents, claiming the reference to God infringes on his beliefs.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Marriage Under Attack in New York, Rhode Island

(CitizenLink) The Rev. Jason McGuire is halfway through a 19-day bus trip crisscrossing New York. His goal? To remind his fellow residents that marriage matters.

He challenges attendees: “The next generation will ask of ours, ‘Where were you when they tried to redefine marriage?’ What will we say to future generations?”

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Kansas Joins 5 States in Banning Abortion Coverage

(Christian Post)  Kansas lawmakers passed legislation Friday morning, banning general state health insurance from covering abortion and preventing future Obamacare funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

Passed in the last hours of the session, the Kansas state legislature approved a bill mandating private insurance companies to remove abortion from the list of standard procedures covered by in-state insurance health plans.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Intelligent Design Making Headway into Texas Public Schools

(Christian Post) As early as this year, public schools in Texas may be able to teach students about intelligent design in their science classes, reigniting the much-heated debate over the teaching of evolutionary theory.

Because of a decision made by the State Board of Education back in 2009 – requiring teachers to encourage students to scrutinize “all sides” of current scientific theories, including evolution – a number of proposed supplemental materials are quickly making way to the board for review in July.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
Palestinian Facebook group urges rushing of Israel`s borders

(YNetNews) Pro-Palestinian activists have formed a new Facebook group calling for mass marches on Israel`s borders this coming Friday.

The group – "Third Palestinian Intifada" – urges Arab activists in neighboring countries to storm Israel`s borders in reaction to the recent "Nakba Day" events and ensuing casualties.

Entire article.

May 19, 2011
70% of disabled fear pressure to die if assisted suicide legalized: UK poll

(LifeSiteNews) A survey conducted recently of disabled people in Britain, commissioned by the disability group Scope, found that 70 percent are “concerned about pressure being placed on other disabled people to end their lives prematurely” “if there were a change in the law on assisted suicide.” More than a third were worried they would personally experience such pressure.

Entire article.

May 09, 2011
ABC planning TV show, `Good Christian B----es`

Promotion line: `Never let God get in the way of a good story`

Disney-owned ABC Studios has stirred up a hornet`s nest over plans to debut a new television series this fall tentatively titled "Good Christian B----es."


Both Parents Television Council and American Family Assocition are gathering signitures to petition ABC not to produce, "Good Christian B---es."


May 13, 2011
Study: Abortion pill less safe than surgery

(OneNewsNow)  A study from Australia adds to the proof that the abortion drug RU-486 is dangerous, despite how pro-abortion advocates make it appear.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Gold medalist resigns, thanks to pro-`gay` criticism

(OneNewsNow)  Pressure from homosexual activist groups has compelled the head of the 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team to quit.

Two-time gymnastics gold medal winner Peter Vidmar has resigned upon receiving harsh criticism from homosexual and lesbian athletes and activists, who complained that he had donated $2,000 to promote California`s Proposition 8, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Planned Parenthood training teens to teach sexuality to their peers

(Santa Fe New Mexican)  The class of Monte del Sol Charter School students watched and listened intently as senior Emma Campbell, with the help of a visual aid, demonstrated how to use a condom.

The 18-year-old is one of 10 teens trained by the local Planned Parenthood to give presentations on sexuality to their peers.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Study: 6-Year-Olds Targeted With Sexualizing Clothes

(Christian Post)  A new study found that girls as young as six are the target of clothing firms which are coming out with products that sexualize kids by accenting certain parts of the body and reducing waist size.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Fears of `Grave Future` for Egypt`s Christians

(Christian Post)  After violent clashes in Cairo that left at least four Christians dead and churches ablaze, a human rights organization is warning of a “grave future” for Egypt’s Christians unless the government takes immediate action.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
U.S. Navy backpaddles on gay ‘marriage’ ceremonies

(LifeSiteNews)  Following an uproar after the Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains authorized navy chaplains to perform same-sex “marriages” in naval chapels in an April 13 memo, Chief of Navy Chaplains, Rear Adm. Mark Tidd issued a one-sentence memo late yesterday reversing the directive.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Two Suits Take ObamaCare to the Cleaners

(Family Research Council)  It looks like the die has been cast in the next phase of the ObamaCare suits. This morning, three judges from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals (all appointed by Democratic Presidents) heard oral arguments in two challenges to the national health care law. The first at bat, Liberty University, used their 40 minutes to challenge ObamaCare`s individual mandate, which requires Americans to buy health insurance whether they want it or not. Liberty was followed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, led by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli--who argued against the mandate on the grounds that it threatens state rights. Regardless of how either suit turns out, the parties both view this as a stepping stone in their march to the U.S. Supreme Court. In the meantime, FRC, whose argument for "severability" was heavily relied upon in a lower court victory, is working on another brief--this time, for the multi-state challenge to ObamaCare that was filed by Florida and will be heard by the 11th Circuit Court later this spring.

May 13, 2011
Presbyterians vote to clear way for `gay` clergy

(OneNewsNow)  Prominent pro-homosexual groups are applauding a decision by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) that opens the door for churches in that denomination to ordain individuals who identify as lesbian, "gay," bisexual, or transgender.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Record Number of Foster Kids Find Adoptive Families

(CitizenLink)  Just in time for National Foster Care Adoption Month, researchers have announced that the number of adoptions out of foster care has reached a record high.

In 2009, 57,000 U.S. kids in foster care found forever families, up from 37,000 in 1998, according to a Child Trends study reported in The Washington Times.

Kelly Rosati, vice president of community outreach at Focus on the Family, said the church is to thank for some of the progress.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Why again are we promoting "gay" behavior to kids?

(Mission America)  In spite of what you may have heard, male homosexual sex has consistently been the single biggest “transmission mode” for HIV in the U.S. So, HIV attributed to male-to-male sexual contact rose from 50% of all the HIV cases in 2006 to 56% in 2009. An additional 3% is attributed to male homosexual behavior along with injection drug use.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Judge Orders 3-Year-Old into Day Care for “Socialization”

(Home School Legal Defense Association) Four children ages 9, 7, 5 and 3 from a homeschooling family in Notre-Dame-des-Bois in Québec, Canada have been ordered into public school for socialization.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
How Much Should Kids Know About Osama bin Laden?

(Christian Post)  In the several days following Osama bin Laden’s demise at the hands of U.S. Navy SEALs, teens and kids have been asking, “Who is Osama bin Laden?”

A Yahoo press release shows 66 percent of searches for basic information on bin Laden were by teenagers aged 13-17. Searches by teens also asked who killed bin Laden or how and why he died.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Planned Parenthood Backs Parental Consent at Rally, Not for Abortions

(LifeNews)  In order to go on Capitol Lobby Day, Planned Parenthood made these poor minors get the signature of their parent. I’m sure you can understand the outrage these poor kids had. On top of that parents had to initial in four places. Count them four. And one of them was to authorize medical care.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
Swiss group wants easier suicides for elderly

(OneNewsNow)  A Swiss group that assists people to commit suicide says it wants to lower the legal hurdles for elderly clients seeking its help.

Entire article.

May 13, 2011
UN Vaccination Scheme Would Fund Population Control Agency

(LifeNews) The UN is about to ask governments to fund the vaccination of every girl in the world against the sexually transmitted disease HPV, human papillomavirus. The controversial campaign could cost as much as $300 per person, totaling billions.

Entire Article.

May 13, 2011
Torture? See how China gets its way with victims

(WorldNetDaily) It`s a new high-tech torture, officials say. In China, officials severely tortured Christian human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng with the camera running and then coerced a tax evasion "confession" from artist and dissident Ai Weiwei by showing him the Gao video, and warning him that`s what could be coming.

Entire article.

May 06, 2011
Half of Americans believe U.S. Christians persecuted

(WorldNetDaily)  Almost half of Americans believe that Christians in the United States are being persecuted by homosexual "marriage" advocates who take legal action against them over their religious beliefs, and almost one in three Democrats believes such treatment is "necessary," according to the alarming results of a new poll.


May 06, 2011
WorldNetDaily Poll

Do you believe U.S. Christians are being persecuted?

Click here to take poll.

May 06, 2011
Pew political study finds a nation divided and doctrinaire

(Washington Post)  Across the political spectrum, from right to left and in the middle, Americans have become more doctrinaire and ideological in their political views, according to a major study by the Pew Research Center.

"Staunch Conservatives" and "Solid Liberals," two groups identified in the study with strong allegiance to the Republican and Democratic parties, are more ideologically consistent internally while sharing almost nothing in common with one another on major political issues. Those findings are emblematic of the deep polarization that now shapes American politics.


May 06, 2011
Education: High-schoolers` civics knowledge waning

(SF Gate)  Three out of 4 U.S. students lack a basic understanding of democracy, of how the U.S. political system works and what it means to be a citizen of this country, according to national test scores released Wednesday.

That equals a failing grade in civics.


May 06, 2011
Gay Calif. judge now the focus in same-sex marriage fight

(Washington Post)  Shortly after he retired, the federal judge who struck down California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage acknowledged publicly what had been rumored for months: He is gay and in a long-term relationship with another man.

Opponents of same-sex marriage seized on Vaughn Walker’s revelation and filed a motion last week to have his ruling on Proposition 8 vacated, arguing that he could benefit personally from his decision if he wanted to marry his partner.


May 06, 2011
House votes pro-life; Senate in doubt

(OneNewsNow)  The House has passed a comprehensive bill banning use of federal tax dollars for abortion -- but it`s unlikely to gain approval in the Senate.

The vote for H.R. 3 (251-175) was essentially along party lines, with 235 Republicans voting for the measure (five did not vote) and only 16 Democrats joining them (one did not vote). The bill, sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-New Jersey) had 227 co-sponsors. "The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" now goes to the Democratic-led Senate, where it is not expected to pass; in addition, the White House this week threatened to veto it if it made it that far.


May 06, 2011
Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S.

(NY Times)  For the first time in 20 years, the number of homes in the United States with television sets has dropped.

The Nielsen Company, which takes TV set ownership into account when it produces ratings, will tell television networks and advertisers on Tuesday that 96.7 percent of American households now own sets, down from 98.9 percent previously.


May 06, 2011
PG&E finds some SmartMeters erred when too hot

(S.F. Gate)  Almost 1,600 Pacific Gas and Electric Co. SmartMeters harbor a defect that can overcharge customers when the devices get too hot, the utility reported Monday.

The flawed meters sometimes misread electricity usage when their internal temperature tops 100 degrees. All of the faulty meters have been or will be replaced, and affected customers will receive refunds averaging $40, PG&E representatives said.


May 06, 2011
States Reassess Marijuana Laws After Warnings From Federal Government

(AP)  Several states have started reassessing their medical marijuana laws after stern warnings from the federal government that everyone from licensed growers to regulators could be subjected to prosecution.

The ominous-sounding letters from U.S. attorneys in recent weeks have directly injected the federal government back into a debate that has for years been progressing at the state level. Warnings in Washington State led Gov. Chris Gregoire to veto a proposal that would have created licensed marijuana dispensaries.



May 06, 2011
GodTube Returns With New Campaign

(Christian Post)  As GodTube returns from a “tangle” of a mess, its developers will begin their improved website by launching an awareness campaign next month.


May 06, 2011
Safe Schools Czar Compares Anti-Gay Discrimination to Slavery and Racial Segregation

(CNSNews)  Kevin Jennings, assistant deputy secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, spoke to Maryland high school students on Thursday about discrimination against homosexuals, drawing parallels to slavery in America and racial segregation.


May 06, 2011
Calendar that ignores Christmas won`t be fixed

(WorldNetDaily)  The European Commission has rejected the idea of reprinting a school calendar handed out to millions of students that lists Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Chinese festivals, but ignores both of Christianity`s most significant days: Christmas and Easter.


May 06, 2011
State Department Rejects Recommendation to Cite Pakistan for Abuse of Religious Freedom

(CNSNews)  The U.S. State Department has rejected recommendations by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to name Pakistan a “Country of Particular Concern” -- despite the fact that Pakistan is responsible for “systematic, egregious and ongoing violations of religious belief and freedom,” according to the commission`s 2011 report to Congress and to the State Department.

May 06, 2011
District requires students to reveal experience to outside survey groups

(WorldNetDaily)  A legal team that provides representation in cases when civil rights are being threatened is demanding answers from a Massachusetts school district where officials allegedly required children to answer questions from outside survey organizations regarding condoms, their experiences with "oral sex" and whether they ever have sniffed glue.



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