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June 29, 2012
ACLU Threatens Parental Rights With Same-Sex Propaganda Demands

(CharismaNews) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is working to usurp parental rights in Utah.

The ACLU contacted the Davis School District and demanded that it allow children to access a homosexual advocacy book without the knowledge of their parents.

The Davis School District in Utah has a clear policy that requires parental consent before children can check out the book, entitled “In Our Mothers’ House,” from elementary school libraries.

“Public schools should not surrender to ACLU intimidation when it asks them to expose children to sexual content without parental knowledge,” says Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) legal counsel Jeremy Tedesco.

“Parents, not the ACLU, should decide whether young children have access to this type of propaganda, which is obviously aimed at re-educating children regarding the nature of the family. The law clearly upholds the right and duty of schools to protect children and respect the role of their parents.”

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June 28, 2012
Canadian preacher censored for ‘discrimination’ back on air

(LifeSiteNews) A prominent Canadian evangelical minister is back on TV after having his show dropped in December 2010 after industry watchdogs targeted his show for what they said was discrimination against homosexuals.

“After being attacked by big government censors for speaking the truth and removed from TV, we are back,” said Dr. Charles McVety, former host of Word TV and new host of The Canadian Times, in a press release last week

McVety’s show Word TV was forced off the air after the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) rebuked the preacher for claiming that the homosexual movement was driven by a “conspiratorial” agenda, suggesting homosexuals prey on children, and labeling the annual Pride events “sex parades”.

A CBSC panel ruled at the time that McVety was “utterly wrong” to claim that Ontario’s failed sex-ed curriculum, which was pulled in April 2010 after outcry from parents, was meant to “teach” homosexuality. The panel pointed out that the “proposed curricular revisions are intended to teach tolerance.”

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June 28, 2012
Mayor plans to keep God in government

(OneNewsNow) Despite legal threats from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Georgia mayor says he plans to continue to live out his faith publicly.

Warner Robbins Mayor Chuck Shaheen is taking heat from the Freedom From Religion group for publicly thanking God and for supporting public prayer. He tells OneNewsNow they can try to separate church and state, but they cannot separate church and this mayor.

"Being a mayor is not the pinnacle of my life because I`m going to be a Christian long after I`m a mayor," he explains. "Because of what Jesus did for me, I`m not ashamed of the gospel. And I do get attacked a lot for my stand, but I don`t push it on anybody, and I just hope I can let my light so shine before men that they can see the good works that God does in our lives and glorify our Father who is in Heaven."

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June 28, 2012
Family Research Council Says Supreme Court Health Care Ruling Jeopardizes Future of Liberty

(Family Research Council) FRC criticized the U.S. Supreme Court`s decision today to uphold the entire 2010 health care law through its decision in NFIB v. Sebelius.

FRC has been at the forefront of this debate over what can only be described as a government takeover of healthcare. FRC uncovered and rallied opposition to the taxpayer funding of abortion contained in the bill and after its narrow passage continued to fight the measure in the courts. FRC`s legislative advocacy arm, FRC Action, scored the votes on the Obama health plan in its annual scorecard, and aired a national TV/radio ad campaign against the legislation.

FRC submitted an amicus brief, authored by legal counsel Ken Klukowski in Florida v. HHS, that was cited by federal district Judge Roger Vinson in his decision to strike down the entire Obama health plan as unconstitutional. FRC submitted another brief, also authored by Klukowski, in NFIB v. Sebelius cited by the National Federation of Independent Business in its brief before the Supreme Court.

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June 29, 2012
Blasphemous movie in the works

(OneNewsNow) A conservative media watchdog is sounding the alarm about a film in the works that is based on the controversial book, Jesus of Nazareth.

The author of the book, which came out in 2010, is Paul Verhoeven. And according to the Media Research Center (MRC), it is an unbiblical angle on the life of Jesus. Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture for the MRC, expects more of the same in the upcoming film, as it is directed by Verhoeven.

"In this particular version, Jesus isn`t divine," Gainor details. "He is not the Savior; He`s not the Son of God -- He`s just a good guy whose mom happened to be raped by a Roman soldier."

But since the film`s script is still in the works, that means there is time for Christians to make their voices heard.

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June 29, 2012
Atheists Target Harassment, Aggressive Behavior Within Movement

(ChristianPost) American Atheists is putting in place a Code of Conduct in response to reports of harassment and inappropriate behavior at its conferences.

The policy is being implemented amid a good number of reports among various atheist/skeptic groups of inappropriate and aggressive behavior, particularly against women.

Todd Stiefel, president and founder of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation, described the situation in a post on the Friendly Atheist blog:

"There are stories of people being relentlessly propositioned, groped under tables, threatened with rape, stealthily photographed for voyeuristic pornography, and many other transgressions. Even if any of the specific cases were unintentional, misconstrued, or dubious, the fact that so many of them are coming to light should concern all of us," he wrote.

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June 29, 2012
Secularist Group`s Dallas Billboard Calls on Catholics to `Quit Church`

(ChristianPost) A secularist organization has launched a billboard campaign to encourage Catholics to "Quit the Church" due to the Roman Catholic Church`s stance on the contraception mandate.

The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has put up billboards, including a 14 x 48 foot one in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas earlier this month.

"We don`t think most Catholics, especially the 98 percent of Catholic women who use contraceptives at some point in their lives, support the bishops` war against contraception," said Dan Barker, FFRF co-president, in a statement.

"It`s time for them to stop supporting an oppressive institution."

"Militant atheists, such as those at FFRF, are leading the charge of anti-Catholicism today. They claim that the bishops want to impose their dogma on all people. They couldn`t be more wrong," said Field.

"Grant our institutions the same protections they have received all along and don`t force them to provide services which are contradictory to our basic beliefs."

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June 26, 2012
Tennessee enacts strongest ban on explicit sex-ed in U.S. after oral sex demo

(LifeSiteNews) A new law banning explicit sex education, spearheaded after an anti-AIDS group two years ago demonstrated oral sex on anatomical models in front of high schoolers, took effect in Tennessee this week.

The law emerged after one Nashville parent in 2010 learned his 17-year-old daughter’s class had seen the performance of “safe” oral sex by the anti-AIDS group, Nashville CARES.

“It took me by surprise,” Rodrick Glover told The Tennessean at the time. “My daughter thought it was pornography.”

In response, the Tennessee gay news source Out and About targeted Glover as numbering among “fundamentalist bigots” who oppose the methods of Nashville CARES because the group “does not discriminate based on sexual orientation and, in fact, is considered to be gay-affirming.”

Joseph Interrante, president of Nashville CARES, told the media in 2010 that the class was explicit, but that participation required a two-page parental consent form. However, the consent form excluded at least some information, including mention that teens would be given AIDS tests.

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June 29, 2012
Hope renewed for NYC churches

(OneNewsNow) A court has ordered a permanent injunction against a New York City policy prohibiting churches from meeting on school property after hours.

Friday`s decision by the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York means worship services will continue at NYC schools. A preliminary injunction against the prohibition was ordered in February.

Alliance Defense Fund attorney Jordan Lorence says with today`s ruling, "churches that have been helping communities for years can continue to offer the hope that empty buildings can`t."

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June 26, 2012
Canadian Gov’t ‘anti-bullying’ phone app to ‘mobilize children into homosexual activism’, warns critic

(LifeSiteNews) Premier Christy Clark has promised to empower B.C.‘s school children this fall with a whistle-blowing phone app designed to “report bullying anonymously”. But critics say that the move effectively turns children into “homosexual activists”.

“Clark’s strategy effectively mobilizes children into the ranks of homosexual activists to do the dirty work of spying on and reporting those who dissent from the sex activist political agenda,” said Kari Simpson, president of Culture Guard, to LifeSiteNews.

“Parents should be aware of the political propaganda behind this initiative. It has nothing to do with protecting children, even though it is being implemented under the guise of ‘anti-bullying.’ On the contrary, it is a very strategic and dangerous agenda that seeks to deconstruct the traditional family unit.”

Last week a Quebec homosexual activist group launched a “registry of homophobic acts” with support and funding from the Quebec Government’s Justice Department. Included in the definition of actions classified as “homophobic” and deemed worthy of reporting to the registry were “any negative word or act toward a homosexual or homosexuality in general” including “physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, offensive graffiti, abuse, injurious mockery, inappropriate media coverage and discrimination.”

“Children need to be educated in the realities associated with homosexuality instead of ‘celebrating’ it. Maybe it’s time we informed students about the billions of dollars of costs to our healthcare system that result from men having sex with men and the costs associated with sexual promiscuity. Let’s be honest and tell the kids the truth.”

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June 23, 2012
North Korean children taught to loathe U.S. `We love playing military games knocking down Americans`

(WorldNetDaily) A framed poster on the wall of a kindergarten classroom shows bright-eyed children brandishing rifles and bayonets as they attack a hapless American soldier, his face bandaged and blood spurting from his mouth.

“We love playing military games knocking down the American bastards,” reads the slogan printed across the top. Another poster depicts an American with a noose around his neck. “Let’s wipe out the U.S. imperialists,” it instructs.

For North Koreans, the systematic indoctrination of anti-Americanism starts as early as kindergarten and is as much a part of the curriculum as learning to count.

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June 26, 2012
13 Members of Congress Submit Amicus Brief in Florida Prayer Case

(FamilyResearchCouncil) FRC and 13 Members of Congress submitted a brief of amicus curiae in the case Atheists of Florida v. City of Lakeland at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. The brief argues that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals should throw out the case because it lacks jurisdiction to take it.

The case involves a Lakeland city commission meeting. Atheists of Florida filed a lawsuit to prevent vocal prayer at the start of each of the commission`s meetings. City officials had been inviting clergy from various religions and denominations to offer the invocation, consistent with an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling allowing prayer in public meetings.

"Prayers are offered before the opening of every session of Congress, and also open virtually every state legislature and local governmental body meeting as well. This practice began early in our Republic`s history. Those Americans who adopted the First Amendment understood that it did not prohibit the very prayers that began their deliberations.

"Prayers during public meetings do not violate the Establishment Clause. The Supreme Court has settled that issue, consistent with American law and history.

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June 25, 2012
Pornography 101

(OneNewsNow) The Family Research Council is dismayed that a growing number of colleges and universities are offering classes on pornography.

New York University, Yale, Harvard, Columbia and Cal-Berkeley are among the schools now offering what has become known as "porn curriculum." But Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council (FRC) warns that it is dangerous to expose students to such material.

He points out the schools` "failure to understand that merely being exposed to pornography and watching it can have a harmful effect, a harmful psychological effect upon the people who view it. And so, these schools are deliberately putting young people at risk," Sprigg decides.

Sprigg goes on to add that parents should be aware that the Sexuality and Education Caucus of the United States recommends teaching high school students about the place for erotic art in our culture.

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June 26, 2012
Big Brother goes on spanking binge

(WorldNetDaily) Swatting little Johnny on the bottom to make sure he doesn’t try again to put a fork in an electrical socket soon could make mom or dad a criminal subject to the penalties of child-abuse laws in Delaware.

At issue is Delaware’s Senate Bill 234, which has been approved by the Senate and now is working its way through the House.

“Senate Bill 234, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Patricia Blevins (District 7), creates a definition of the term ‘physical injury’ in the child abuse and neglect laws to include ‘pain,’” according to a new report from the Home School Legal Defense Association.

“Currently the law permits a parent to use force to punish a child for misconduct, but it prohibits any act that is likely to cause or does cause physical injury. By redefining ‘physical injury’ to include the infliction of pain on a child, spanking would become a crime in Delaware punishable by imprisonment.”

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June 26, 2012
Pentagon honors what used to be a military crime

(OneNewsNow) A retired Army chaplain is very disappointed that the Pentagon has hosted its very first ever "gay pride" celebration.

The celebration was held in the Pentagon auditorium on Tuesday. The speakers --which included both President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (via video) -- told those in attendance about the "value of gay service."


Col. Ron Crews (USA-Ret.) served as an Army chaplain for 28 years and now serves as a spokesman for the Chaplain Alliance For Religious Liberty.

"It`s extremely disappointing to me that the Pentagon is celebrating today behavior that one year ago was a court-martial offense," he laments. "The Pentagon is setting apart a category of military personnel that`s based on their sexual behavior."

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June 22, 2012
Call2Fall - July 1, 2012

(Family Research Council) On Sunday, July 1, 2012, over one million people in thousands of churches in all 50 states will be on their knees, praying for our nation. To join this movement, visit Call2Fall.com and click "I`m in." When you do, you will see your first name and your state pop up on the front page of the website.

Join us in declaring our national "dependence" upon the Lord on Sunday, July 1st before we break out the picnic gear and fireworks to celebrate our nation`s "independence" on July 4th. If enough Americans will unite in humble, repentant prayer, I am trusting that God will hear our prayers, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chron. 7:14).

June 22, 2012
Pro-life school bus firebombed in Rockford, local media ignore the incident

(LifeSiteNews) A school bus covered in pro-life images that used to drive children to a local abortion clinic to pray was firebombed Friday night, report local advocates, who say the media have been negligent in covering the incident.

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June 22, 2012
Big Brother is watching Facebook, Twitter

(WorldNetDaily) Satirical newspaper The Onion recently described Facebook as a project of the Central Intelligence Agency. “After years of secretly monitoring the public, we were astounded,” a fictional agency deputy director told Congress. He was happy that Facebook users voluntarily post “alphabetized lists of all their friends” and “even status updates about what they were doing moment to moment”. It is, he concluded, “truly a dream come true for the CIA”.

The scenario is not that far from the truth. Facebook has close to a billion users, many of whom post daily updates on their thoughts and feelings. The same thing happens on Twitter. Foursquare users share information about their location. Commentators on news sites express opinions and outrage. And, as a New Scientist review of procurement requests shows, the US government is keen to take advantage of what amounts to a society of self-surveillance.

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June 22, 2012
Government-funded ‘registry of homophobic acts’ launched today in Quebec

(LifeSiteNews) In what they are touting as a “world first,” a Quebec homosexual activist group has launched a “registry of homophobic acts” with support and funding from the Quebec Government’s Justice Department.  Standing alongside Montreal Police Chief Johanne Paquin and Commander Alain Gagnon, the leadership of the group Gai Ecoute launched the anonymous tipster registry at a press conference today. 

Included in the definition of actions classified as “homophobic” and deemed worthy of reporting to the registry are: “any negative word or act toward a homosexual or homosexuality in general: physical abuse, verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment, offensive graffiti, abuse, injurious mockery, inappropriate media coverage and discrimination.”

A press release from the group says that anyone who has experienced or witnessed an act of homophobia “must” report it to the registry of homophobic acts.

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June 19, 2012
`Burn in hell!` for singing `God Bless the USA`

(WorldNetDaily) Young children singing “God Bless the USA” outside a New York school were shouted at by angry adults and told those organizing the event were going to “burn in hell.”

U.S. Rep. Bob Turner, R-N.Y., gathered the students outside Public School 90 in Coney Island whose principal had yanked the singing of the patriotic song at a graduation ceremony, while Justin Bieber’s pop tune “Baby” reportedly remained on the roster.

“They got something you tell them to say! It’s ridiculous! It’s sad, sad, sad. Y’all are going to burn in hell! You all burn in hell! Shame on you! Shame on you!”

After the song, the shoutfest continued, and the children themselves tried to drown out the noise of the protesters by chanting in unison, “USA! USA!”

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June 22, 2012
`.Bible` to Join `.Com` and `.Org`?

(Charisma News) American Bible Society is working to make a new top-level domain available: ".bible." The ".bible" domain will make millions of additional URLs available and the messages of the Bible even more accessible to people in a way that best fits their digital lives.

Working with the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), American Bible Society is aiming to secure the ".bible" top-level domain (TLD). The addition of the ".bible" TLD will accelerate global online Bible access and facilitate engagement in ways not previously possible.

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June 21, 2012
Home Bible studies are allowed

(WorldNetDaily) City officials in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., have launched the process to change their city regulations after they faced a nationwide uproar over a decision to issue a citation and assess a $300 fine against a couple for having a Bible study.

“There is no reason why any family in the United States of America should have to worry about the government crashing their home Bible study, or whatever meeting they’re having,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, which has worked on the case involving the Fromm family.

Just this week, city council members voted unanimously to adopt changes to their zoning codes, based on recommendations from the institute, following the issue that developed over the Bible study.

Dacus said his hope is that other cities “can learn from this wonderful resolution … to not make the same mistake twice.”

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June 21, 2012
Bibles? Nah ... `Gay pride`? Yep!

(OneNewsNow) The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty says it`s a sad state of affairs when the U.S. military decides Bibles are out but "gay pride" is in.

The publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention reported last week that its Bibles will no longer display the official insignia of U.S. military branches. The Pentagon had originally granted permission in 2003, but withdrew that last year because of a complaint and legal threat from anti-Christian crusader Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

One day after the publisher`s announcement regarding military insignia on Bibles, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the military will honor the contributions of homosexual service members as part of "Gay Pride Month." Crews urges people of faith to stand firm.

"Evangelical soldiers, airmen, Marines, they`re going to have to make some courageous stands right now to say to their commanders, `Sir, I cannot participate in this type of ceremony because we believe this is a celebration of something that God`s Word is clear about defining as wrong,`" he tells OneNewsNow.

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June 22, 2012
Michigan stepping up for religious students

(OneNewsNow) The Michigan House has passed a bill named after an Eastern Michigan University (EMU) student who was kicked out of the school`s counseling program because of

In 2009, Julea Ward was expelled from the university`s counseling program because of her Christian beliefs, particularly against homosexuality. But earlier this year, the Sixth U.S. Circuit of Appeals sided with the student, ruling that "a reasonable jury would conclude that Ward`s professors ejected her from the counseling program because of hostility toward her speech and faith …." That opinion reversed an earlier district court decision in favor of the university.
her faith.

Ward was ousted from the program after she was permitted to refer a homosexual client to another counselor. She was unwilling to violate her religious beliefs to affirm that sexual orientation.

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June 22, 2012
General Mills` disrespect for customers

(OneNewsNow) National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is blasting General Mills for taking a position against a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman in Minnesota.

Jonathan Baker, a spokesman for NOM, says the company chose to declare a "war on marriage" with its customers. CEO Ken Powell spoke at a recent "gay" pride event and declared General Mills` opposition to the effort to protect natural marriage in The North Star State, where the corporation is headquartered.

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June 22, 2012
Boy Scouts Set to Review Policy Banning Homosexual Leaders

(Christian Post) The Boy Scouts of America has announced that it plans to review its prohibition of gay scout leaders within the organization, but insisted that, so far, no plans have been made to change its 102-year-old policy.

The decision to review the policy comes a week after an Eagle Scout with two lesbian mothers, 20-year-old Zach Wahls, delivered more than 275,000 signed petitions, which included some notable celebrity names, asking for the organization to reconsider allowing gay persons to serve as leaders.

"While we`ll carefully consider this resolution, there are no plans to change this policy," Deron Smith, the Scouts` public relations director, said Wednesday. He added hat the issue was a long-standing one that has been debated often.

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June 20, 2012
‘Fortnight for Freedom’: U.S. bishops launch all-out prayer effort against HHS mandate

(LifeSiteNews) The Catholic bishops of the United States are preparing to launch what they have called a “great hymn of prayer for our country” lasting for two weeks in response to encroachments on religious freedom in America.

The “Fortnight for Freedom” will begin with a Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption in Baltimore on the vigil of the feast of English martyrs SS. Thomas More and John Fisher, celebrated by Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori. It will end on July 4 at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., with D.C. Cardinal Donald Wuerl presiding and Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput as homilist.

The bishops note that the fortnight is timed to encompass several feast days of “great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power,” including Fisher and More, St. John the Baptist, SS. Peter and Paul, and the First Martyrs of the Church of Rome.

“Culminating on Independence Day, this special period of prayer, study, catechesis, and public action will emphasize both our Christian and American heritage of liberty,” states the Fortnight for Freedom web page.

A “prayer for the protection of religious liberty” on the web page petitions for “strength of mind and heart to readily defend our freedoms when they are threatened” and “a clear and united voice ... in this decisive hour in the history of our nation.”

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June 22, 2012
Christians Oppose Bill Outlawing Sexual Orientation-Change Therapies

(Charisma) The gay agenda is still pushing hard on the legislative front. Even as a Jacksonville, Fla. bill that would add words “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” to current discrimination laws, a bill is making its way through the California legislature that would outlaw sexual orientation-change therapies for minors.

People Can Change, an international network of men who have changed from gay to straight and others working toward similar change, has voiced its strong opposition to a bill, known as Senate Bill 1172 (SB1172).

"SB1172 is blatant discrimination. It allows and even encourages gay-affirming therapies for minors while banning `straight-affirming` alternatives,” says Rich Wyler, founder and director of People Can Change.

“It disregards the client`s right to self-determination, and tells him that if he is questioning his sexuality, only a gay identity is politically correct. That is as unconscionable as allowing a pregnant minor to receive abortion counseling but banning counseling that offers adoption or single parenting as possible alternatives.

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June 20, 2012
Whoa! You want to tell Congress what?

(WorldNetDaily) Talk about an uphill battle!

There’s a new project that proposes to deliver to Congress and members of state legislatures a warning that lawmakers are ignoring God, the nation is doing wrong and America generally is heading down a path to destruction.

A national repentance and return to God is being offered as the solution that might, just might, hold off further national punishment.

Sound like something that politicians would jump aboard?

No matter, according to those who are organizing what is a truly grassroots effort – so far leaders in Oklahoma and Ohio are involved – to have delivered to the national and state leaders a DVD that explains simply that God has allowed certain tragedies to develop, such as the 9/11 attacks and the later financial collapse, to warn America to return to God’s ways.

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June 22, 2012
No prayer = `downward spiral` in behavior

(OneNewsNow) Regarding the video that shows middle school students verbally bullying a 68-year-old school bus monitor, calling her names and using profanities, people are wondering what`s happened to today`s youth.

The ten-minute YouTube video of the incident involving Karen Klein, which has now been viewed more than 1.5 million times, is leaving the public appalled (earlier story contains video). Karen Gushta of Truth in Action Ministries believes this cultural demise began when prayer was taken out of public schools. (See related commentary)

"Since that time, the character of our children has gone into a downward spiral," she laments, "and that`s why I view this as just one of many, many examples that could be multiplied all across the country."

"Unless we return to the moral standards of God`s Word, of his laws, of the Ten Commandments -- unless we return those to our public schools, we`re just going to continue to see more and more of this kind of behavior," she asserts. "And the prospect of that should truly frighten us all."

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June 15, 2012
Growing support for CLASS Act

(One News Now)  Proponents of a California initiative to stop a law that requires positive instruction about alternative lifestyles is taking the campaign directly to homes.

With less than 30 days for proponents of the CLASS Act (Children Learning Accurate Social Sciences) to finish gathering roughly 700,000 signatures, supporters are going door-to-door for support. The measure is part of the active initiative to repeal SB 48, a harmful anti-family law that went into effect January 1, mandating that children of all ages in California public schools be taught about the contributions of lesbian, "gay," bisexual and transgendered individuals.

Gina Gleason, director of the Watchmen Ministry and a leader of the effort, says the CLASS Act would be placed on the 2014 state ballot, if proponents are successful. And judging by the response so far, she is optimistic.

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June 15, 2012
`The Soul Man` blasphemes Christ

(One Million Moms) TV Land`s newest sitcom "The Soul Man" blasphemes the name of Jesus Christ and mocks pastors as well. The mockery is similar to "Good Christian Belles" also known as "GCB" with a family sitcom feel. The word family is used loosely since the program focuses on one family but is far from family-friendly programming. The show is described as: R&B superstar-turned-minister Reverend Boyce "The Voice" Ballentine (Cedric The Entertainer) was living the high life in Las Vegas at the top of the music charts when he got "the calling" and decided to relocate to St. Louis with his family to become a preacher in his father`s church. However, his family members - including wife Lolli (Niecy Nash) and daughter Lyric (Jazz Raycole) - are not exactly eager to give up the fabulous superstar life for their new humble one. "The Soul Man" premieres Wednesday, June 20 at 10/9c.

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June 15, 2012
Culture Challenge of the Week: Parents Barred From Influence Over Sex

(Townhall) Parenting is tougher than it used to be. And if California is any indication, parents may soon have to fight for the right to exercise any influence--not to mention authority--over their children`s sexual behaviors.

Last week news spread of a unique partnership between Planned Parenthood and the Los Angeles Unified School District--Planned Parenthood now runs a "health" clinic on the school grounds of Roosevelt High School, serving mostly teens from low-income, Latino families. Most of the teen visits to the Planned Parenthood health clinic last year were for, you guessed it, "reproductive services" paid for by a government program, of course. While the Planned Parenthood clinic apparently doesn`t do abortions on school premises, it takes little imagination to envision the direction their supposedly non-judgmental counseling will take for girls who do become pregnant.

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June 15, 2012
Gay-straight alliances starting up in Ontario (Canada) elementary schools

(LifeSiteNews)  Teachers at elementary schools across Ontario are being encouraged to start up gay straight alliances to cater to children in even the earliest grades, reports the Toronto Star.

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June 15, 2012
Petition to the Department of Defense

(Family Research Council) Of all the threats to our national security today, activist Mikey Weinstein has decided that military editions of the Bible deserve the attention of his militant secularist group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. After the group threatened a class-action lawsuit, the Pentagon conspicuously revoked approval to use the logo of each service branch on the covers of Bibles sold in military exchange stores. Weinstein even insists that all the remaining copies be purged from the store shelves.

Let`s be clear here: The Bibles were sold at no cost to the government, and service members voluntarily purchased them. At no point were military members coerced or encouraged by their superiors to buy the books. They were simply for sale in the military exchange stores. Yet Weinstein told Fox News that their mere presence on the shelves constitutes a religious endorsement by the Department of Defense. "If their logos are being placed on a particular version of Christianity... when we are engaged in a war with fundamentalist Muslims -- it`s a security threat."

Will the Department of Defense once again cave to a small group of militant secularist activists? Please sign our petition, which we will deliver to the Defense officials, and join us in urging them to reverse their decision and stand strong against those who seek to purge our military of one of its greatest sources of strength.

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June 15, 2012
Conservative bloggers targeted, fighting back

(OneNewsNow) A group of conservative bloggers will no longer tolerate being "SWAT-ed," as they are taking legal measures.

The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) is representing bloggers like Ali Akbar and others from the National Bloggers Club who are being harassed and intimidated because of their investigations into the history and funding of radical liberals. ACLJ`s Jordan Sekulow explains it goes beyond threats against the bloggers and their families.

"These SWAT-ting incidents have been aimed at people like Erick Erickson from RedState.com, where someone calls the police and says there`s been a crime, some kind of crime at your house, and it ends up being a SWAT team because they talked about shots being fired or murders happening," Sekulow details. In other words, false 9-1-1 calls are made to compel police to invade the bloggers` homes.

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June 14, 2012
Study: Youngsters of `gay households` negatively affected

(OneNewsNow) What is being hailed as the most scientifically credible study so far on the issue demonstrates that children are harmed by growing up in homosexual and lesbian households.

The study analyzed data from nearly 3,000 American adults, ages 18 to 39, who were raised in "different types of family arrangements." The results, according to principal investigator Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin, reveal "numerous, consistent differences, especially between the children of women who have had a lesbian relationship and those with still-married (heterosexual) biological parents" -- effectively dispelling the "no differences" paradigm.

LaBarbera says the University of Texas research is accurate and very thorough -- adding that states that encourage homosexual adoption are wrong. The study provides "very tragic data," he says.

"For example, you`re more likely basically to get molested in a household led by two lesbians. You`re more likely to have sexually transmitted diseases. You`re more likely to identify as homosexual. You`re more likely to be on public assistance," he lists.

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June 13, 2012
The source of division in America

(OneNewsNow) A new study suggests U.S. politics is dividing the nation now more than ever. A conservative commentator, however, says the issues debated by citizens are really to blame.

The poll indicates political divisiveness is more polarizing than class and race. While issues regarding age, gender and ethnicity have typically separated the U.S. for decades, results of "Partisan Polarization Surges in Bush, Obama Years," a recent study from the Pew Research Center, conclude that during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidencies, the divide between party lines has nearly doubled -- from ten percent to 18 percent.

"I think, more accurately, the American people are deeply divided over some fundamental issues," suggests Gary Bauer, president of American Values. "That division is being played out in politics, no doubt making politics seem more heated, more divisive, etcetera."

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June 14, 2012
PP sets up clinic on high school campus

(OneNewsNow) A California doctor says one school district`s union with Planned Parenthood illustrates how deceptive the group is when it comes to marketing to teens.

Planned Parenthood has teamed up with the Los Angeles Unified School District to offer services to teenagers who live in an area where the teen pregnancy rate is high. Dr. George Delgado, medical director of Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS), says students can visit the clinic for birth control, pregnancy tests, counseling services, and screenings for sexually transmitted disease.

"Many Americans are now realizing that Planned Parenthood is not a virtuous organization, but is, in fact, an integral part of the medical abortion complex in this country," says Delgado. "Their marketing plans actively seek to bring in teen customers who will get on birth-control pills or other contraceptives, have those contraceptives fail, and then ask for abortions."

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June 13, 2012
Oh, no, those prayers are too Christian

(WorldNetDaily) Marion County, Fla., commissioners are now considering their response to an Americans United for the Separation of Church and State complaint that their prayers opening commission meetings are too Christian.

According to a report in the Star-Banner of Ocala, Fla., Americans United said it was acting on a complaint from an unidentified source and that it had reviewed video from eight regular commission sessions since the beginning of the year. They claimed that on five occasions the name of Jesus Christ was specifically mentioned during the opening prayer. It was the mentioning of the name of Jesus Christ to which the legal group was protesting.

“Here is a classic example of the collision of two worldviews,” Gallups told WND. “I have an entire chapter in my book devoted to this phenomenon. The chapter is titled, ‘When Two Worlds Collide.’ The collision is the clash between the completely unique and distinctive message of the Christian faith with the secular worldview that there is no God. Or, conversely, it is a clash with the universalism message that ‘all religious views hold equal value and consideration.’”

“From the earliest history of our nation,” Gallups continued, “our Founding Fathers opened meetings, conventions and Congress with distinctly Christian prayers. Often what made these prayers distinctly Christian was that they were made in the name of Jesus Christ. The Constitution itself ends with the words ‘In The Year of our Lord.’ Those words, in that period of time, in the early United States of America, were indisputably referring to ‘Our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Every one of the signers of the Constitution penned their names under that declaration.”

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June 14, 2012
The Left Loves Science?

(ACLJ) I’ve got a great idea for a screenplay. Hollywood should love it, and it’s even based on a true story.

A lone research professor discovers that powerful interests are manipulating science to foist upon the people of a state a series of unjust regulations. But that’s not all. As he digs down into the data, he discovers corruption and misconduct. The state’s lead “scientist” turns out to have a fake degree, purchased from a fictitious “Thornhill University.” Moreover, key members of the state’s “scientific review panel” have overstayed term limits by decades. The professor blows the whistle, the scientist with the fake degree is suspended, the scientific review panel dislodges its entrenched members (at least temporarily), and the state begins to rethink its long-held assumptions.

Such a brave dissenter, a man unafraid to “speak truth to power” has no doubt been showered with academic awards, right?

Instead, this professor was terminated, his funding looted so that he was forced to work a year without pay as he appealed his termination, and he was denied even the ability to fully defend himself in his own appeals.

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June 15, 2012
Military First: Pentagon Salutes Gay Pride Month

(CharismaNews) The Pentagon is set to salute gay and lesbian troops by marking June as Gay Pride Month.

The move comes nine months after the Obama administration`s repeal of the "Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell" policy that banned gay troops from openly serving in the military.

Defense Department officials are planning the first-ever event to recognize gay troops.

They declined to give details about the event but said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta feels it`s important to recognize the service of gays in the armed forces.

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June 14, 2012
America`s 1st fight for `true religion, liberty`

(WorldNetDaily) When the smoke cleared, 11-year-old Christopher Snider lay dead, victim of a shot fired into a crowd at random by a British loyalist. Two weeks later, five other citizens would be slain by British soldiers in what became known as the “Boston Massacre.”

In the weeks and months to follow, one man would play a central role in the struggle for American liberty: Samuel Adams.

Adams believed the Crown had violated the colonists’ “exclusive Right to make Laws for [their] own internal Government and Taxation,” leading him to believe that other rights, such as religious freedom, were also in danger.

Adam’s firmly held that “all men have a Right to remain in a State of Nature as long as they please: and in case of intolerable Oppression, Civil or Religious, to leave the Society they belong to, and enter into another.”

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June 15, 2012
Swedish Court Vindicates Homeschooling Parents

(CharismaNews) A Swedish district court has ruled that the parental rights of a 10-year-old boy abducted by the government three years ago for being home-schooled will not be terminated.

Swedish authorities forcibly removed Domenic from his parents in June 2009 from a plane they had boarded to move to Annie’s home country of India. The officials did not have a warrant nor did they charge the Johanssons with any crime. The officials seized the child because he was home-schooled, even though home schooling was legal in Sweden at the time he was taken into custody.

“The government shouldn’t abduct and imprison children simply because it doesn’t like home schooling,” said Alliance Defense Fund legal counsel Roger Kiska. “We encourage Swedish authorities to release Domenic to his parents in light of the court’s ruling, and we hope the European Court of Human Rights will reconsider its recent rejection of Domenic’s case in light of the Swedish court’s determination. This family’s human rights have been unimaginably violated.”

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June 12, 2012
Petition launched against NYC officials for banning ‘God Bless the USA’ from kindergarten event

(LifeSiteNews) A conservative legal group is demanding that a New York City school officials and Mayor Michael Bloomberg reverse a decision banning “God Bless the USA” at a kindergarten graduation ceremony, because they deemed it potentially offensive to other cultures.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) today sent a letter to New York school officials - including Mayor Michael Bloomberg - urging that the ban be reversed.

Principal Greta Hawkins of P.S. 90 in Brooklyn reportedly pulled Lee Greenwood’s patriotic ballad from the June 20 graduation program saying the song is not “age appropriate” and could end up “offending other cultures.”

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, called the school’s decision against the patriotic song “not only ridiculous, but offensive to the many parents and students in the school who want to express their patriotism at the graduation ceremony.”

“In less than one day, we have heard from many concerned Americans - including New York City residents - who find this decision deeply troubling. It appears this principal doesn’t mind punishing patriotism for the sake of political correctness.”

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June 13, 2012
College prof urges parents to homeschool

(WorldNetDaily) `Get them out now before you ruin their life`

Drawing from a sample size this large multiplied by two decades multiplied by hundreds of thousands of test answers has put me in a good position to offer the following advice to any reader of this paper with children in Florida’s K-12 public schools.

Get them out now before you ruin their life.

While this may seem to be a bit harsh, let’s look at the facts.

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June 13, 2012
Pro-`gay` persecution, from a distance

(OneNewsNow) A pro-family group in Massachusetts is under attack by a homosexual activist who has found a sympathetic ear in a Maine court.

Brian Camenker heads MassResistance, which is based in Massachusetts where he exposed homosexual clubs for youth that have adult supervisors. As a recent guest on American Family Radio`s Focal Point with Bryan Fischer, Camenker pointed to the beginning of his situation.

"In 2007, a homosexual activist in Maine named Adam Flanders published a letter about what was going on in these `gay youth groups` with adults -- sexual relations between men and boys, including his own with a 14-year-old; drug use; alcohol use; pornography."

The activist delivered his exposé to two police departments, two newspapers, and pro-family groups and encouraged them to post it -- which they did. But later, after having second thoughts about exposing those activities, Flanders told those groups to remove the information from their websites or he would sue

All the groups complied -- except MassResistance...

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June 13, 2012
PP `twisting` Bible`s words to advance agenda

(OneNewsNow) With the focus of part of Planned Parenthood`s school sex-ed program being on religion and sexuality, one pro-lifer says the aim is simply to use the Bible to promote an unbiblical agenda.

The whole purpose of the latter, according to Jim Sedlak of the American Life League (ALL), is to convince clergy, parents and students that "it`s okay with God" to have intimate relations for pleasure and eliminate the pro-creation factor.

"It is really an attempt by Planned Parenthood -- much as they try to say that it`s okay to have an abortion and God is okay with that -- that the Bible does not have prohibitions against having out-of-wedlock sex and that it is truly okay to do it," Sedlak says.

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June 13, 2012
Hawaii Planned Parenthood helps patients get sex-selection abortions on taxpayers’ dime

(LifeSiteNews) Live Action released new undercover footage today showing two Planned Parenthood clinics, in Maui and Honolulu, advising a woman how best to procure a sex-selective abortion of her baby girl because she wants a boy instead.

“If that’s, you know, if that’s what you wanna base your decision on—really—it’s up to you,” assures the Maui Planned Parenthood counselor, Leslie Watson, when a purportedly pregnant woman explains she wants an abortion because of the sex of the baby.

In Honolulu, the Planned Parenthood counselor “Rogue” tells the woman it is okay to have multiple abortions of girl pregnancies so long as the abortions are spaced far enough apart. The Planned Parenthood counselor suggests paying for the abortions using Hawaii’s QUEST state health insurance.

“So if I wanted to terminate a girl the government would pay for it?” asks the woman. “They don’t care,” the Planned Parenthood counselor replies.

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June 13, 2012
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear ‘Candy Cane’ Case

(CharismaNews) The Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear oral arguments in what has become widely known as the “candy cane” case.

Morgan v. Plano Independent School District, more commonly known as the “candy cane case," involves several students who were denied their free speech rights and discriminated against because their speech was religious in nature.

The case started nine years ago when then 8-year-old Jonathan Morgan was banned from handing out candy cane pens to his classmates because a poem about Jesus was attached. The school district also threatened a young girl for handing out tickets after school to a religious play and forbade an entire class of students from writing “Merry Christmas” on holiday cards to American troops serving overseas. They even called the police on a mother who protested the punishing of her daughter, whose “Jesus” pencils were seized.

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June 08, 2012
Urge Target Corporation to halt fundraising for anti-Christian adoption group

(Family Research Council) Minneapolis based mega-retailer, Target Corp. has announced that throughout the month of June (which President Obama has officially declared "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month") it will be selling "gay pride" t-shirts with 100 percent of the proceeds to benefit the Family Equality Council, a national pro-homosexual organization bent on eliminating faith-based adoption agencies and redefining marriage throughout the nation.

The Family Equality Council`s clear objective is to pass legislation on the local and national level that would effectively shut down Christian based adoption agencies. We have seen this happen in Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

The legislation orders all adoption agencies to no longer put a priority in placing a child in a home with a mom and dad, despite the overwhelming evidence that such households are by far the best environment for a child.

By making itself a clearinghouse for donations to a pro-homosexual group, Target has sent the message that they are 100 percent behind efforts to deny you the right to vote on marriage at the ballot box, and to shutter adoption agencies that prioritize placing children with mothers and fathers.

This not-so-fashionable fundraiser shows that Target has its sights set on social engineering. Please sign our petition letting Target know that you want them to take a position of neutrality on the redefinition of marriage and the right of Christian adoption agencies to operate as they have done throughout history. Tell Target that you want to see them focused on growing their business instead of providing free advertising and funding for groups that thwart your values, and then alert your local store managers by giving them a free flyer to let them know what their corporate office is doing.

Urge Target Corporation to halt fundraising for anti-Christian adoption group

June 07, 2012
State Department Purges Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports

(CNSNews) The U.S. State Department removed the sections covering religious freedom from the Country Reports on Human Rights that it released on May 24, three months past the statutory deadline Congress set for the release of these reports.

The new human rights reports--purged of the sections that discuss the status of religious freedom in each of the countries covered--are also the human rights reports that include the period that covered the Arab Spring and its aftermath.

Thus, the reports do not provide in-depth coverage of what has happened to Christians and other religious minorities in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East that saw the rise of revolutionary movements in 2011 in which Islamist forces played an instrumental role.

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June 06, 2012
PTC: Family-friendly is what people want

(OneNewsNow) Parents Television Council (PTC) says a list of 2011-2012`s ten most-watched TV shows is more evidence to the fact that family-friendly programs fare better than those that attempt to push the envelope.

Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for the PTC, reports that several reality or talent shows got top-notch ratings.

"For years we`ve been told that broadcast TV, in order to be competitive with cable, they need to be able to introduce more explicit sexual content, or more graphic violence or more explicit language," she notes. "And yet if you look at the shows that people are actually watching, in many cases, if not most cases, they`re actually very family-friendly programs."
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June 07, 2012
Arizona Abortion Clinics Agree to Sex-Selective Abortions

(CharismaNews) Live Action just released new undercover footage showing two National Abortion Federation (NAF) clinics in Arizona agreeing to break state law and perform an illegal sex-selective abortion.

The video is the third release in Live Action’s “Gendercide” project, documenting Planned Parenthood and NAF’s support for sex-selective abortion in America. The video can be viewed at ProtectOurGirls.com.

The footage shows two NAF members, Camelback Family Planning in Phoenix and the Tucson Women’s Center in Tucson, promising to ignore the law and perform a sex-selective abortion and coaching a woman to lie on official paperwork to conceal the illegal abortion.

At the Tucson clinic, the surgical assistant Francisco tells the woman, “We could lose our license,” but agrees to cover up her sex-selective abortion. “I’ll just forget about it,” he says, “But just be sure not to mention it” to the abortion doctor—“Don’t even mention it to him.”

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June 06, 2012
Family Research Council Calls for Congressional Action After Fort Polk Same-Sex Ceremony

(FamilyResearchCouncil) WASHINGTON, D.C. - Family Research Council (FRC) expressed concern today over a recent "same- sex ceremony" conducted at a Fort Polk chapel in Louisiana, a state in which voters have approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

"This ceremony evades the intention and violates the spirit of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which remains the law in America, defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman for all purposes under federal law", said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, a Marine Corps veteran and former Louisiana legislator.

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June 07, 2012
Media fabricate pro-`gay` move for Boy Scouts

(WorldNetDaily) In what has the appearance of a coordinated media effort to pressure the Boy Scouts of America, a private organization, to change its membership policy and allow participation by open or avowed homosexuals, a slew of reports have been generated this week announcing the group is considering that idea.

Not so.

The organization posted an online announcement today that “Contrary to media reports, the Boy Scouts of America has no plans to change its membership policy. The introduction of a resolution does not indicate the organization is ‘reviewing’ a policy or signal a change in direction.”

What happened this week was that pro-homosexual activists from the online petition organization change.org issued a press release claiming that unnamed “sources have confirmed Boy Scouts of America officials are considering a new policy for 2013 that would allow local charter organizations to decide whether or not to accept gay scouts and leaders.”

Entire article

June 06, 2012
America`s Moral Schizophrenia

(CNSNews) schiz·o·phre·ni·a – a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

By now most people have heard about New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg`s battle to ban Big Gulps in the Big Apple

In the eco-conscious, health-obsessed culture that characterizes America`s urbane elites, it is widely considered to be a moral imperative for government to do whatever it can to stem the tide of obesity in America. Tackling childhood obesity is First Lady Obama`s signature cause, and she`s done an admirable job of encouraging families to move their bodies more and make better choices about what they put on their plates.

Ironically however, both Bloomberg and the First Lady are fervent advocates of a woman`s "right to choose" abortion and view any efforts by government to restrict such choice as inappropriate and overly intrusive. Which brings us to another story making headlines in recent days: Congress` refusal to outlaw the abhorrent practice of gender-based abortion.

So we find ourselves living in a society where our elected officials see nothing strange about using the power of government to impose a morality of nutrition while shying away from using that power to protect the lives of innocent unborn children. How can this be? What kind of mindset can embrace such moral schizophrenia? I would humbly suggest that when you jettison the moral truths that inhere in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the world turns topsy turvy.

Entire article

June 06, 2012
Groupon Boycott Sees Online Coupon Giant Nix Porn

(CharismaNews) Groupon appears to be bowing to the anti-porn pressure.

After a Christian boycott led by Morality in Media, the online coupon giant has finally stopped promoting companies that deal in pornography.

Morality in Media launched the protest after it discovered Groupon was merchandising torture pornographer Kink. Now that Groupon has put the kibosh on Kink, Morality in Media has lifted its boycott.

“The Groupon national boycott demonstrates that large numbers of people are willing to take action to challenge pornography wherever it rears its ugly head,” says Dawn Hawkins, Morality in Media’s executive director.

Entire article

June 06, 2012
As expected, Prop. 8 headed for Supreme Court

(OneNewsNow) A legal expert says the U.S. Supreme Court can rule on the issue of "gay marriage" next year if it takes up California`s ongoing Proposition 8 battle.

The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday rejected an appeal of a ruling that overturned Proposition 8, California`s voter-approved measure defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Dean Broyles of The National Center for Law and Policy says the San Francisco-based appeals court`s decision paves the way for the case to head to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"It`s expected that oral arguments could occur as early as next year, and a ruling by perhaps as early as June of 2013, if the Supreme Court grants certiorari," Broyles details.

Entire article

June 05, 2012
Welfare state: Immoral and irredeemable

(WorldNetDaily) Benjamin Franklin, statesman and signer of our Declaration of Independence, said: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” John Adams, another signer, echoed a similar statement: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Are today’s Americans virtuous and moral, or have we become corrupt and vicious? Let’s think it through with a few questions.

Suppose I saw an elderly woman painfully huddled on a heating grate in the dead of winter. She’s hungry and in need of shelter and medical attention. To help the woman, I walk up to you using intimidation and threats and demand that you give me $200. Having taken your money, I then purchase food, shelter and medical assistance for the woman. Would I be guilty of a crime? A moral person would answer in the affirmative. I’ve committed theft by taking the property of one person to give to another.

Would it still be theft if I were able to get three people to agree that I should take your money?

Entire article

June 01, 2012
Louisiana`s bold bid to privatize schools

(Reuters) Louisiana is embarking on the nation`s boldest experiment in privatizing public education, with the state preparing to shift tens of millions in tax dollars out of the public schools to pay private industry, businesses owners and church pastors to educate children.

Starting this fall, thousands of poor and middle-class kids will get vouchers covering the full cost of tuition at more than 120 private schools across Louisiana, including small, Bible-based church schools.

"We are changing the way we deliver education," said Governor Bobby Jindal, a Republican who muscled the plan through the legislature this spring over fierce objections from Democrats and teachers unions. "We are letting parents decide what`s best for their children, not government."

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June 06, 2012
Using Christian faith to justify `LGBT Pride Month`

(OneNewsNow) Since taking office in 2009, President Barack Obama has declared the month of June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month." Now he is celebrating his "evolved" thinking and pushing for marriage equality. -the president pointed to his wife and told ABC News, "[W]hen we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is not only Christ sacrificing Himself on our behalf, but it`s also the golden rule -- treat others the way you`d want to be treated."

"... He acts as if rights based on perverse and immoral behavior are basic rights," LaBarbera laments, "and, of course, those aren`t basic rights. Basic rights are what we all share as Americans. Rights based on perversion, on changeable homosexual sin are not basic rights."

The AFTAH president contends that when President Obama uses his anti-bullying platform to promote sin, Christians cannot be silent.

Entire article.

June 06, 2012
`A shrinking of religious liberty`

(OneNewsNow) One attorney says a New Mexico couple will stand on their faith, regardless of losing the latest court ruling concerning their refusal to photograph a lesbian couple`s "commitment ceremony" six years ago.

"I think this case illustrates a disturbing trend that we`re seeing in general, which is a shrinking of religious liberty and [a shrinking] of the area in which we can act on our religious convictions to only the four walls of our homes or the four walls of our churches," warns Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council (FRC).

Entire article

June 01, 2012
Watching the Watchmen

(Family Research Council) FRC closed out its ninth annual Watchmen on the Wall conference after commissioning hundreds of pastors to return to their communities with a fire to engage the culture. They came to Washington to be encouraged, and they left challenged to make a difference in their communities, states, and our nation. The charge to the Watchmen is simple, but profound: pray, preach, and partner. We believe that the problems facing America are not only political and cultural--but also spiritual. And if we`re going to find solutions, we`d better start looking to the church. To find out more about FRC`s ministry to pastors and how you can get involved, check out www.watchmenpastors.org.

June 01, 2012
WH: Aborting a Baby Because She`s a Girl Part of `A Very Personal and Private Decision`

(CNSNews) The White House is opposed to a bill that was proposed in the House that would ban sex-selection abortions.

In defending President Obama`s opposition to the bill, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said it would force abortionists into the position of trying to determine the "motivations" behind a "very personal" decision.

During the White House press briefing Wednesday, Fox News reporter Ed Henry asked, “since the president has been outspoken about being against gender-based discrimination, how can you allow gender-based abortion?”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney responded that President Obama is against discrimination in all forms, but the legislation under consideration would penalize doctors.

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
1st Circuit Declares Part of Federal Marriage Law Unconstitutional

(CitizenLink) A three-judge panel of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously today that a part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional — and that it should not impede any state that wishes to create same-sex marriage.

Ultimately, the judges said, the matter will end up at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
Avoid JCPenney this Father`s Day

One Million Moms (OMM) is disturbed that JC Penney (JCP) is continuing down the same path of promoting sin in their advertisements. In JCP`s June catalog, there is another homosexual ad, but this time with two dads celebrating Father`s Day. The advertising booklet began arriving in mailboxes yesterday. If their marketing department follows the same plan they did in May, this mailer will be available to view on their website on June 1.

The ad shows two men on the floor playing and hugging their two children at home. It reads, "First Pals - What makes Dad so cool? He`s the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer and hug giver - all rolled into one. Or two. Real-life dads Todd Koch and Cooper Smith with their children Claire and Mason."

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
Marvel Comics plans wedding for gay hero

(Orange County Register) Wedding bells will ring this summer for Marvel Comics` first openly gay hero, super speedster Northstar, and his longtime boyfriend. The New York-based publisher said Tuesday that Canadian character Jean-Paul Beaubier will marry his beau, Kyle Jinadu, in the pages of "Astonishing X-Men" No. 51. That`s due out June 20.

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
The most heartrending abortion testimony you’ll ever hear, from a former abortionist

(LifeSiteNews) Last week a former abortionist, who admits to having committed around 1200 abortions, appeared before a U.S. House subcommittee. The hearing was on the so-called Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks in D.C., based upon the fact that unborn babies can experience pain at that stage of pregnancy.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, who has since turned his life around and is pro-life, was speaking in favor of the ban. And his testimony is perhaps the most brutal explanation you will ever hear for why abortion is evil - plain and simple. (Read his testimony, with the strongest portions in bold.)

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
New Movie Echoes Current Church Vs Government Battle

(NewsMax) Actor Andy Garcia tells Newsmax TV in an exclusive interview that he sees parallels between his new critically acclaimed movie chronicling the fight for religious freedom in 1920s Mexico and the current struggle of America’s Catholics against the Obama administration’s attack on their religious beliefs.

“Where is that line drawn . . . the concept of religious freedom — or even a greater concept which is absolute freedom,” declared Garcia, in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV. “How deeply does the government get involved in your personal decisions as an individual? In this case — dealing with a movie — it’s about your right to practice your faith. And so this is been something unfortunately that’s been going on that repeats itself in history."

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
Josh McDowell Launches Website to Fight Porn, `Church`s No. 1 Threat`

(Christian Post) Apologist and author Josh McDowell launched Just1ClickAway.org, a new website to raise awareness about online pornography which he says is a problem big enough to cause the downfall of the church.

"The downfall of the church will not come from a lack of apologetic teaching; it will come from disintegration of the families in the church," says a video posted on the website, which was launched this week, just in time for summer vacation when students` media consumption significantly increases.

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
NY Court Rules That Viewing Child Porn Is Legal

(Christian Post) The New York Court of Appeals has ruled that viewing child pornography is legal, thereby dismissing one of two counts against a professor.

Six judges decided on Tuesday that James D. Kent, professor of public administration at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, should not have been convicted of viewing child porn, seeing it as different from possession.

Entire article.

June 01, 2012
Underground gay group emerges, shaking evangelical Christian college

(U.S. News) On the same day President Obama became the first U.S. president to come out in support of same-sex marriage, a group of students announced the presence of the "Biola Queer Underground" at this small evangelical university, touching off a highly-charged debate about Christianity and homosexuality.

The group launched a website and posted flyers around the Biola University campus May 9 with the following message: "We want to bring to light the presence of the LGBTQ community at Biola. Despite what some may assume, there are Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queers at Biola. We are Biola`s students, alumni, employees, and fellow followers of Christ. We want to be treated with equality and respected as another facet of Biola`s diversity."

Entire article.


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