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January 28, 2015
Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life: Mourn 57 Million Abortions


(LifeNews) Hundreds of thousands of pro-life people turned out for the annual March for Life in Washington, braving cold temperatures to take a stand for the right to life of unborn children. While marchers mourned 42 years of legalized abortion, many sounded a hopeful theme for a pro-life future and think the decision will eventually be reversed.

January 28, 2015
Arizona Hopes to Shut Down Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

(CBNNews) The state of Arizona is hoping to shut down sex trafficking around this week`s Super Bowl.

For months, the state attorney general`s office has focused on training law enforcement and promoting public awareness through the "Arizona`s Not Buying it" campaign.

January 28, 2015
Auschwitz Liberated 1.27.45

(FRC) The 2001 BBC film Conspiracy can be viewed on YouTube. The film opens servants preparing a great feast in an elegant mansion. Next, we see a snowy scene, looking down upon a forested lakeside villa The date of this gathering is January 20, 1942.

January 28, 2015
No label required on West Hollywood`s gender-neutral bathrooms

(LA Times) To read article Click Here.

January 28, 2015
Bring Saeed Home

(Breakpoint) Jacob Abedini has a birthday wish, and I’ll explain why we should pray for that wish to come true, and I’ll update you on his dad.

January 28, 2015
Christians in Africa fleeing death, need help

(OneNewsNow) Dozens of churches have been burned in Niger following a depiction of Mohammed in the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. Pastors have also lost their homes and Christians have been injured or killed.

January 28, 2015
UK Closing Christian School for Religious Intolerance

(CBNNews) Officials at the British Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) targeted Durham Free School in a report that condemns them for teaching their Christian beliefs instead of multiculturalism.

January 28, 2015
Christian scouting organization grows while Boy Scouts declines

(OneNewsNow) Boy Scouts membership declined another seven percent in the last reporting period, but there was apparently a drop of over 14 percent in Cub Scouts, which grooms future members and leaders of the Boy Scouts. Part of the loss could be due to the group’s decision to allow homosexuals as members.

January 28, 2015
Evangelicals and Same-Sex `Marriage`

(Breakpoint) A recent TIME article is exposing a question we should’ve wrestled with long before now. So that’s what we’ll do, today on BreakPoint.

January 28, 2015
Ohio Pro-Life Bill Would Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks on Babies Who Feel Intense Pain

(LifeNews) This legislation, which is similar to National Right to Life’s Pain-Capable legislation, will be introduced in the Ohio General Assembly in the coming weeks. Significantly, the legislation challenges the viability limit on abortion restrictions, commonly triggered at 24 weeks, that the U.S. Supreme Court imposed in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

January 28, 2015
Campaign to filter porn from Wi-Fi networks gains headway

(OneNewsNow) A campaign to convince Starbucks and McDonald`s to filter pornography out of their Wi-Fi systems is gaining momentum.

January 28, 2015
Rabbi: America`s 143-yr. reign kaput, Obama`s address a biblical warning

(OneNewsNow) Ironically, President Barack Obama`s State of the Union message declaring that "the shadow of crisis has passed" couldn`t be further from the truth, says one New York Times bestselling author. He also contends that America`s 143-year reign as the world`s strongest economic force officially came to a close ... months ago.

January 28, 2015
Living in the Bible

(Breakpoint) It’s probably no surprise to you, but biblical ignorance is running rampant -- even in the church. And while I’m at it, how are you doing in the Word?

January 23, 2015
40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil
January 21, 2015
CBO: Late-Term Abortions Average One Per Hour In U.S.; Calculates `Cost` of Letting Babies Live
January 21, 2015
The Most Segregated Hour, Still

(Breakpoint) Eleven A.M. Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America. So said the man we commemorate today. Martin Luther King, Jr. was driven to confront Americans for our sins of racism, discrimination, and oppression. And yet what drove him, as we’ve talked about on BreakPoint in the past, was his Christian faith.

January 21, 2015
Abortion`s Shockwaves Extend Beyond the Womb

(CBNNews) Pro-life leaders gathered at the National Press Club just a few days before the Jan. 22 March for Life to announce that a special emphasis this year will be on the many and usually unpublicized ways abortion hurts.

January 21, 2015
Seventeen Injured in Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing

(CBNNews) An elite unit of prison service officers apprehended a 23-year-old resident of Tulkarem, an Arab city under Palestinian Authority control, who injured 17 people in a stabbing spree on a Tel Aviv bus Wednesday morning.

January 21, 2015
Scientists On Designer Babies: "Approaching 100% Efficiency"

(Faith & Freedom) The words, "You shall be as God," are again echoing across the cultural landscape.
Scientists announced last week that, "Rapid progress in genetics is making `designer babies` more likely and society needs to be prepared."

January 21, 2015
We Aren`t Charlie

(Breakpoint) The slogan “Je Suis Charlie”—“I am Charlie”—has become a kind of badge of honor. It has come to signify a commitment to a kind of liberal and tolerant social order over and against the forces of censorship and Islamic extremism.

But is it the kind of thing a Christian can or should say?

January 21, 2015
Giving Blankets in Jesus` Name: As Cold Grips Nation, New Book Tells Story of Homeless Ministry that Started with Blankets

(Christian Newswire) It`s cold. As temperatures plunge across most states, regardless of the climate, we`re reaching for blankets.
But what if we didn`t have blankets? Or worse, what if we were homeless?

January 21, 2015
Dutch Doctors Euthanize Woman Because She Had Ringing in Her Ears

(LifeNews) Euthanasia is a voracious beast, its hunger never assuaged.

Now, in the Netherlands, a woman was lethally injected because of severe tinnitus.

January 21, 2015
Niger Christians on Edge after Church Burnings

(CBNNews) Religious tensions are escalating once again in Niger, days after Islamic protesters torched at least 45 churches and Christian homes.

Now come reports that men are going around on motorcycles, marking Christian homes in the capital city of Niamey.

January 21, 2015
The War on Christians

(Breakpoint) While in 2014 the days of throwing Christians to wild beasts in the arena may be behind us, the persecution of Christians around the world isn`t. In fact, the number of our brothers and sisters subjected to imprisonment, torture, and death for their faith in just the last twelve months dwarfs the number who suffered during the entire tenure of Nero.

January 21, 2015
Islamists Step Up Barbarism in Nigeria, Cameroon

(CBNNews) A suicide bomber killed four people in Nigeria and wounded dozens Sunday in an attack on a bus station in Potiskum, according to a Nigerian media outlet.

January 17, 2015
Gay marriage: Californians weigh in as Supreme Court prepares to take up issue

(Daily BulletinCalifornians on both sides of the gay marriage debate said they were excited by the Supreme Court’s announcement Friday that it will decide whether gay couples have a constitutional right to marry.

The justices will take up gay-rights cases in April that ask them to overturn bans in four states and declare for the entire nation that people can marry the partners of their choice, regardless of gender. A decision is expected by late June.

“Right now, we are in this sort of patchwork decision where 36 states and DC recognize marriage equality, but 14 states don’t,” said Amanda Goad, a Los Angeles-based lawyer for the ACLU LGBT Project. “It’s important to establish the principle that marriage is marriage and you’re not going to be treated as a second-class citizen when you go somewhere else.”

In California, gay marriage became legal in 2013 when the Supreme Court ruled Proposition 8, a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman, unconstitutional. The proposition passed in 2008 with 52 percent of the vote.

“California has had marriage equality firmly established in the past year and a half,” Goad said. “It will be very important to the LGBTQ community as a whole to get final resolution on marriage equality.”

The ACLU is a co-counsel in the Ohio and Kentucky gay marriage cases before the Supreme Court. Cases out of Michigan and Tennessee are also being heard.

That final resolution will be important to married gay couples in California and other states where it’s legal, according to Jennifer C. Pizer, law and policy project national director for Lambda Legal.

“People travel,” Pizer said. “We are one country and it is important that solid protections are established throughout the country.”

Her organization, which advocates for LGBT rights, is “very excited, very hopeful and optimistic,” she said.

Lambda Legal is a co-counsel on the Ohio gay marriage case being considered by the Supreme Court. Pizer would not speculate on the ramifications of the Supreme Court ruling against the plaintiffs in the appeal.

“Clearly the country is ready for the Court to speak on this issue and we will be looking to some awfully big decisions at the end of the term,” Pizer said.

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills, who supported and helped promote both 2008’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California, and the petition effort to recall 2013’s transgender student rights law, said he welcomes the Supreme Court weighing in on the issue at last.

“We’re very pleased that this is going to be brought to the Supreme Court, something that we anticipated even with the commencement with the Prop. 8 efforts,” Hibbs said Friday. “We knew that it would go to our nation’s courts — it’s that big of an issue.”

He also believes the majority of Californians are on his side.

“In California, the efforts that I personally have been involved in, we have won every time in the court of public opinion — we’ve won every time! It’s been a judge or two that’s overturned our efforts, even in the face of our successes,” he said.

If that happens again, Hibbs said, it won’t change his fundamental beliefs.

“I’m under no illusion, nor should any other person be, that we can redefine marriage. This was created by God. There’s no other origin: Marriage comes from Chapter 1 of Genesis, by God,” he said. “Any attempt to change that, we believe, tampers with the fundamental societal building blocks. And we have thousands of years of history on our side to prove that point.”

Christopher Covington, 24, of Long Beach says he has faith the Supreme Court will follow the lead of other courts across the country when it comes to marriage equality. 

“I’m hopeful that they will rule that we will finally be able to marry those we love,” Covington said. 

However, he is quick to say that the fight for LGBT equality does not stop with the issue of marriage.

“Our movement is more than that,” said Covington, a staff member of the Gay Straight Alliance Network. “It’s about support for gender identification, gender neutral restroom accommodations and equality. We must move forward and keep pushing for equality.”

The Associated Press and Staff Writer Beatriz Valenzuela contributed to this report.

January 16, 2015
BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Decide Marriage Cases
We are very pleased that the Supreme Court has chosen to review the 6th Circuit`s ruling that found in favor of voters` right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It is time for the 50 million Americans who stood for marriage in 30 states to have their day in court. We are confident that the Supreme Court has chosen the 6th Circuit case in order to affirm the finding of the Appeals court, just as it did in the cases of Windsor v. United States and Sabelius v. Hobby Lobby. We will be watching this case closely and anticipate an eventual victory for the democratic process, religious liberty, and the cherished institution of marriage which forms the very bedrock of our society. - See more at: http://www.nomblog.com/39913/#sthash.WUq05aAv.dpuf
January 15, 2015
Sanctity of Life Sunday to minorities: Abortion industry wants your future

March For Life 2014

(OneNewsNow) January 18 is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, a day in which churches are urged to focus on life issues and people of faith to pray for an end to abortion.

Life Issues Institute`s Brad Mattes says the Institute has done extensive research on abortion to learn that 36 percent of abortions in this country terminate the lives of black babies...

January 15, 2015
Parents Alarmed By “Pleasure Activist” in High School Classroom

(Pacific Justice Institute) For months, parents have pushed school officials for answers about who was involved and what was being taught by Planned Parenthood on campus. Just before Christmas, in response to a public records request from Pacific Justice Institute, the District finally identified some of the PP employees involved with the program. Parents are now more concerned than ever.

January 15, 2015
Support the `Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act`

(FRC) I want to encourage you to contact your Representative and urge them to support passage of the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (H.R. 36) sponsored by Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.)and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn).This legislation is essential to stopping late abortion. It would also help stop so-called doctors, like the now imprisoned Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who are willing to allow babies be born alive to more easily kill them if the abortion doesn`t work. Tragically, this problem goes way beyond Gosnell in Philadelphia.

January 15, 2015
Jury will hear case against Houston`s pro-LGBT ordinance

(OneNewsNow) The only thing left to decide now in a citizens` lawsuit against a Houston pro-homosexual "anti-discrimination" ordinance is when the trial will be scheduled.

January 15, 2015
Virginia County to Interrogate Homeschool Teens about Their Religious Beliefs

(ACLJ) A school board in Virginia is considering the repeal of a policy that would have forced 14-year-old minors to stand before the school board to be interrogated about their religious beliefs.

January 15, 2015
Architecture, Values and the March for Life

(FRC) It is difficult to look at scenes of great universities and historic colleges and not be moved by the architecture portrayed. Traditionally, institutions of higher learning have wanted to display their seriousness of purpose and devotion to great thought and leading-edge research in the buildings they have constructed.

January 15, 2015
Man Awakens After 12 Years in a “Vegetative State,” Says “I Was Aware of Everything”

(LifeNews) In the 1980’s, 12-year-old Martin Pistorious became seriously ill with what doctor’s believed was Cryptococci Meningitis. His health started deteriorating and Martin lost his ability to move, make eye contact and even speak to others. His doctors told his parents, Rodney and Joan Pistorious, to bring him home and let him die.

January 15, 2015
Report: Louisiana Named the Most Pro-Life State, Washington Most Pro-Abortion

(LifeNews) Americans United for Life today released its annual report about the most pro-life and pro-abortion states when it comes to passing pro-life legislation that protects women and unborn children. In a replay of last year’s best and worst, Louisiana was named most pro-life and Washington most pro-abortion.

January 15, 2015
The Ministry of Officer Ramos

(Breakpoint) On the Saturday after Christmas, more than 20,000 people gathered at Christ Tabernacle Church in Queens to honor officer Rafael Ramos who, along with his partner Wenjian Liu, was killed in an ambush a week earlier.

January 15, 2015
Cities Throw in the Towel on Bathroom Bills

(FRC) The Left calls them “fairness ordinances” -- but for whom? Certainly not Christians, many of whom are being hauled before city commissions as casualties of them -- or worse, losing their jobs and businesses altogether. No, these aren’t fairness ordinances. They’re a license to discriminate against anyone who holds the mainstream view of marriage or sexuality.

January 15, 2015
Theological Extremism in a Secular Age

(Albert Mohler) The war on terror took on a savage new face yesterday when two gunmen entered the headquarters of a French satirical newspaper known as Charlie Hebdo and opened fire, killing 12 people—10 people connected with the newspaper and two police officers.

January 15, 2015
Success: State board challenged for rejecting homeschool diplomas

(OneNewsNow) Thanks to the intervention of the Home School Legal Defense Association last month, a homeschool graduate in Mississippi previously denied a licensing examination for her desired career can now pursue her dream in the field of cosmetology.

January 15, 2015
Science, God, and the Improbability of Life

(Breakpoint) I’m not a scientist, and I don’t play one on TV. But I can examine scientific evidence and ask the question, “How is life possible?”

January 15, 2015
Pastor`s "Bible Cabaret" Comedy Show Goes on the Road

(Faith & Freedom) Pastor Jane Voigts tried out her newly created "Bible Cabaret" show in Hollywood. The venue was a club called FAKE Gallery. She says it was well received.

January 07, 2015
March for Life Announces Details for Rally & March on January 22, 2015

What a view from the Russell Senate building balcony! #marchforlife #whywemarch http://t.co/0wv1u9qAkC

(March For Life) The March for Life Education and Defense Fund has announced the details for the 2015 March for Life.  “Every Life is a Gift” will be the theme of the 2015 March for Life, and seeks to draw attention to the pre-born populations that are at the greatest risk for abortion: those who receive a prenatal disability diagnosis.

January 07, 2015
New Year, Old Resolution

(Breakpoint) Every January we make new resolutions for the New Year. But maybe we need to return to an old one.

If you’re like six in ten Americans, you make New Year’s resolutions at least some of the time. According to the website Statistic Brain, the top five resolutions are: losing weight, getting organized, spending less and saving more, enjoying life to the fullest, and staying fit and healthy.

January 07, 2015
New Congressional Bill Would Ban Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
January 07, 2015
Clerks in FL refuse to officiate homosexual weddings

(OneNewsNow) Counties in the Sunshine State are issuing marriage licenses to homosexual and lesbian pairs, in response to state and federal court decisions, but the court`s decision is finding resistance among those it affects.

January 07, 2015
Chicken Little Christianity

(Breakpoint) When Chuck Colson started “BreakPoint” back in the early 1990s, he wanted to inspire Christians to wrestle with the vital cultural issues of the day. He believed—and we do, too—that ideas have consequences, and that out of love for God and our neighbors, Christians are called to be fully engaged in the culture.

January 07, 2015
Woman 30 Weeks Pregnant Traveled From U.K. to U.S. to Have Abortion Yesterday

(LifeNews) The pro-life community from all across the world came together in prayer and action in an attempt to help a divided family from the United Kingdom who traveled to the United States for a late-term abortion. Unfortunately, the pro-life efforts were unsuccessful and a mother aborted her 30-week old baby yesterday in the U.S.

January 07, 2015
Mother and Brother Kill Pregnant 16-Year-Old in “Honor Killing,” Throw Her Body in the Bushes

(LifeNews) In India, an “honor killing” is the homicide of a family member or social group by other members due to the perpetrator’s belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family or community. In most cases, the reason for the killing is the victim refused to enter an arranged marriage or was in a relationship that was forbidden.

January 07, 2015
Woman reported for sharing pro-life film with her own children

(OneNewsNow) A woman was dismissed from a Christian school in the U.K. for recommending a Christian documentary on abortion, and then contacted by Child Protective Services for showing the film to her own children.

January 07, 2015
Two Words for Christians in 2015

(Breakpoint) I suspect there are two things that we’ll need more of in 2015. One is clarity, and the other is hope. I’ll explain.

January 07, 2015
Group Hijacks Md. Station`s Site, NM Paper`s Twitter Feed

(CNSNews) Hackers claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group hijacked the website and Twitter feed of a Maryland news station, and the Twitter feed of The Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico, according to the outlets and federal authorities.

January 03, 2015
Reflections for New Year`s Day


(Breakpoint) At the end of December 1772, an Anglican priest in the poor parish of Olney worked by candlelight on his New Year’s Day sermon. He would preach on the text of 1 Chronicles 17, verses 16 and 17.

January 03, 2015
Newsweek on the Bible — So Misrepresented It’s a Sin

(Albert Mohler) Newsweek magazine decided to greet the start of 2015 with a massive cover story on the Bible. For decades now, major news magazines have tended to feature cover articles timed for Christmas and Easter, taking an opportunity to consider some major question about Christianity and the modern world.

January 03, 2015
Celebrating Our Religious Freedom

(CitizenLink) Each year on January 16th, the president issues a proclamation, declaring it Religious Freedom Day. It started in 1993 with George H.W. Bush when Congress asked him to recognize a day celebrating one of our most basic rights.

January 03, 2015
Genocidal Century: Culture of Death Leading to WWIII?

(CBN News) Some people believe mankind is progressing - growing wiser, getting better. But the authors of The Race to Save Our Century point out the last 100 years were the deadliest in recorded history, and the next century may be even deadlier.

January 03, 2015
The Christmas Truce

(Faith & Freedom) Christmas 1914 was such a Christmas. World War I was raging, men were dying from exposure and from bullets.

Some years later, in 1981, Private Stan Brown told historian Paul Nixon, "On Christmas Eve, as far as we were concerned, we was still at war, but in the evening on sentry-go we heard singing from `Jerry`."

January 03, 2015
Malcolm Gladwell`s Tipping Point

(Breakpoint) For nearly two decades, Malcolm Gladwell of the New Yorker magazine has explained why things are the way they are. Using insights from social science research, he described how “ideas and products and messages” spread through a culture in his best-seller, “The Tipping Point.”

January 03, 2015
2014: Barronelle Stutzman`s Year Of Tolerance

(Faith & Freedom) Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene`s Flowers in Richland, Washington was dragged into court again last week as the saga of `Tolerance" continues to be enforced by the ACLU and the Washington State Attorney General.

January 03, 2015
ISIS threatening, hacking into more than U.S. news sites?

(OneNewsNow) Accustomed to the world`s most formidable terrorist group, ISIS, making headlines overseas for its wrath in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, many Americans were shocked to see the militant Islamic organization force its way into their living rooms last week through their computer screens and electronic devices with the chilling message: "We are already here."

January 03, 2015
Jewish Cartoonist Confronts `Holocaust` of Mideast Christians

(CBN News) For more than 40 years, Jewish cartoonist Yaakov Kirschen has aimed his political commentary at topics like Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism.

January 03, 2015
Remembering the Holy Innocents

(Breakpoint) We Americans really outdo ourselves celebrating Christmas, often starting the day after Thanksgiving and sometimes before. We not only “out do,” we often overdo, glutting ourselves to the point where getting past Christmas becomes a relief.

January 03, 2015
Christians in China watch government tear down crosses

(OneNewsNow) On October 17, approximately 300 people in uniforms blocked the entrances of a village, broke into a church building, and forcibly removed its cross. A church staff member who was sleeping in the church was removed from the building.

January 03, 2015
New Experimental Adult Stem Cell Treatment Helps Those With MS

(LifeNews) There maybe new hope for the millions of patients worldwide that suffer from multiple sclerosis, better known as MS. MS is a debilitating and progressive disease where a patient’s own immune system attacks the protective covering around the cells of the nervous system. This causes a wide range of varying and unpredictable symptoms including fatigue, decreased mobility, and visual disturbances.


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