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February 22, 2018
Power in humility: Billy Graham`s legacy

Billy Graham obit image

(OneNewsNow) Evangelist the Rev. Billy Graham has died at his home in North Carolina at age 99. Some of the most notable people within evangelical Christian circles remember Graham`s impact.  (Read More)

February 22, 2018
Colson Fellows Plan for Ministry

(Breakpoint) Not far from Guatemala City is Central America’s biggest landfill, known as “The Dump.” There, some 6,500 children wake up each morning beneath cardboard and corrugated metal. There’s no running water, and their first job of the day is to scavenge for food and anything they can resell.  (Read More)

February 22, 2018
Apple Removes Easter-- The Bashing Continues

(Faith & Freedom) In a move that`s gathering attention, especially in the wake of ABC`s recent Christian bashing episode on "The View," Apple has now removed Easter as a recognized holiday from its calendar software.  (Read More)

February 22, 2018
At Trump`s HHS, a Cry for Health

(FRC) Donald Trump isn`t your average politician -- and no one seems more surprised than LGBT activists. Like us, the other side is used to candidates promising things they`ll never deliver. But, as most Americans know by now, this president is committed to keeping his promises...  (Read More)

February 22, 2018
New York Attorney General’s Office Runs Fake Facebook Profile to Spy on Pro-Life Advocates

(LifeNews) In startling courtroom admissions during cross examination by Thomas More Law Center attorney, Tyler Brooks, the New York Attorney General’s star witness admitted she created a fake Facebook page pretending she was a pro-life Christian to develop dossiers and entrap pro-life sidewalk counselors...  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
Congress Votes to Repeal Independent Payment Advisory Board, Obamacare’s “Death Panels”


(LifeNews) Lost in the debate over the legislation funding the federal government is a key victory for pro-life advocates. While most of the focus has been over passing the legislation in the first place and a filibuster from Senator Rand Paul, pro-life advocates have been pushing to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board...  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
Church Nightmare a Wake-up Call on `Tolerance`

(FRC) "It`s absolutely crazy." That`s all Pastor Jeremy Schossau could say about all that his church has endured in the last several days. From shutting down their social media to being on a heightened security alert, the congregation of Riverside, Michigan never dreamed this much hate could exist over such a simple, Bible-based workshop.  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
Remember When Bathrooms Were Just Bathrooms?

(Family Policy Alliance) Remember not so long ago when bathrooms and locker rooms were just bathrooms and locker rooms, instead of the Left’s battleground for social experiments?

We do too—and so does President Trump’s Administration.  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
Pregnancy Centers Would be Forced to Promote Abortion if This Law is Allowed to Stand

(LifeNews) If you haven’t heard his name before, now might be a good time to get familiar with David Chiu.

The author of California’s so-called Reproductive FACT Act now under review before the U.S. Supreme Court in NIFLA v. Becerra, Chiu’s earlier pet project may soon live or die based on the votes of the nine Supreme Court justices.  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
The "Many Adversaries" Of Christianity

(Faith & Freedom) Paul wrote to the Corinthian Church, telling them he would be staying in Ephesus until Pentecost, because there was an open door to preach the gospel..."and," he said, "there are many adversaries."

While the 6 million-member Lutheran Church of Sweden is collapsing under the weight of its own spiritual ignorance and apostasy, ABC`s "The View" is openly mocking VP Mike Pence`s personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
Idaho Senate Passes Groundbreaking Bill to Inform Women How Their Abortions Can be Reversed

(LifeNews) Idaho soon could become the fourth state to require that women be told that abortion drugs may be reversed and their unborn baby’s life saved.

A bill to amend the state informed consent law passed the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee on Monday, the AP reports. It now moves to the full state Senate for consideration.  (Read More)

February 15, 2018
AG`s objective: Shut down constitutionally protected speech

(OneNewsNow) New York`s top law enforcement officer is being taken to task for his efforts to punish and silence pro-life and Christian speech on public sidewalks.  (Read More)

February 08, 2018
Intolerance in Full Swing at School Dance

(FRC) Kids see plenty of offensive things at school -- but when did fathers become one of them? Ask New York`s Department of Education. As far as its officials are concerned, nothing can damage a child more than hosting a special event for dads. And now, with the state`s "gender nonconforming" guidelines on the books, they can put plenty of traditions on the chopping block...  (Read More)

February 08, 2018
President Donald Trump’s Defunding International Planned Parenthood Has Hurt the Global Abortion Agenda

(LifeNews) Some of President Donald J. Trump’s harshest critics admit that his reinstatement and expansion of the pro-life Mexico City Policy has been highly effective in advancing the United States’ moral influence to curb the international abortion lobby.  (Read More)

February 08, 2018
Court Rules in Favor of Christian Baker

(Faith & Freedom) A California judge ruled Monday evening that a Christian baker who faced losing her business because she refuses to bake cakes for same-sex "weddings" cannot be compelled by the state to do so.

Is the tide is turning on religious freedom?  (Read More)

February 08, 2018
Palestinian kids` TV makes hero of murderous jihadist

(OneNewsNow) Continuing the trend of making heroes out of cold-blooded killers, Palestinian children’s television recently aired a program that declares an Islamic terrorist who has murdered more than 100 Israeli Jews a “role model.”  (Read More)

February 08, 2018
Pro-Life, Pro-Science

(Breakpoint) One side of the political aisle likes to paint itself as pro-science. But when it comes to this most controversial social issue, science won’t toe their party line.

Writing at The Atlantic, Emma Green chronicles how breakthroughs in medical technology and advances in our understanding of pregnancy have fueled the movement to end abortion.  (Read More)

February 08, 2018
Neonatologist: Yes Unborn Babies Feel Pain, Ask Any Nurse Who a Premature Baby Slapped When Drawing His Blood

(LifeNews) Last week’s Senate vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act once again sent abortion advocates into a tail spin. Unfortunately it was clear the bill was not going to get enough votes to overcome a filibuster, and the cloture vote on it failed.  (Read More)

February 01, 2018
Standing On the Right Side of History
February 01, 2018
How Christians Really Feel About Abortion

(Faith & Freedom) A survey conducted by Pew Research Center reveals a significant difference between what professing Christians actually believe about abortion.

Ironically, one "Christian" church is more supportive of abortion than atheists are.

The study also reveals how members of Assemblies of God, Church of God and Southern Baptist churches believe---a group of churches Pew believes to be among the most conservative larger church denominations.  (Read More)

February 01, 2018
Court sides with fireman fired for his faith

(OneNewsNow) A recent ruling by the highest court in The Evergreen State is being viewed as an important reminder of First Amendment principles.

The Washington Supreme Court ruled on Thursday (Jan. 25) in favor of a former Spokane fire captain who was fired for refusing to self-censor his religious expression...  (Read More)

February 01, 2018
Judge Slams Pro-Abortion Attorney General Trying to Silence Pro-Lifers: You Can’t Sue for Being Annoyed

(LifeNews) It is not often that abortion activists get criticized in federal court, what with of all the judges that pro-abortion President Barack Obama appointed to America’s highest courts.  (Read More)

February 01, 2018
Child experts: Just say `no` to Facebook`s kids app

(OneNewsNow) A group letter sent Tuesday to CEO Mark Zuckerberg argues that younger children — the app is intended for those under 13 — aren`t ready to have social media accounts, navigate the complexities of online relationships or protect their own privacy.  (Read More)

February 01, 2018
Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Fails to Clear Senate

(CNSNews) A bill that makes it illegal to abort a baby after 20 weeks of pregnancy failed to clear the U.S. Senate after Democrats blocked the bill from further consideration.

In a vote of 51 to 46, the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act bill failed to get the 60 votes necessary to advance.  (Read More)

February 01, 2018
Elderly Woman Resists Being Euthanized When She Sees the Needle, So Her Family Held Her Down

(LifeNews) The Washington Post published an excellent article on January 24, 2018 by Charles Lane. Lane, a respected editorial columnist who asks: How many botched cases would it take to end euthanasia for the mentally ill and cognitively impaired?  (Read More)


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