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February 24, 2011
Q&A: What Obama`s DOMA decision means & why it is significant

(Baptist Press)  In a monumental decision that some say could help legalize "gay marriage" in America, the Justice Department announced Feb. 23 that President Obama had instructed it to stop defending in court the Defense of Marriage Act, a 1996 federal law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

The decision -- rare for a president -- does not mean the federal government will begin immediately recognizing "gay marriage," but it does mean the Department of Justice will no longer defend DOMA in a handful of cases nationwide. Even before the announcement, conservatives had criticized the department`s defense of the law as weak. It is possible Congress will step in and try to defend the law, although federal courts are not required to allow Congress to intervene.

Technically, the Justice Department`s decision applies only to the handful of lawsuits against DOMA Section 3, a part of the law that prevents the federal government from recognizing "gay marriages" from states such as Massachusetts and defines marriage within federal law in the traditional sense. A federal court in 2010 ruled DOMA unconstitutional, and the Justice Department initially filed an appeal.

The other major section of DOMA gives states the option of not recognizing another state`s "gay marriages." The Justice Department`s statement, though, made clear that Obama opposes the entire law, and not just Section 3.

DOMA supporters warn that "gay marriage" legalization would have a wide-ranging effect on society, impacting the tax-exempt status of religious organizations, the religious liberty of private businesses, and the curriculum in elementary schools.

Baptist Press asked Austin R. Nimocks, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund -- a Christian legal group -- to explain the importance of the Justice Department`s decision. Following is a transcript:

BAPTIST PRESS: Why is this significant?

NIMOCKS: It is significant because the American people have a right to expect their laws to be defended by the government officials, and the Department of Justice has been failing to give a full defense of the Defense of Marriage Act for some time, but now has made their no-defense position official and in writing. This is really disappointing with the Department of Justice choosing to appease a small but vocal and wealthy constituency and abandon its duty to the American people.

BAPTIST PRESS: When you say they haven`t been defending it, what do you mean?

NIMOCKS: Throughout the litigation over the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the Department of Justice has expressly disavowed Congress` reasons for enacting the federal Defense of Marriage Act and instead put forth its own basis for defense, guaranteeing that the case would end the way they wanted it to end -- which is not in favor of [traditional] marriage.

BAPTIST PRESS: Is the Department of Justice`s greatest omission in defending it the lack of referencing childrearing and procreation? [Editor`s note: In 1996 the House of Representatives noted that the law was needed to encourage responsible procreation and mother-father homes. Some state courts have cited those reasons in refusing to legalize "gay marriage"]

NIMOCKS: In defending a congressionally enacted statute, like the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the Department of Justice should take as its bases the elements articulated by Congress. And Congress expressly said there are four main reasons we`re enacting the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and instead of using those four bases for it, the Department of Justice expressly disavowed those four reasons and said, "We don`t believe in these reasons. We`re casting them aside." And they put forth two other reasons of their own which were guaranteed to fail. When the Department of Justice is defending Congress, they should take Congress` bases for the law and articulate that in addition to any other bases which they know will help the act survive the challenge.

BAPTIST PRESS: What happens now? Can someone else defend it? Is it possible we`re going to see a repeat of what is happening in California?

NIMOCKS: It is a repeat of what happened in California, where the governor and attorney general failed to perform their duties [and defend Prop 8]. Now, the House or the Senate of Congress have a right to try to intervene in the case if they should choose to do so and try to defend the Defense of Marriage Act. Also, there could be other individuals or organizations or parties that could try to intervene in the case and try to defend DOMA. It remains to be seen what`s going to happen.

BAPTIST PRESS: Does the court have to accept Congress` request to intervene?

NIMOCKS: No. The question is: If the attorney general decides he doesn`t want to defend the law, does the law just go down by default? Our entire structure of our constitutional government then would rise and fall on the opinion of one person. It`s not supposed to be the prerogative of the executive branch to undermine the legal enactments of the legislative branch. But that`s exactly what`s on the table here, where one man -- in this case President Obama or Attorney General Holder -- has the authority to literally undo a congressional enactment. The executive branch is supposed to enforce the laws enacted by Congress, not undermine them. This is really a tragedy what is happening to our constitutional form of government.

BAPTIST PRESS: If the courts do allow Congress to intervene, could this be good news for the Defense of Marriage Act, with it getting a more robust defense?

NIMOCKS: It certainly could be. If Speaker Boehner and the House of Representatives, for example, decide that they want to intervene in some or all of the pending cases and they assert the bases that Congress articulated for passing the law, that would certainly be a good thing to have -- a zealous governmental defendant doing the job that the Department of Justice was supposed to be doing. But it`s unfortunate that the American people would have to look at, for example, the House of Representatives to defend their law when they have someone in the attorney general who is supposed to do that.

BAPTIST PRESS: The Justice Department, in a statement about the decision, said "sexual orientation should be subject to a more heightened standard of scrutiny." Can you explain what they`re talking about?

NIMOCKS: The suggestion by the attorney general that heightened scrutiny is appropriate is in essence a suggestion that the Department of Justice believes that the concept of sexual orientation should be addressed under the Constitution like one`s race or sex, which is an unprecedented position under the United States Constitution.

BAPTIST PRESS: Why should the Defense of Marriage Act be upheld, and why do we need it?

NIMOCKS: Across this country, from coast to coast, north to south, red states and blue states, Americans believe in marriage. It is vital to the very survival and existence of our society, and it is an important part of the laws that unify us as a country.

February 25, 2011
Planned Parenthood`s Mammosham

(Family Research Council)  Before you sign up to race for the cure, maybe it`s best to get up to speed on what, exactly, you`re running for. A few years ago, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which raises millions of dollars a year for breast cancer research, admitted that it gives a portion of its proceeds to Planned Parenthood. When people grilled the Foundation on their partnership, Komen tried to tamp down the controversy by saying that Planned Parenthood "provides vital services." Considering the latest news, they might want to change that statement to "refers for vital services." Apparently, Planned Parenthood doesn`t need our tax dollars for free mammograms--because they don`t offer them! Pro-lifer Jill Stanek did some digging, and it turns out that one of the organization`s biggest arguments for government funding is completely invalid. "If [the pro-life provisions in this budget] ever becomes law," Cecile Richards has warned, "millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access, not to abortion services, to basic family planning--you know, mammograms, cancer screenings, cervical cancer."

That`s interesting, Stanek says, because not one Planned Parenthood in America performs mammograms. Even the organization`s website tells women to "ask your local health care provider, health department, or staff at your local Planned Parenthood center about where you can get a mammogram in your area." Obviously, Richards and friends will stoop to any level of deceit to keep the government checks rolling in. Meanwhile, what business does Susan G. Komen have funneling money to an organization that a) does nothing to prevent breast cancer, and b) lies that it does? There are plenty of respectable health clinics out there (1,200, in fact) that would host the screenings without promoting abortion--a procedure that may have more to do with causing breast cancer than curing it.

February 25, 2011


Driving directions from Calvary Chapel Chino Hills:

1.     Head east on Eucalyptus Ave toward Ramona Ave

2.    Turn left at Ramona Ave

3.    Turn right to merge onto CA-60 E toward Riverside

4.    Take exit 53A for CA-91 S/Riverside Fwy toward Riverside/Beach Cities

5.    Merge onto CA-91 W/Riverside Fwy

6.    Take exit 64 for Mission Inn Ave toward Downtown

7.    Turn right at Mission Inn Ave

8.    Take the 1st left onto Lime St

9.    Take the 3rd right onto 10th St

10.  Destination will be on the right

11.  Arrive: 3403 10th St., Riverside, CA 92501

Where do we go from Here? Emergency Prayer Vigil -- While the odds are against us, FRC President Tony Perkins believes that now is the best opportunity we have had to stop this abuse of both our conscience and tax dollars. Through a series of Planned Parenthood exposes, the veil has been pulled back. We can no longer deny what is happening. We are accountable to pray that our representatives will not turn a blind eye to the women and children who are being exploited.

Planned Parenthood`s activities are an affront to our faith, our understanding of what is right and wrong, the dignity of every human being -- born and unborn, Biblical morality as it applies to human sexuality, our God-given parental rights and the sacred jurisdiction and integrity of every family and its God-given responsibility to protect its young, and much, much more. Moreover they are an affront to our Heavenly Father who has conferred on each of us the right to life from the moment of our conception in the womb, especially since we are made in His image and likeness (Ps 139; Gen. 1:26ff).

Planned Parenthood`s lies have been embraced by many decent Americans, including leaders in our federal government. They have an army of dedicated activists who support them, who march, make calls to Congress, and who support candidates who advocate abortion.

This is not just a matter of philosophical, religious, moral education. Spiritual strongholds prevent many hearts from being moved by plain truth regarding abortion and its impact upon the unborn, individuals, families and society.

Only prayer can tear down the spiritual strongholds that have made Planned Parenthood`s deadly achievements possible and their acceptance by large numbers of the American people. Only prayer can pull down the strongholds that motivated once pro-life politicians to compromise their faith in God and moral truth, and to abandon any tender compassion for human life -- all for the sake of political ambition.

February 24, 2011
White House decision won`t affect Prop. 8 fight

(S.F. Examiner)  The Obama administration’s unusual decision to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act was met with cheers from San Francisco leaders Wednesday and jeers from Proposition 8 supporters. And there was a request to allow same-sex marriage in California again.

Typically, the U.S. attorney general defends all laws passed by Congress, regardless of whether the administration agrees with the law or not. However, in an unusual move, Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter to House Speaker John Boehner stating that “after careful consideration” the president had decided the law was unconstitutional to the point of being indefensible in court. The 1996 act prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Congress now has the option of hiring its own attorneys to defend the law, or nongovernmental interveners might be able to step in.

In the hours after the decision became public, it elicited high praise from local leaders at all levels.

“Great news! A huge step towards marriage equality,” tweeted Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a former San Francisco mayor.


February 24, 2011
10 Health Insurance Companies Get ObamaCare Waivers -- for Their Own Employees

(CNSNews)  The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has granted waivers to 10 health insurance companies, including giants such as Cigna and Aetna and divisions of Blue Cross Blue Shield, from the requirements of the new health care law, also known as ObamaCare.


February 24, 2011
DOJ Budget Calls for DEA Cuts Despite Identifying Drug Cartels As ‘Greatest Organized Crime Threat’ to U.S.

(CNSNews) In its budget request for Fiscal Year 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) cuts funding for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) by $38 million while asking for steep increases for other departments in the agency. In 2009, the Obama administration described Mexican drug cartels as the “greatest organized crime threat to the United States.”


February 24, 2011
Homeschooling: Prosecution is waged abroad; troubling trends abound in US

(Baptist Press) As the practice of homeschooling continues to grow, an expert has noticed a "marked increase" in the scrutiny that parents and students can face when they choose to pursue an education at home.

"I think what we`re seeing is unfortunately a growing trend," Michael Farris, chancellor of Patrick Henry College, told Baptist Press.

Some of the most severe cases are happening overseas, in countries such as Germany and Sweden where families are being fined thousands of dollars for homeschooling their children and government authorities are removing children from homes.

Religion News Service reported that in Bavaria, police entered a home and seized a 15-year-old girl, placing her in a psychiatric facility because they believed the girl had been brainwashed by her conservative evangelical parents who homeschooled her.

In the same article, a woman missed a court date to answer charges of homeschooling her two sons, and the police tracked her down and took the boys from her custody. Last year, a German family received political asylum in Tennessee after they were persecuted by the German government for homeschooling their children.


February 24, 2011
Scalia was Right (Incest and Lawrence v. Texas)

(Breakpoint)  A 2003 Supreme Court ruling on homosexual behavior has come back to haunt us. And it’s no surprise. In its 2003 Lawrence decision, the Supreme Court overturned Texas’s ban on sodomy. Critics, I among them, warned that this precedent would open the floodgates to gay marriage, polygamy, incest, and a whole host of horribles.  Justice Antonin Scalia issued a blistering dissent, charging that Lawrence “effectively decrees the end of all morals legislation.”

Defenders of the opinion scoffed at the warning and accused critics of hysteria and homophobia. Then Senator Rick Santorum, a critic of the ruling, was subjected to continuing and merciless vilification.

Well, sadly, eight years later, all I can say is “we told you so.”

The occasion for revisiting Lawrence is the revolting case of Columbia University Professor David Epstein. Epstein is charged with third-degree incest for having a sexual relationship with his daughter.  What made this case stand out, apart from Epstein’s Ivy League credentials, was that his daughter was 24-yers-old and, by all accounts, a consensual partner to this repugnant union.


February 24, 2011
Playing chicken with free speech: an intolerant boycott

(LifeSiteNews)  Is giving away chicken sandwiches an act of homophobic bigotry? According to certain homosexual groups and websites, it is: when you give away sandwiches to people attending a conference on marriage.You heard that right. Gay-rights groups are slandering and boycotting the well-known national fast-food chain Chick-fil-A — you know, the one that says we should “eat more chicken.”

That’s because one of its restaurants decided to donate some sandwiches to a February marriage conference sponsored by the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which opposes so-called gay “marriage.”


February 24, 2011
Pro-life leaders mourn passing of pro-life great Dr. Bernard Nathanson

(LifeSiteNews) Pro-life leaders across the United States and internationally today mourned the loss of one of the greatest pro-life activists of the 20th century - former abortionist and NARAL-cofounder Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

Nathanson, who was personally responsible for tens of thousands of abortions, famously converted to the pro-life cause in the 1970s after he saw an unborn baby on ultrasound recoil from a vacuum abortion device before being sucked from its mother’s womb. The ultrasound footage was later turned into the famous and extremely influential pro-life video “The Silent Scream.”


February 24, 2011
NASCAR Legend to Carry Salvation Army Logo at Daytona 500

(Christian Post)  NASCAR veteran Morgan Shepherd will proudly carry The Salvation Army’s logo on the hood of his #89 race car at this Saturday’s Daytona 500 in Florida.

The NASCAR legend, who at age 69 currently holds the title of the oldest active driver in the sport, shared that he approached The Salvation Amy in hopes of assisting the organization when it needed it the most.

Rumor has it that the car has already been nicknamed “The Salvation Army car” at the race.

Shepherd has been driving since 1970 and has driven an astonishing 800 races over the past 40 years. After five years in the sport, he decided to turn his life over to Christ after hitting rock bottom following a weekend of partying.

Although he was a churchgoer at the time, he confessed that he never did give his life to God until that moment. While he had previously found comfort in drinking, it was in 1975 that God took away the desire for alcohol.


February 24, 2011
Obama Praises Planned Parenthood; Questions Pro-Life Videos

(Christian Post)  In a recent NBC Channel 12 interview, President Barack Obama praised Planned Parenthood`s work and suggested that pro-life videos implicating the abortion provider of cover ups were "manufactured."

Obama expressed pro-choice sentiments during a Richmond, Va. television interview. The interviewer asked the president to comment on videos made by youth-led group Live Action, and Republicans` efforts to defund Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Obama responded by pointing to other issues that he contended deserved more attention. He also questioned the authenticity of the Live Action videos.

"I think some of these issues get manufactured and they get a lot of attention on the blogosphere," Obama responded. "I think that Planned Parenthood, in the past, has done good work."


February 24, 2011
NBA Legends AC Green, Del Harris Honored at All-Star Breakfast

(Christian Post)  Three-time NBA champion AC Green and veteran NBA coach Del Harris were honored for their career and Christian faith both on and off the court Saturday during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Former Los Angeles Lakers player AC Green received the 2011 Bobby Jones Award at the All-Star Breakfast in Los Angeles. The award is named after Bobby Jones, who was part of the 1983 NBA Champion Philadelphia 76ers team.

Harris, an NBA coach for over 35 years, was awarded the 2011 Jerry Colangelo Award, named after the former Phoenix Suns CEO and chairman of USA Basketball.


February 24, 2011
Christians work behind the scenes in Hollywood

(WorldNetDaily) In a hotel suite overlooking Universal Studios in Hollywood this past week, a hodgepodge band of Christians from around the world gathered for prayer, asking God for servants` hearts to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and for transformation of the entertainment industry.

And if the next day`s red-carpet events in the same hotel are any indication, God has been answering those prayers.

Ministry leaders from New York City and Germany, scriptwriters from Wisconsin and New Zealand, representatives from as far away as Hong Kong and Japan were gathered with Hollywood insiders – and those who simply appreciate the power of cinema – at the Universal City Hilton outside Los Angeles to pray in preparation for Moveguide`s 19th Annual Awards Gala and Report to the Industry.


February 24, 2011
Teen Male Refuses to Wrestle Girl Due to Faith

(Christian Post)  A high school wrestler in Iowa refused to compete against a female opponent due to his Christian beliefs.

Upon hearing that the match would be with a girl in the state tournament, Joel Northrup decided to lose by default rather than compete against Cassy Herkelman.

The 112-pound wrestler explained, "I have a tremendous amount of respect for Cassy and Megan and their accomplishments. However, wrestling is a combat sport and it can get violent at times."

He continued, "As a matter of conscience and my faith I do not believe that it is appropriate for a boy to engage a girl in this manner. It is unfortunate that I have been placed in a situation not seen in most other high school sports in Iowa."

According to The Associated Press, the boy’s father is a minister at Believers in Grace Fellowship, an independent Pentecostal church in Marion. The church believes that young teens of opposite sex should not come in physical contact with each other in a “familiar way,” according to the church’s pastor.

Northrup’s pastor stated, "We believe in the elevation and respect of woman and we don`t think that wrestling a woman is the right thing to do. Body slamming and takedowns, that full contact sport is not how to do that."


February 24, 2011
Christians Advised on How to Pray as Middle East Unrest Spreads

(Christian Post)  Christians should first of all pray for "all who are in high positions" (1 Timothy 2) – that is, for political leaders and structures in the Middle East.

And there are two goals in praying for them, Piper listed: so that the followers of Jesus "may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way" and so that more people would be saved.

"When we pray for the Middle East, we should be praying mainly for conditions to prevail that sustain freedom and peace for the followers of Jesus, so that the gospel would run and triumph, and millions would turn to Christ and be saved for his great glory," he explained.


February 18, 2011
House de-funds Planned Parenthood, blocks funds for ObamaCare

(AP)  The House has voted to block money to implement President Barack Obama`s health care law, a victory for Republicans trying to derail the program, and has approved a GOP proposal to block federal aid for Planned Parenthood. Lawmakers voted to deny the healthcare funding by a near party-line vote of 239-187.

Republicans say the healthcare overhaul, enacted last year, was an overstepping of power by Washington and would hurt the economy. Democrats say by preventing government agencies from carrying out the law, Republicans would harm families and help the insurance industry. The provision was made part of GOP bill cutting federal spending this year.

The House voted earlier this year to completely repeal the health program. But support for the overhaul by Obama and the Democratic-run Senate means House Republicans will almost certainly have to settle for less.

In addition, the House has approved a Republican proposal to block federal aid for Planned Parenthood. The 240-185 vote on Friday is a victory for pro-life forces led by Indiana GOP Rep. Mike Pence. He says taxpayer money should not go to groups that provide or promote abortion.


February 18, 2011
Pharma company seeks over-the-counter Plan B access for minors

(Lifesitenews)  Girls of any age could obtain the Plan B morning after pill without a prescription, if a request filed by Teva Pharmaceuticals with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is approved. 

Teva manufactures Plan B One-Step, a form of the drug that the company claims will prevent pregnancy with a single pill if taken within 72 hours of intercourse. 

Pro-life opponents of the pill have long pointed out that, like other forms of emergency contraception, Plan B can also act as an abortificient by preventing a fertilized ovum from implanting in the uterus. 


February 17, 2011
California Supreme Court`s move into gay marriage case will delay outcome

(Sacramento Bee)  The state Supreme Court voted unanimously Wednesday to decide whether the sponsors of a 2008 ballot measure prohibiting same-sex marriage have the legal standing to defend it under state law.

The high court`s intervention will delay an ultimate decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is weighing the Proposition 8 marriage ban, and could have a significant impact on the outcome.


February 17, 2011
Judge won`t step down from Prop. 8 appeal

(Sacramento Bee)  U.S. appellate Judge Stephen R. Reinhardt on Thursday denied a motion to remove him from the Proposition 8 same-sex marriage federal appeal hearing Monday.

Lawyers for Proposition 8 supporters filed a motion Wednesday for Reinhardt to step down from the three-judge panel that will preside over the appeal because his wife is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

Because the ACLU chapter and Ramona Ripston, Reinhardt`s wife, have been actively involved in the state and federal challenges against Proposition 8, "Judge Reinhardt`s impartiality might reasonably be questioned," the measure`s attorneys said in papers filed with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.


February 17, 2011
Bill would let Californians register online to vote

(Oakland Tribune)  Californians would be able to register online to vote under a bill introduced Wednesday by state Sen. Leland Yee.

Some states already offer online registration but California has put it off, awaiting implementation of a "VoteCal" statewide online database system now delayed at least until 2015.

Yee, D-San Francisco, instead wants to allow online registration through county registrars` offices: Citizens would input their voter information online and the registrar`s office would use the voter`s signature from the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify authenticity.


February 17, 2011
School yanks religious discrimination definition

(OneNewsNow)  The University of California-Davis agreed today to either revise or eliminate its definition of "religious discrimination" that characterized Christians as oppressors of non-Christians. Alliance Defense Fund reports that in a letter received from the school Wednesday, UC Davis reported that the webpage containing a glossary of terms defining the Principles of Community "has been taken down to permit further review" -- and that if the glossary returns, "this definition will be appropriately revised."


February 17, 2011
Hawaii Senate Passes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

(Christian Post)  The Hawaii Senate passed on Wednesday a bill that would legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

The legislation passed with an 18-5 vote and now awaits the signature of Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie

If signed, Hawaii would become the seventh state to extend the same rights, benefits, protections and responsibilities of spouses in a marriage to gay and lesbian partners in a civil union.


February 17, 2011
NARAL leader funded lavish lifestyle with organization’s funds, says audit

(LifeSiteNews)  A former longtime president of NARAL Pro-Choice New York is at the center of a major financial scandal, after the discovery that she appeared to have used the non-profit’s funds to fund a lavish personal lifestyle.

YNN’s Capitol Tonight reports that they have acquired an exclusive copy of a forensic audit conducted for NARAL Pro Choice New York that shows Kelli Conlin appropriated hundreds of thousands of the organization’s dollars – since at least 2008 – for what appear to be personal purposes. Conlin has been fired according to an unnamed source.

Conlin was a fixture at NARAL Pro-Choice New York, having led that chapter as president since 1992. Hence, her sudden departure in January 2011 raised questions about the reasons for her leaving.


February 17, 2011
Planned Parenthood staffer caught advising ‘pimp’ with possible STD to donate blood

(Lifesitenews)  According to a video released recently released by the pro-life group Live Action, Planned Parenthood of Roanoke, VA has an answer for someone who thinks they might have contracted an STD but can’t afford the test to find out: donate blood.


February 17, 2011
Colorado Woman Mistakenly Given Abortion Pill

(FindLaw)  Mareena Silva, a Colorado woman, encountered a nightmare situation this week after a Safeway,  pharmacist accidently gave her an abortion pill, a powerful drug that can birth defects or miscarriages. The drug is designed to fight cancer and was not intended to be given to the women, Safeway said.

Silva had gone to Safeway in Fort Lupton, Colorado to pick up a prescription for antibiotics, Reuters reports. She was six weeks pregnant at the time. But the pharmacist provided Silva with methotrexate by mistake. That drug was actually intended for a 59-year-old patient.

Safeway apologized, saying they would pay for "any medical expenses incurred as a result of the prescription error." The grocery chain went on to add in the statement, "We understand the anxiety this has caused and the difficulty of Ms. Silva`s situation."

Thus far it seems that Mareena Silva and her unborn child are doing well. Silva was first hospitalized and given charcoal in an attempt to absorb the drug.

When it comes to preventing this type of error, there are steps that patients can take as a failsafe, says Elizabeth Cohen.

  • Write down your prescription information. This is important because patients often have no idea what their prescription is after they give the slip of paper to the pharmacist. With more doctors calling in prescriptions online, it would be wise to have your doctor write it down for you at the office.
  • Check the label. Looking for errors on the label is important. Verify your name, the drug and the dosage.
  • Open the bottle. Cohen suggests opening the bottle at the pharmacy and showing it to the pharmacist and asking them to verify that it is the correct drug.

Hopefully Mareena Silva won`t suffer any medical setbacks due to the mixup. If she does, you can bet that Safeway will find itself up against a major civil lawsuit.


February 17, 2011
Survey: 65 Percent of Americans Support Prayer in Public Schools

(Christian Post)  Sixty five percent of American adults favor prayer in public schools, according to a new survey.

And only 24 percent of U.S. adults say they are opposed to prayer in schools, finds the Rasmussen Reports survey released Friday.

The national telephone survey conducted on 1,000 adults from Feb. 3 to 4 simply asked, “Do you favor or oppose prayer in public schools?”

Compared to last year’s findings, this year’s prayer in public school survey results are slightly higher. Last April, 61 percent of Americans said they favor prayer in public schools.


February 17, 2011
California wants lesbians as mandatory `role` models

(WorldNetDaily)  Lawmakers in the state of California are proposing a law that would require schools to portray lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and those who have chosen other alternative sexual lifestyles as positive role models to children in all public schools there.

"SB 48: The worst school sexual indoctrination ever" is how officials with SaveCalifornia.com describe the proposal, SB 48, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Leno.


February 17, 2011
Multiculturalism had failed, say French president

(AFP) French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared Thursday that multiculturalism had failed, joining a growing number of world leaders or ex-leaders who have condemned it.

"My answer is clearly yes, it is a failure," he said in a television interview when asked about the policy which advocates that host societies welcome and foster distinct cultural and religious immigrant groups.


February 17, 2011
We Are Living in the Midst of the Greatest Human Genocide in the History of Humanity, Rep. Franks Says of Legalized Abortion

(CNSNews)  Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) said on Thursday that because modern technology can reveal fetal development in the womb, Americans are starting to ‘wake up’ and realize the reality that abortion ends a human life.

“And I am convinced more than ever that we’re asking that real question, ‘Does abortion really kill a baby?’” Franks said at a press conference on Capitol Hill to discuss the latest efforts by Republicans in the House to introduce legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers that receive taxpayer dollars through Title X Family Planning provisions.

“Because, ladies and gentlemen, if abortion really does kill a baby, then in this, the seat of freedom, we are living in the midst of the greatest human genocide in the history of humanity,” Franks said.

Franks said there are three other realities of abortion that include consequences for the unborn child, the mother and society as a whole.


February 11, 2011
10 religious companies (besides Chick-fil-A)

(CNN)  After getting more suggestions from readers and experts, I`ve expanded the list from 7 to 10, with the three additions up top.

Many folks know that Chick-fil-A, which recently kicked up a controversy by giving food to a group opposed to gay marriage, has a proud Christian identity. It`s been branded into the memory of anyone who`s gone salivating to one of the fast-food chain`s stores on a Sunday, only to find its doors locked and the lights out.

But there are plenty of other name-brand companies that have intensely religious sides - even if they`re not always visible to consumers.

Here are seven well-known companies that don`t make religious products - we`re not talking kosher foods manufacturer Manischewitz here - but that nonetheless take their religious sides seriously (listed in no particular order).

1. Forever 21. The young women’s clothing company may be best known for its skimpier and saucier offerings, but it also exudes subtle piety. The words John 3:16 – a citation of a biblical verse popular among evangelical Christians - appears at the bottom of its stores` shopping bags. A spokeswoman for the company told The New York Sun that the message is a "demonstration of the owners` faith."

2. Whole Foods. John Mackey, the organic food chain`s co-founder and CEO, is a Buddhist who has worked to incorporate the eastern tradition`s ideals into his company. “A lot of it has to do with caring for stakeholders and having a wider consciousness that it’s not just about profit but about sustainability,” says Judi Neal, Director of the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the University of Arkansas (more about the center below). “It’s affected what’s being sold in grocery stores around the country."

3. Tom’s of Maine. After launching the natural home products company in 1970 with his wife Kate, CEO Tom Chappell nearly left it to pursue full-time Christian ministry. While receiving a master`s at Harvard Divinity School, however, a professor advised him to just treat his business as ministry. “He began bringing in different spiritual leaders to talk to the board about how they could use spiritual principles to run the company,” says the Tyson Center`s Neal. Beyond environmentalism, the company seeks to "create a better world by exchanging our faith, experience, and hope."

4. Tyson Foods, Inc. The world`s largest chicken company employs a team of chaplains who minister to employees at production facilities and corporate offices. Other corporations contract out such services, but it’s rare for a company to keep chaplains on the payroll.

"The chaplains provide compassionate pastoral care and ministry to team members and their families," according to Tyson`s website, "regardless of their religious or spiritual affiliation or beliefs."

Tyson recently gave money to launch the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the University of Arkansas, one of the first academic centers of its kind.

5. Hobby Lobby. The privately held chain of more than 450 arts and crafts stories isn`t shy about its Christian orientation. "Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles," reads the company`s mission statement. "We believe that it is by God`s grace and provision that Hobby Lobby has endured."

The company supports a slate of Christian interests, from Oral Roberts University to the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, and is known for taking out overtly religious newspaper ads around the holidays.

6. ServiceMaster. Never heard of this corporation? Perhaps some of the residential services companies it owns, like Terminix and American Home Shield, will ring a bell.

The company was founded in 1929 by Marion E. Wade, who "had a strong personal faith and a desire to honor God in all he did," according to ServiceMaster`s website. "Translating this into the marketplace, he viewed each individual employee and customer as being made in God`s image - worthy of dignity and respect."

The company, formerly public but recently taken over by a private equity firm, still consciously tries to "do the right thing in the way that employees treat customers," says Theodore Malloch, who leads Yale University`s Spiritual Capital Initiative. "It`s a theological statement about servant leadership - think of the picture of Christ washing the feet of his disciples."

7. Herman Miller. The Michigan-based furniture manufacturer`s founders were steeped in the Reformed Protestant tradition. "It retains a lot of that in practices that revolve around a notion of respecting the dignity of the human person and a strong environmental ethic that grew out of the religious responsibility," says Yale`s Malloch. Indeed, Herman Miller - perhaps most famous for its Aeron chair - prides itself on environmental philanthropy and on regularly appearing on Fortune`s annual list of best companies to work for.

8. Interstate Batteries. The car battery giant has a "self-avowed religious identity and is very open in their God talk" in internal training and communication, says Lake Lambert III, author of Spirituality, Inc. Former company president Norm Miller moved to the role of chairman to allow more time to address Christian audiences. Miller talks to those "interested in how he found the truth of Christianity," the company`s website says, "and how he learned to effectively apply biblical principles to create a more successful business." Interstate employs its own chaplain.

9. In-N-Out Burger. Chick-fil-A is hardly the only fast-food outfit to make its founders` religious leanings part of its recipe. Western U.S. burger chain In-N-Out has printed citations of Bible passages on cups, wrappers and other pieces of packaging since at least the late 1980s. For instance, "John 3:16" appears on the bottom of soft drink cups, a reference to the Bible passage, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Read more on In-N-Out`s religious side at Eatocracy, CNN`s food blog.

10. Walmart. Treat this one as an honorable mention. Lambert says the Walton family, which founded the company and still own a major stake in it, has used Christian servant leadership models in building the world`s largest retailer. And the company`s Arkansas roots helped sensitize it to the shopping habits of churchgoers. It helps explain why Walmart long carries the kind of Christian books that were once the exclusive province of Christian bookstores. "You don’t find those kinds of things in J.C. Penney," Lambert says. But Walmart has been so successful with such material that it`s now become a business threat to Christian booksellers.

February 11, 2011
Tell Congress to make a stand for life


(FRC Action)  Because of your help we now have the most pro-life House Leadership and more pro-life Members in Congress than ever before in recent history.  With such numbers, now is the time to finally codify many life and conscience protections into law that will guarantee that taxpayers are not forced to pay for or subsidize abortions.  Those protections can be found in H.R. 3, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act."

Currently we are only a few cosponsors shy of 218 cosponsors.  With that many cosponsors the legislation is guaranteed both a floor vote and passage in the House of Representatives, while also sending a powerful message to the still majority pro-abortion Senate and President Obama -- the most pro-abortion President ever -- that the pro-life voice in this country is alive and strong.

Please take a minute to contact your U.S. Representative, and be sure that he or she is a cosponsor to H.R. 3, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act." If your Representative is a sponsor, please offer your thanks and encourage him or her to rally colleagues to cosponsor as well.  If not, please urge your Representative to become a cosponsor of H.R. 3.




February 11, 2011
Justin Bieber`s New Movie to Reveal Prayer, Faith Life

(Christian Post)  The 16-year-old pop sensation has wooed tween girls the world around, but now Justin Bieber is out to court the faith community.

Hitting theaters Friday is Bieber’s new 3-D concert film/documentary titled, “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” which is being marketed to the faith and family-friendly crowd.

The Paramount Pictures flick has been screened for faith leaders across the nation and it comes with a “spiritual resource guide” for those who are interested. The guide includes Bible verses related to the movie that can be used in small groups.


February 11, 2011
Battle begins over bill to permanently stop federal abortion funding

(LifeSiteNews)  The battle to permanently stop federal dollars from paying for elective abortion has begun in earnest on Capitol Hill, with new pro-life legislation that would codify existing pro-life protections like the Hyde Amendment and other riders, which must be renewed annually.

The “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” (HR 3) was the subject of a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution on Tuesday afternoon.

The legislation, sponsored by the co-chairs of the bipartisan Pro-Life Caucus, Reps. Dan Lipinksi (D-Ill.) and Chris Smith (R-N.J.), would put in place a broad government ban on abortion funding.


February 11, 2011
California has 2nd highest sales tax

California has the nation’s highest statewide sales tax and second highest when combined with local levies, in the United States, according to a new report from the Tax Foundation.


February 11, 2011
Ky. Senate Passes Bill to Teach Bible in Public Schools

(Christian Post)  The Kentucky Senate passed a bill Wednesday that would add Bible classes to the curriculum in public schools.

The Senate voted 34-1 to approve Senate Bill 56.

The measure would direct the Kentucky Board of Education to create guidelines on a curriculum around the Bible. According to the proposal, students would be able to take a Bible course as a social studies elective centered on the Hebrew Scriptures, Old Testament of the Bible, the New Testament, or a combination of the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament of the Bible.


February 10, 2011
Kraft committed to keeping TV family-friendly

(OneNewsNow)  Kraft Foods has been recognized for committing to use its advertising dollars to support family-friendly television.

Hallmark Channels and the Parents Television Council have presented the world`s second-largest food company with the fourth annual "Crown Award" for its responsible advertising.

She goes on to encourage consumers to support companies that sponsor positive programming.

"If you`re in the grocery store and you have a choice between two competing brands, and one consistently advertises on negative programs and the other consistently advertises on positive programs, we hope that by calling attention to the good sponsors in this way, people will actually support those positive sponsors with their purchases," Henson adds.


February 10, 2011
Gallup: Nearly 7 Out of 10 Americans Are Dissatisfied With the Size and Power of Government--And With Nation`s Moral Climate

(CNSNEWS)  Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans say they are dissatisfied with the size and power of the federal government and with nation`s moral and ethical climate, says the Gallup Poll.

Also, for the first time since Gallup started asking the question a decade ago, a majority of Americans say they are dissatisfied with our system of government and how well it works.

Back in January 2001, 68 percent of Americans told Gallup they were satisfied with our system of government and how well it works, while 30 percent said they were dissatisfied. This January, only 42 percent said they were satisfied with our system of government and how it works, while 56 percent said they were dissatisfied.


February 10, 2011
Survey: Many Married Couples Stay Together in Recession

(LifeSiteNews)  National Marriage Week kicks off Monday with some good news: more people are keeping their marriage vows during the recession.

A new survey reveals that 38 percent of couples who were considering divorce or separation have now put aside those plans as a result of the recession, according to the National Marriage Project at University of Virginia.

Though researchers could not estimate the number of marriages that dissolved as a result of the economic downturn, they noted, "It appears that some, at least, have been saved for now."


February 10, 2011
Figures Show Rising Number of Displaced Iraqi Christians

(LifeSiteNews)  A growing number of displaced Iraqi Christians are seeking refuge in the country’s north as insecurity drives families from their homes, according to the International Organization for Migration.

The recent report revealed an estimated 1,078 Christian families have fled to Kurdistan, the autonomous region governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government, within the past three months. Out of that total, 747 have occurred just since Dec. 15. Another 276 families were displaced to the nearby northwest province of Ninewah during this period, while many more who remain have also indicated plans to move.

Though the report assessed the situation of internally displaced Christians in the predominately Muslim country, it also highlighted that many have sought refuge in nearby countries, particularly in Turkey.


February 10, 2011
Afghan Convert to Christianity to be Executed within Days

(LifeSiteNews)  An Afghan aid worker is facing execution within three days for converting to Christianity.

Said Musa, 45, was told by a judge that he would be hanged within days unless he reconverts to Islam.

But the father of six has refused to renounce his faith, telling the Sunday Times, “My body is theirs to do what they want with. Only God can decide if my spirit goes to hell.”


February 10, 2011
If Canada’s Bill C-389 passes, transgenderism will be taught in kindergarten: CLC

(LifeSiteNews)  If the Canadian ‘transgender’ bill passes, children at four and five years of age can expect to tackle ‘gender identity’ issues in kindergarten, says the pro-family group Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).  Bill C-389, which seeks to add “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Canada Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’s hate crimes section, comes up for a final vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Campaign Life Coalition’s Alissa Golob told LifeSiteNews.com that the passage of Bill C-389 will only cement the government agenda to bring the controversial issues into kindergarten classes. 

“Two school programs advanced by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government last year gave parents a glimpse of what will only get worse and more overt should Bill C-389 pass,” she said.


February 10, 2011
Obama admin accused of hiding abortion statistics

(LifeSiteNews)  Conservative blogger and CNN correspondent Erick Erickson is alleging that the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) three-month delay in releasing its annual Abortion Surveillance Report is evidence of an attempt on the part of the Obama administration to deliberately conceal the statistics revealed in this year’s report.

The report, which releases data up to three years prior to the publication year, is typically published in late November. The 2009 report, published on schedule on November 27, 2009, revealed a 3% increase in abortions in 2006 over the previous year. The 2010 report, however, has not yet been published.

Erickson reported in a blog post last Thursday on RedState.com that CDC press officer Rhonda Smith stated in a January 27th interview that the CDC “will not have stats available any time in the near future,” and that there “are no plans for them to come out any time soon.”


February 10, 2011
Activist: Chili`s in cahoots with `gay` task force

(OneNewsNow)  Christian activist Peter LaBarbera is calling attention to a popular restaurant chain`s association with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Homosexual activists called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A restaurants after a Pennsylvania franchise provided box-lunches for a recent seminar encouraging traditional marriage (see earlier article). The national chain and many of its franchise owners across the U.S. have pledged to contribute to everything from marriage seminars to retreats and counseling for its employees.
Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, argues that Chick-fil-A is a fine Christian company and suggests that a boycott of the company is absurd. But he points out that another popular restaurant -- Chili`s -- supports the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which he says promotes polyamory, the practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time.
"[That group] holds an annual `Creating Change` seminar with some of the most deviant workshops you`ve ever seen," says LaBarbera. "They promote so-called `sexual freedom,` which basically wants to do away with all sex-oriented laws in the United States such as limiting adult industries near neighborhoods."
According to the family advocate, NGLTF is a left-wing organization -- and Chili`s supports it.
"And so we`re calling on people to stop going to Chili`s because it supports this radical, leftist, deviant agenda promoted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force," he remarks.
LaBarbera concludes with this admonition: "...If you want to take a small step to stand up for family and marriage, take your family out to Chick-fil-A -- and drive right by when you see a Chili`s."

February 04, 2011
`Bullying` just a front for pushing agenda

(OneNewsNow)  A pro-family activist is taking to task a prominent homosexual-rights group for camouflaging its true agenda behind the banner of "bullying" in public schools.

Rebecca Burgoyne, research analyst with California Family Council, tells OneNewsNow that children across The Golden State are being indoctrinated with a pro-homosexual message. She maintains that the Obama administration and homosexual lobbyists are advancing an agenda that silences religious speech and the rights of parents.
"For many years, maybe a decade or so, gay activists in California have been making a big to-do about `bullying` because of sexual orientation -- or even perceived sexual orientation," she explains. And the term "bullying," she argues, has become the elementary-level word for "hate speech."


February 04, 2011
Anti-Sex Trafficking Efforts Stepped Up Ahead of Super Bowl

(Christian Post)  Sunday marks the culmination of the football experience. But for a lot of young children, the Super Bowl marks the brutal time when they’re sold for sex.

Over 100,000 fans will be heading to Arlington, Texas, for the big game. There, hundreds of girls and women are expected to be trafficked into prostitution. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott noted that there is a “looming potential explosion of human trafficking around the Super Bowl.”

Texas authorities and advocacy groups are taking major steps to prevent children from becoming victimized and pimps from gaining business during the game.


February 04, 2011
New Study: Morning-after pill causes rise in teenage STDs

(LifeSiteNews)  A new study on the impact of the UK government’s scheme to hand out free emergency contraception to teenagers as young as sixteen has found that the plan not only has not reduced teen pregnancy rates, but has led to a rise in sexually transmitted diseases.

The study of the government’s Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, titled “The Impact of Emergency Birth Control on Teen Pregnancy and STIs,” compared areas of England where the morning-after pill was available to teens free of charge at pharmacies, with areas where the plan had not yet been introduced.

The researchers found that pregnancy rates for girls under 16 remained the same in both areas, while the rates of sexually transmitted diseases increased by 12 percent in those areas where the pill was made freely available.


February 04, 2011
Montana Becomes Third State to OK Assisted Suicide

(Christian Post)  Montana has become the third state to allow physician-assisted suicide.

A state judge ruled last Friday that a mentally competent person who is terminally ill has a right to die by assisted suicide.


February 04, 2011
Sikh students can wear dagger in Plymouth-Canton schools, but with modifications

(Detroit Free Press)  The Plymouth-Canton school district has opted to allow Sikh students to wear a small, religious dagger to school.

The decision reverses a ban put in place in December after a fourth-grade boy at Bentley Elementary School in Canton was found with a dull 3- to 5-inch kirpan, a dagger that is a religious symbol baptized Sikh males are expected to carry. In Sikh tradition, the kirpan represents a commitment to fight evil.

The principal initially let the boy keep the kirpan, but the school board instituted a ban because of concerns from parents and conflict with prohibitions against bringing weapons to school.


February 04, 2011
Obama Signs START Treaty

(AP)  President Barack Obama pushed a key foreign policy goal a step closer to completion Wednesday with the signing of documents for a nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

The treaty is a cornerstone of Obama`s efforts to "reset" U.S. relations with Russia.

The New START treaty, negotiated last year, limits each side to 1,550 strategic warheads, down from 2,200. The pact also re-establishes a monitoring system that ended in December 2009 with the expiration of an earlier arms deal.


February 04, 2011
Calif. school bans Christian 5th grader’s talent show performance

(ADF)  Alliance Defense Fund attorneys filed a lawsuit Friday against Los Angeles Unified School District officials on behalf of a 5th-grade student who was prohibited from performing interpretive movement to a song at a school talent show scheduled for Feb. 4 because of the song’s religious lyrics.  Students were permitted to choose the content of their performances–some approved performances include songs discussing teenage “love,” relationship problems, dancing, and violent imagery–yet Superior Street Elementary School officials refused to allow the 5th-grader’s selected song, which also discusses singing, dancing, and celebrating from a religious perspective, because it allegedly violates the so-called “separation of church and state” and is considered “offensive.”

February 04, 2011
Politicians `nullifying` act of the people

(OneNewsNow)  The Ninth Circuit asked the high court this month whether California law allows Proposition 8 proponents the right to defend the measure when state officials refuse to.

One attorney is urging California`s highest court to turn down the request to rule on Proposition 8, on the basis that proponents of the measure have legal standing to defend it.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Theodore B. Olson, an attorney for same-sex couples, sent a letter to the state Supreme Court, stating that the issue is a federal constitutional question -- not a state one. The petition comes after the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals asked the California Supreme Court if Proposition 8 supporters could defend the measure while state officials refuse to do so.


February 04, 2011
Bill would require all S.D. citizens to buy a gun

(Argus Leader)  Five South Dakota lawmakers have introduced legislation that would require any adult 21 or older to buy a firearm “sufficient to provide for their ordinary self-defense.”

The bill, which would take effect Jan. 1, 2012, would give people six months to acquire a firearm after turning 21. The provision does not apply to people who are barred from owning a firearm.

Nor does the measure specify what type of firearm. Instead, residents would pick one “suitable to their temperament, physical capacity, and preference.”

The measure is known as an act “to provide for an individual mandate to adult citizens to provide for the self defense of themselves and others.”

Rep. Hal Wick, R-Sioux Falls, is sponsoring the bill and knows it will be killed. But he said he is introducing it to prove a point that the federal health care reform mandate passed last year is unconstitutional.

“Do I or the other cosponsors believe that the State of South Dakota can require citizens to buy firearms? Of course not. But at the same time, we do not believe the federal government can order every citizen to buy health insurance,” he said.


February 04, 2011
Ask Sony to Pull Support from `Skins` and `DeGrassi`

(One Million Moms)  Pro-family organizations unite to confront leading advertiser of MTV show "Skins" and Teen Nick show "DeGrassi"

OneMillionMoms.com is joining together with the Florida Family Association and American Decency Association to urge Sony Corporation to stop supporting MTV`s new show "Skins" and sister network Teen Nick`s show "DeGrassi: The Next Generation" with their advertising dollars.

The MTV show "Skins" is filled with highly irresponsible teen behavior including: teens having sex with teachers, teens having sex with same sex partners, teens having sex with other teens, teens binge drinking, teens smoking pot, teens consuming large quantities of drugs and teens committing acts of violence against other teens.

The Teen Nick (owned by MTV) show "DeGrassi: The Next Generation" is loaded with irresponsible content including teen drug abuse, teen drug overdose, underage drinking, teen reckless driving, teen pregnancy, teen on teen violent crime and explicit same sex affection. "DeGrassi" airs over one hundred and fifty (150+) times EVERY week (eleven times every weekday and marathons all weekend long).

Sony Pictures` movies Just Go With It, The Roommate and Green Hornet have been frequent advertisers on MTV`s new irresponsible show "Skins." Additionally, Sony`s Playstation (PS3) and subsidiary Columbia Records have appeared numerous times on the Teen Nick show "DeGrassi: The Next Generation."

In many cases the depravity shown on "Skins" and "DeGrassi" is more explicit than shows that target adult audiences in primetime. The reckless content of both of these shows is highly inappropriate to be deliberately targeting teens and children.

Sony Corporation`s advertising dollars help make it possible for these shows to air. Please remember Sony Corporation`s advertising support for "Skins" and "DeGrassi: The Next Generation" when making future purchases of computers, cameras and televisions.


February 04, 2011
Attack of Pro-Family Restaurant Chain By Homosexual Groups

(World Congress of Families)  World Congress of Families Managing Director Larry Jacobs noted that the attack on the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A by “gay” activists is another attempt to crush dissent from the LGBT movement’s agenda.

“Every year, corporate America pours hundreds of millions of dollars into organizations seeking to advance anti-child and anti-biblical messages such as same-sex marriage, coercive sexual orientation laws and forced transgender “special rights” in the workplace, and it’s treated as a ‘progressive’ business practice,” Jacobs observed. “But let one restaurant chain support the strengthening of the institution of marriage and the natural family, and it becomes end-of-the-world news in The New York Times.” 

Ironically, these so-called “controversial” family values about the importance of healthy marriages and the importance of fathers and mothers to children, are the same values vital to a healthy and prosperous society.  

President Obama spoke of these foundational values and the natural family when he said, “[We] need families to raise our children. We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception.  We need them to realize that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child – it`s the courage to raise one.  We need to help all the mothers out there who are raising these kids by themselves; the mothers who drop them off at school, go to work, pick up them up in the afternoon, work another shift, get dinner, make lunches, pay the bills, fix the house, and all the other things it takes both parents to do.  So many of these women are doing a heroic job, but they need support.  They need another parent.  Their children need another parent.  That`s what keeps their foundation strong. It`s what keeps the foundation of our country strong.”

In a January 29th story (click here to read), the The New York Times reported on an online petition calling on Chick-fil-A to “stop supporting groups perceived as anti-gay, including Focus on the Family.”

Apparently, said rampant bigotry includes Chick-fil-A providing sandwiches and brownies to a February seminar called, “The Art of Marriage: Getting to the Heart of God’s Design,” sponsored by the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

“This is only part of the good work to help children and build a healthy society that Chick-fil-A does,” Jacobs commented. “I wish other corporations did half as much for the natural family, as Chick-fil-A, which promotes pro-family values through its WinShape Foundation, including helping orphans and sponsoring seminars that help people strengthen their marriages and become better parents.” 

“Those advancing a radical homosexual agenda must not be allowed to win through intimidation. Because they fear an open debate on their agenda and discussion of the importance of natural marriage, they invariably seek to silence dissenting voices,” Jacobs said.

“We call on the pro-family and marriage movement to join us in defending the right of any courageous corporation, acting in the very best interests of the community it serves, to stand for the natural family, society’s irreplaceable institution,” Jacobs stated.  “The rights and importance of marriage and the natural family are even stated in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR, 1948).”  In Article 16  of UDHR it says, “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family…The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.”  

Again, I will quote President Obama to share the reasons why it is important to strengthen marriages particularly among minority groups.  In his 2008 speech on the importance of fathers and mothers, the President said, “Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives, we are reminded today that family is the most important.  And we are called to recognize and honor how critical every father is to that foundation…We know that more than half of all black children live in single-parent households, a number that has doubled - doubled - since we were children. We know the statistics - that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and twenty times more likely to end up in prison.  They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves.  And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.”

The World Congress of Families (www.worldcongress.org) strengthens and encourages the natural family and holds international Congresses every 2-3 years (the last, WCF V, was in Amsterdam in 2009).   This year, WCF will hold regional events in Riga (Latvia), London, Moscow – a first-ever Demographic Summit – and Lagos (Nigeria).  Spain, India, Australia and Russia have submitted bids for the next World Congress of Families VI (2012) or VII (2013).

For more information on World Congress of Families, visit www.worldcongress.org.  To schedule an interview with Larry Jacobs, contact Don Feder at 508-405-1337 or 815-222-2490.

February 04, 2011
Chick-fil-A Pledges Not to `Champion` Marriage, Family Politics

(Christian Post)  Amid mounting pressure from gay rights supporters, fast food franchise Chick-fil-A released Saturday a statement pledging not to champion any political agendas surrounding marriage or family.

In a customer letter released over the weekend, Chick-fil-A President Dan T. Cathy reaffirmed the company’s Christian values but denied allegations that it required franchises and program recipients to embrace similar beliefs.

To prove this point, he announced the company would not publicly endorse agendas on marriage or family. However, he said it would continue to give resources to programs that strengthen marriages and families.


February 04, 2011
`Something big` transferred to Gaza Strip

(WorldNetDaily)  Egypt and Israel have information a large quantity of weapons, including new and sophisticated firepower, was smuggled from Egypt into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in the last two days, according to informed Middle East security officials.

Israeli security officials fear a growing state of anarchy exists along the Gaza-Egypt border, with Islamist groups there taking advantage of the chaos in Egypt amid mass protests threatening the regime of President Hosni Mubarak. Egyptian security forces have been focused largely on quelling the riots.

"Something big was brought into the Gaza Strip," said an informed security official.

The official said it was not known yet exactly what was transferred into Gaza, but he speculated it may have been a large quantity of antiaircraft missiles.


February 04, 2011
Marriage significantly helps longevity, mental health, study finds

(LifeSiteNews)  Two medical students at Cardiff University studying existing data on the relationship of marriage to health have concluded that “stable, long term, exclusive relationships” lead to “more healthy lifestyles and better emotional and physical health,” and have a marked effect on longevity.

Authors David Gallacher and John Gallacher cite a Cambridge study of “one billion person years across seven European countries that found that married persons had age adjusted mortality rates that were 10-15% lower than the population as a whole,” and that this statistic alone makes stable marriage “probably worth the effort.”

The two said that “marriage generally indicates a deeper commitment” which “might explain why marriage is associated with better mental health outcomes than cohabiting.” They note, however, that while “civil partnerships should theoretically confer the same benefits as heterosexual partnerships ... this needs to be balanced against the shorter duration of many same sex relationships.”


February 04, 2011
Lawmaker wants to bar firings for medical pot use

(AP)  A state lawmaker this week introduced a bill that would prohibit employers from firing qualified medical marijuana users who consume pot when they`re not on the job.

The bill, proposed by Democratic state Sen. Mark Leno, also would make it illegal for employers not to hire someone solely because they use marijuana for medical reasons.


February 04, 2011
Hollywood star `elevating` pro-life values

(OneNewsNow)  A Mexican pro-life actor has announced his plans to build the largest women`s crisis clinic in the United States.

Actor Eduardo Verástegui, star of the movie Bella, told a crowd of 300 guests at a recent gala that he hopes to build a crisis pregnancy center for women. At the January 15 event, which was hosted by his organization, Mantle of Guadalupe, Verástegui told his guests that he will not use his talents "except to elevate [his] Christian, pro-life and Hispanic values."

Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue applauds the star`s decision. "A lot of good things can be done with a crisis pregnancy center like this so that women can seek the help that they need instead of resorting to these horrific little abortion clinics that are a danger to women`s health," she notes.


February 04, 2011
Islam filling Britain`s `spiritual vacuum`

(OneNewsNow)  A Protestant renewal organization isn`t surprised that a recent study from Great Britain shows that thousands of native-born Brits are converting to Islam, while Anglican Church membership continues to decline.

A blog called The Last Crusade recently reported on a study from the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University that suggests that even though the media often portrays Islam in a negative light, more people decide to adopt the religion each year. In fact, the study says 56 percent of the converts are white and 62 percent are female.

Alan Wisdom, director of the Presbyterian Action committee and vice president for research and programs at The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), is not surprised by the report.


February 03, 2011
San Diego firefighters victorious in suit against forced participation in gay pride parade

(LifeSiteNews.com) - Four California firefighters forced to participate in a gay pride parade in July 2007 are victorious after the California Supreme Court this week refused to hear the city’s petition to review an appellate court decision last year.

The four men, led by Fire Capt. John Ghiotto of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, filed the suit against the city of San Diego for sexual harassment a month after a battalion chief directly ordered them to ride a fire engine in a lewd parade through the city streets. The men endured verbal abuse and come-ons, as well as overtly sexual gestures from the crowd.

“You could not even look at the crowd without getting some type of sexual gesture,” stated the original complaint, which noted that Christian protesters reviled them for joining the parade. Had the men refused, Ghiotto noted, the men risked being immediately suspended and stripped of any chance of promotion.


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