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August 31, 2017
A Biblical Case against Racism

(Breakpoint) Despite the tremendous strides America has made in pursuing racial reconciliation and equality in recent decades, once again overt racism has reared its ugly head.

This is a stain on our nation’s character and an obscenity in God’s world—therefore we Christians must redouble our efforts to speak His truth about race.  (Read More)

August 31, 2017
Atheist group wants IRS to cull free speech

(OneNewsNow) Freedom from Religion Foundation is upset because an executive order from President Trump blocks the IRS from enforcing the Johnson Amendment against pastors and churches. The Amendment prohibits all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates.  (Read More)

August 31, 2017
The Word That’s Not in the Constitution

(Family Policy Alliance) You won’t find this word in our nation’s founding document. You can search every Article, every Section. It’s a word that, given the historical context and how common it was in the late 1700s, you would expect to be in there.

But it’s not.  (Read More)

August 31, 2017
South Carolina Governor Issues Order to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

(LifeNews) The governor of South Carolina today issued an executive order that blocks state agencies from using taxpayer dollars to fund the abortion industry. The order prevents the use of either state or local taxpayer funds to go to any doctor or Health Clinic that is an affiliate of an abortion business.  (Read More)

August 31, 2017
Ministries coming alongside those overcome by Harvey

(OneNewsNow) Faith-based disaster assistance teams continue to put their faith into action for victims in Texas whose lives and property have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  (Read More)

August 31, 2017
Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Permanently Closes Another Clinic

(LifeNews) Another Planned Parenthood facility closed this week in Pennsylvania as the national abortion chain focuses more on abortion and politics and less on actual women’s health care.  (Read More)

August 25, 2017
First grader sent to office for `misgendering` fellow student
August 24, 2017
International Religious Freedom in 2016: Still Work to Be Done

(FRC) Last week, the State Department released its report assessing religious freedom around the world during 2016.

Many of the usual suspects we think of when addressing religious freedom violations overseas were covered by the report, and continue to reveal their religious freedom violations:..  (Read More)

August 24, 2017
Parents beware: Schools annulling your `bigoted` views

(OneNewsNow) Parents in a northern California community aren`t happy with a kindergarten teacher for discussing transgender issues with students – something one family advocate saw coming years ago.  (Read More)

August 24, 2017
Apple Will Donate $1 Million to Pro-Abortion Group

(LifeNews) Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook has announced that the tech company will make a $1 million donation to a pro-abortion organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center. However the organization not only supports abortion but was linked to a liberal activist who shot up the office of the pro-life group Family Research Council.  (Read More)

August 24, 2017
Rescuing iGen

(Breakpoint) Imagine the best memories of your youth. Now imagine all of them replaced by a screen. Unless we can outsmart phones, this will be reality for a generation.  (Read More)

August 24, 2017
`Welcoming` policy gains another victim

(OneNewsNow) According to NBC10.com in New Jersey, a man was arrested for allegedly stalking customers in a South Jersey Target fitting room. Police say on August 9th a woman was trying on clothing when she saw a man`s hand -- holding a cell phone -- creep under her fitting room door.  (Read More)

August 24, 2017
Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Has Closed 338 Clinics in Twenty Years. Here’s Its Desperate Next Move

(LifeNews) This past week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund revealed a desperate effort to save their joint corporate existence.

The move was prompted by the fact that Planned Parenthood has been losing—at the ballot box, in local communities, and in the halls of Congress.  (Read More)

August 17, 2017
Tony Perkins: America Must Ratchet Down the Rhetoric, Seek God and Pray

(CNSNews) We are a divided nation that is in crisis. We are no longer talking to each other – only screaming at one another. We are like a married couple in crisis.  (Read More)

August 17, 2017
Oregon`s new mantra: Free abortions for all!

(OneNewsNow) Oregon`s Democratic lawmakers and governor have decided the state`s taxpayers will be financing abortions in full, even though it might violate their conscience or religious beliefs. Not only that, voter opposition to the new law has been silenced.  (Read More)

August 17, 2017
Iceland Claims to Have “Eradicated” Down Syndrome By Aborting Every Baby Who Had It

(LifeNews) Mainstream news channels rarely draw attention to the negative side of abortion, but CBS News did so this week with a report about Iceland’s near 100-percent abortion rate for babies with Down syndrome.  (Read More)

August 17, 2017
Whoa, Bethsaida!

(Breakpoint) In Matthew 11, Jesus expresses his frustration with the people in his native region who, despite witnessing his mighty works, refused to repent and believe the Gospel.

One of the groups he singled out were the residents of Bethsaida, the home town of Peter, Andrew and Philip. “Woe to you, Bethsaida!”  (Read More)

August 17, 2017
The Planned Parenthood-Run Sex-Ed Programs President Trump Defunded are Ineffective

(LifeNews) This summer, the mainstream media have lobbed a considerable amount of criticism at the Trump administration for cutting funding to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program. This program began during the Obama administration and is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.  (Read More)

August 17, 2017
Missouri Pro-Life Law Will Increase Scrutiny of Abortion Sellers

(Family Policy Alliance) A new, wide-ranging law in Missouri promises annual site inspections for abortion clinics, state-approved procedures in place for handling botched abortions, regulations effectively restricting the sale of the remains of aborted preborn babies, and new power for the state attorney general to prosecute those who break the law.  (Read More)

August 11, 2017
Admin Pressures Schools to Reinforce Transgenderism
August 09, 2017
The Genetic Arms Race

(Breakpoint) In late July, the MIT Technology Review published news many of us have been dreading: A team of scientists at Oregon Health and Sciences University have successfully created genetically-modified human embryos.

This is an early step, to borrow a headline from the Technology Review, toward “engineering the perfect baby.”  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
A stomach-churning truth coming out of Nigeria

(OneNewsNow) A Christian missionary who teaches dirt poor children in Nigeria sent me a link to a very disturbing story, telling me that this same story was being featured in every newspaper she saw today. It is a tale of unspeakable evil. Yet without this missionary writing to me, it is a story we rarely hear in the West. Are you ready for some stomach-churning reading?  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
Press Misleads Public On Biblical Accuracy

(Faith & Freedom) This is a tale of how fake news and fake science create fake facts.

In this case, it relates to biblical accuracy regarding the Canaanites.

After being proven wrong, the "Science" journal can only bring themselves to sort-of, barely admit they "may" be wrong, while the press moves on to the next story.  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
New Pro-Abortion Billboard Claims City “Needs Abortion,” Says Pro-Life People Use “Harassment”

(LifeNews) The billboard, sponsored by the radical pro-abortion group NARAL, is located at the corner of North Haven and West Sylvania Avenue, barely a block away from the Capital Care Network abortion facility, NBC News 42 reports.  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
Islamic terrorist front CAIR losing more allies

(OneNewsNow) CAIR – which stands behind the façade as a group that champions Muslim civil rights – has been dubbed as the “Muslim mafia,” and when concerned parents sued the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) over its curriculum for indoctrinating students with Islamic beliefs, the organization’s connections to Islamic terrorism was brought to attention.  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
At issue: Parental rights in educational matters

(OneNewsNow) Homeschoolers in the U.S. will be pleased to hear that a proposed constitutional amendment – even though it faces a long road before being approved – could further enshrine and protect their right to choose how to educate their children.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Dunkirk, “And if Not”

(Breakpoint) You probably know the basic story line of the movie, “Dunkirk”—thousands of British civilians sailing across the channel to rescue the besieged British Army from certain annihilation at the hands of the Nazis.

But what the film left out, and it’s a shame it did, is the amazing miracle behind the story.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Culture of death out, culture of life in

(OneNewsNow) In 1993, Clarity Clinic was formed in Dubuque to meet the needs of women and girls who carry their babies to term. As a result, the clinic has been highly successful in saving the lives of preborn babies.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
The Art Of Deception

(Faith & Freedom) Deception is an art.

The ultimate practitioner is found in the narrative of Genesis chapter 3. And again in Jesus` temptation in Matthew chapter 4---one was seduced, one was not.

It`s also found in the latest edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Professor: “Just Because [an Unborn Baby] is Alive and Human Does Not Give It Moral Rights”

(LifeNews) Is there no scientific answer to when life begins? That depends, of course, on what one means by “life.” I and most people (in this context) generally mean biological life, specifically the life of a human organism. That is indeed a scientific question, and the answer is well-established and scientifically uncontested.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Teens told `go to Hell` by principal win settlement

(OneNewsNow) In addition to settling, the Downingtown Area School District (DASD) will amend its policies so that anyone can exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech and to publicly demonstrate views that might not be aligned with campus politics, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Cecile Richards: You Can’t be a Democrat if You Don’t Support Abortion. “It’s Non-Negotiable”

(LifeNews) The head of the nation’s biggest abortion company is not very happy that Democrats are considering supporting candidates who are pro-life. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards essentially says that you can’t be a Democrat if you don’t support abortion and that the Democratic Party should not support any candidate who opposes abortion.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017


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