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January 28, 2015
Hundreds of Thousands of Pro-Lifers March for Life: Mourn 57 Million Abortions


(LifeNews) Hundreds of thousands of pro-life people turned out for the annual March for Life in Washington, braving cold temperatures to take a stand for the right to life of unborn children. While marchers mourned 42 years of legalized abortion, many sounded a hopeful theme for a pro-life future and think the decision will eventually be reversed.

January 28, 2015
Arizona Hopes to Shut Down Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

(CBNNews) The state of Arizona is hoping to shut down sex trafficking around this week`s Super Bowl.

For months, the state attorney general`s office has focused on training law enforcement and promoting public awareness through the "Arizona`s Not Buying it" campaign.

January 28, 2015
Auschwitz Liberated 1.27.45

(FRC) The 2001 BBC film Conspiracy can be viewed on YouTube. The film opens servants preparing a great feast in an elegant mansion. Next, we see a snowy scene, looking down upon a forested lakeside villa The date of this gathering is January 20, 1942.

January 28, 2015
No label required on West Hollywood`s gender-neutral bathrooms

(LA Times) To read article Click Here.

January 28, 2015
Bring Saeed Home

(Breakpoint) Jacob Abedini has a birthday wish, and I’ll explain why we should pray for that wish to come true, and I’ll update you on his dad.

January 28, 2015
Christians in Africa fleeing death, need help

(OneNewsNow) Dozens of churches have been burned in Niger following a depiction of Mohammed in the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. Pastors have also lost their homes and Christians have been injured or killed.

January 28, 2015
UK Closing Christian School for Religious Intolerance

(CBNNews) Officials at the British Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) targeted Durham Free School in a report that condemns them for teaching their Christian beliefs instead of multiculturalism.

January 28, 2015
Christian scouting organization grows while Boy Scouts declines

(OneNewsNow) Boy Scouts membership declined another seven percent in the last reporting period, but there was apparently a drop of over 14 percent in Cub Scouts, which grooms future members and leaders of the Boy Scouts. Part of the loss could be due to the group’s decision to allow homosexuals as members.

January 28, 2015
Evangelicals and Same-Sex `Marriage`

(Breakpoint) A recent TIME article is exposing a question we should’ve wrestled with long before now. So that’s what we’ll do, today on BreakPoint.

January 28, 2015
Ohio Pro-Life Bill Would Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks on Babies Who Feel Intense Pain

(LifeNews) This legislation, which is similar to National Right to Life’s Pain-Capable legislation, will be introduced in the Ohio General Assembly in the coming weeks. Significantly, the legislation challenges the viability limit on abortion restrictions, commonly triggered at 24 weeks, that the U.S. Supreme Court imposed in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

January 28, 2015
Campaign to filter porn from Wi-Fi networks gains headway

(OneNewsNow) A campaign to convince Starbucks and McDonald`s to filter pornography out of their Wi-Fi systems is gaining momentum.

January 28, 2015
Rabbi: America`s 143-yr. reign kaput, Obama`s address a biblical warning

(OneNewsNow) Ironically, President Barack Obama`s State of the Union message declaring that "the shadow of crisis has passed" couldn`t be further from the truth, says one New York Times bestselling author. He also contends that America`s 143-year reign as the world`s strongest economic force officially came to a close ... months ago.

January 28, 2015
Living in the Bible

(Breakpoint) It’s probably no surprise to you, but biblical ignorance is running rampant -- even in the church. And while I’m at it, how are you doing in the Word?

January 23, 2015
40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil

From February 18th to March 29th 2015, our community will take part in 40 Days for Life … a groundbreaking, coordinated international  mobilization. We pray that, with God’s help, this will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and beyond.

Planned Parenthood (Public right-of-way outside)
1550 North Garey Avenue
Pomona, California
Click here for more information. 

January 21, 2015
CBO: Late-Term Abortions Average One Per Hour In U.S.; Calculates `Cost` of Letting Babies Live

(CNSNews) In its “cost estimate” of the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” released yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that about 10,000 unborn babies are killed each year in the United States in abortions that take place at 20 weeks or later in pregnancy.

January 21, 2015
The Most Segregated Hour, Still


(Breakpoint) Eleven A.M. Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America. So said the man we commemorate today. Martin Luther King, Jr. was driven to confront Americans for our sins of racism, discrimination, and oppression. And yet what drove him, as we’ve talked about on BreakPoint in the past, was his Christian faith.

January 21, 2015
Abortion`s Shockwaves Extend Beyond the Womb

(CBNNews) Pro-life leaders gathered at the National Press Club just a few days before the Jan. 22 March for Life to announce that a special emphasis this year will be on the many and usually unpublicized ways abortion hurts.

January 21, 2015
Seventeen Injured in Tel Aviv Bus Stabbing

(CBNNews) An elite unit of prison service officers apprehended a 23-year-old resident of Tulkarem, an Arab city under Palestinian Authority control, who injured 17 people in a stabbing spree on a Tel Aviv bus Wednesday morning.

January 21, 2015
Scientists On Designer Babies: "Approaching 100% Efficiency"

(Faith & Freedom) The words, "You shall be as God," are again echoing across the cultural landscape.
Scientists announced last week that, "Rapid progress in genetics is making `designer babies` more likely and society needs to be prepared."

January 21, 2015
We Aren`t Charlie

(Breakpoint) The slogan “Je Suis Charlie”—“I am Charlie”—has become a kind of badge of honor. It has come to signify a commitment to a kind of liberal and tolerant social order over and against the forces of censorship and Islamic extremism.

But is it the kind of thing a Christian can or should say?



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