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August 24, 2019
Let Parents Decide Conference


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August 16, 2019
Why Is This Alaskan City Leaving Vulnerable Women Out in the Cold?


(Alliance Defending Freedom) Alone in the cold, homeless women in Anchorage, Alaska need somewhere to turn—somewhere to feel safe.

Many of these women are victims of unspeakable trauma, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and even sex trafficking. But often, the only refuge from the cold is a co-ed shelter where these women feel unsafe due to the presence of men. Some of them would rather sleep in the woods in the frigid Alaskan temperatures than next to a man.  (Read More)

August 16, 2019
Teen Vogue Uses Snapchat to Instruct Teens How to Hide Abortions From Their Parents

(LifeNews) Teen Vogue has completely sold out to the abortion industry.

Over the weekend, the magazine encouraged its young readers to engage in risky, life-destroying behavior by teaching them how to get an abortion.

CBN News reports the magazine posted a series of images on Snapchat promoting abortions among teens.  (Read More)

August 16, 2019
LGBTQ Destroying Culture---While You Were Distracted

(Faith & Freedom) Dennis Prager said this week that while our attention has been focused on a number of other events this summer, the LGBTQ activists have been "busy dismantling the norms of our culture."

Penny Nance had her own personal experience this week when she took her youngest son to orientation at Virginia Tech.  (Read More)

August 16, 2019
Abortion Activists Threaten Pro-Life Legislators: “I’ll Slit Your Throat” if You Vote Against Abortion

(LifeNews) ABC News Australia reports police arrested and charged a 47-year-old man from Kemps Creek on Wednesday with making the alleged death threat. News reports did not include the man’s name.

Police said they also arrested a 58-year-old man from Hornsby on Wednesday for allegedly making similar violent threats against Minister for Counter-Terrorism and Corrections Anthony Roberts.  (Read More)

August 16, 2019
Another state mandates history of homosexuals

(OneNewsNow) Illinois could set the stage for another religious freedom case in a public school classroom, especially if Christian educators speak out.

Governor J.G. Pritzker has signed a bill into law requiring public schools to teach the contributions of homosexual and lesbian Americans.  (Read More)

August 16, 2019
Twitter Isn’t Real

(Breakpoint) Recently, a friend shared with me a statement on a personal issue that she wanted to post on social media. I urged her not to do it, partly because of my own experiences with social media, and partly because I’m convinced that what happens on these platforms isn’t nearly as consequential as we often feel they are.  (Read More)

August 08, 2019
The Long Fight to Defend Life

(Alliance Defending Freedom) This week the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear an important case dealing with whether a state can require that abortion facilities have a transfer agreement with an ambulance service. The law has been in place in Kentucky since 1998.  (Read More)

August 08, 2019
El Paso, Dayton, and Gilroy

(Breakpoint) “If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds,” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.” Of course, there are evil people. We know that far too well, especially after this past weekend.  (Read More)

August 08, 2019
Trump Admin Stands Up for Unborn Babies at the UN, Abortion Activists Come Unhinged

(LifeNews) Pro-abortion NGOs, along with pro-abortion activists serving in key UN positions, have been following a ‘battle cry’ to “push back” against what they describe as ‘regression’ in support and funding for abortion. The main source for their ire is the Trump administration’s pro-life belief in the sanctity of life from the moment of conception and its commitment to advancing life-affirming policies through its foreign aid during negotiations at the United Nations (UN).  (Read More)

August 08, 2019
Whole Foods, a retailer that once promoted organics and purity, is now sponsoring 'Drag Queen Story Hour'

(OneMillionMoms) Whole Foods Market was one of the primary sponsors of the Drag Queen Story Hour held in Atlanta, GA. (City of Atlanta LGBTQ Affairs tweeted the photo above when thanking Drag Queen Story Hour sponsors which included Whole Foods Market.)  (Read More)

August 08, 2019
Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Loses in Court, Can’t Force Christian Businesses to Fund Abortions

(LifeNews) The Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) has won a major religious freedom victory on behalf of its current and future members. The United States District Court for the District of North Dakota has ruled that the abortifacient mandate under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as well as the subsequent “accommodation,” burdens the religious exercise of CEA’s members and violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.  (Read More)

August 08, 2019
6 Questions with Vice President Mike Pence on Life, Freedom, and Faith

(Alliance Defending Freedom) Vice President Mike Pence took some time with the Alliance Defending Freedom team this morning to share some words of encouragement. He sat down with ADF President, CEO, and General Counsel Michael Farris to answer a few questions about religious freedom, the sanctity of life, free speech, and faith. He also touched on some of the cases and issues that ADF is working on – work in which you play an important role. Here’s what Vice President Pence had to say.  (Read More)

August 01, 2019
NEA Stresses Importance Of Indoctrination In Classroom

(Faith & Freedom) As American families begin to think about sending their children and grandchildren back to school in a few weeks, the 3 million-member National Education Association has also been preparing for the new school year.

This month they approved "New Business Item 56"---a resolution expressing---actually demanding full and unlimited support for abortion access.  (Read More)

August 01, 2019
Should a Conservative Consulting Firm Be Forced to Promote Socialism?

(Alliance Defending Freedom) Grant Strobl learned the importance of freedom at a young age.

He never imagined then that, over a decade later, he would need to stand up for that principle in court. But that’s where Grant finds himself after he and business partner Jacob Chludzinski filed a lawsuit against Ann Arbor, Michigan. There, a local law forces them to express political messages that contradict their own views.  (Read More)

August 01, 2019
2020: The (Mis)Information Age

(FRC) One Google executive was already caught on camera admitting her job was preventing another "Trump situation." So it's no wonder Americans' eyebrows shot up at the latest comments from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Unlike Jen Gennai's comments, Dorsey's were public. But if they imply what conservatives think they do, they're just as disturbing.  (Read More)

August 01, 2019
Christians continue to die in Nigeria while gov't stands by

(OneNewsNow) The killing of Christians by Fulani tribesmen in northeast Nigeria is at such a high level that religious leaders there – as well as a former member of the British House of Commons – are appealing to the international community not to make the same mistake that was made with the genocide in Rwanda.  (Read More)

August 01, 2019
Cities Without Children

(Breakpoint) Yesterday, I told you about a district in northern India where, according to reports, not a single girl was born for three months. The main cause of the shocking gender imbalance we see around the world, and especially in India, is sex-selective abortion. In reaction, some of us may be tempted to think, “well, what do you expect from people who worship idols with blue skin and elephant heads?”  (Read More)

August 01, 2019
Abortion Clinic That Has Injured 60 Women in Botched Abortions Calls 911 Again After Hurting Another

(LifeNews) An ambulance was called to Little Rock Family Planning, a troubled abortion facility located in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 29, 2019, for a woman suffering a medical emergency — one of over sixty that have been documented there.

But the recording of the actual call placed to 911, which was obtained by Operation Rescue, was so heavily redacted that the woman’s condition remains largely unknown.  (Read More)

July 25, 2019
Catholic League: Go Figure -- Cuomo Bans Cat Declawing But Allows Abortion Up to Birth

(CNSNews) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a bill into law on Monday that prohibits the declawing of cats because, as Cuomo said, it is "a cruel and painful procedure." This is the same governor who signed a bill into law in January that allows abortion up to the moment of birth and even allows babies that survive an abortion to be left unattended to die on a table.  (Read More)



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