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August 11, 2017
Admin Pressures Schools to Reinforce Transgenderism

(California Family Council) The Trump administration’s Department for Civil Rights at the Department of Education has issued a memo to schools stating that civil rights investigations will be launched against individuals at schools who refuse to address transgender students by their preferred gender pronouns.(Read more)

August 09, 2017
The Genetic Arms Race

(Breakpoint) In late July, the MIT Technology Review published news many of us have been dreading: A team of scientists at Oregon Health and Sciences University have successfully created genetically-modified human embryos.

This is an early step, to borrow a headline from the Technology Review, toward “engineering the perfect baby.”  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
A stomach-churning truth coming out of Nigeria

(OneNewsNow) A Christian missionary who teaches dirt poor children in Nigeria sent me a link to a very disturbing story, telling me that this same story was being featured in every newspaper she saw today. It is a tale of unspeakable evil. Yet without this missionary writing to me, it is a story we rarely hear in the West. Are you ready for some stomach-churning reading?  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
Press Misleads Public On Biblical Accuracy

(Faith & Freedom) This is a tale of how fake news and fake science create fake facts.

In this case, it relates to biblical accuracy regarding the Canaanites.

After being proven wrong, the "Science" journal can only bring themselves to sort-of, barely admit they "may" be wrong, while the press moves on to the next story.  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
New Pro-Abortion Billboard Claims City “Needs Abortion,” Says Pro-Life People Use “Harassment”

(LifeNews) The billboard, sponsored by the radical pro-abortion group NARAL, is located at the corner of North Haven and West Sylvania Avenue, barely a block away from the Capital Care Network abortion facility, NBC News 42 reports.  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
Islamic terrorist front CAIR losing more allies

(OneNewsNow) CAIR – which stands behind the façade as a group that champions Muslim civil rights – has been dubbed as the “Muslim mafia,” and when concerned parents sued the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) over its curriculum for indoctrinating students with Islamic beliefs, the organization’s connections to Islamic terrorism was brought to attention.  (Read More)

August 09, 2017
At issue: Parental rights in educational matters

(OneNewsNow) Homeschoolers in the U.S. will be pleased to hear that a proposed constitutional amendment – even though it faces a long road before being approved – could further enshrine and protect their right to choose how to educate their children.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Dunkirk, “And if Not”

(Breakpoint) You probably know the basic story line of the movie, “Dunkirk”—thousands of British civilians sailing across the channel to rescue the besieged British Army from certain annihilation at the hands of the Nazis.

But what the film left out, and it’s a shame it did, is the amazing miracle behind the story.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Culture of death out, culture of life in

(OneNewsNow) In 1993, Clarity Clinic was formed in Dubuque to meet the needs of women and girls who carry their babies to term. As a result, the clinic has been highly successful in saving the lives of preborn babies.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
The Art Of Deception

(Faith & Freedom) Deception is an art.

The ultimate practitioner is found in the narrative of Genesis chapter 3. And again in Jesus` temptation in Matthew chapter 4---one was seduced, one was not.

It`s also found in the latest edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Professor: “Just Because [an Unborn Baby] is Alive and Human Does Not Give It Moral Rights”

(LifeNews) Is there no scientific answer to when life begins? That depends, of course, on what one means by “life.” I and most people (in this context) generally mean biological life, specifically the life of a human organism. That is indeed a scientific question, and the answer is well-established and scientifically uncontested.  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Teens told `go to Hell` by principal win settlement

(OneNewsNow) In addition to settling, the Downingtown Area School District (DASD) will amend its policies so that anyone can exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech and to publicly demonstrate views that might not be aligned with campus politics, according to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).  (Read More)

August 04, 2017
Cecile Richards: You Can’t be a Democrat if You Don’t Support Abortion. “It’s Non-Negotiable”

(LifeNews) The head of the nation’s biggest abortion company is not very happy that Democrats are considering supporting candidates who are pro-life. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards essentially says that you can’t be a Democrat if you don’t support abortion and that the Democratic Party should not support any candidate who opposes abortion.  (Read More)

July 25, 2017
Sign the Petition!

(FRC Action)  A few months ago the world was shocked again by the revelation that representatives from Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and other abortion groups were sitting around laughing about innocent baby eyeballs falling into their laps and pulling off a “leg or two.” (Read more)

July 27, 2017
HSLDA helps homeschoolers in KY county

judge banging gavel

(OneNewsNow) The Home School Legal Defense Association has come to the rescue of homeschooling parents in Kentucky who were being harassed by public school officials who produced a list of demands.  (Read More)


July 27, 2017
Minn. `segregates` students uneasy with transgender accommodations

(OneNewsNow) Forwarding the LGBT agenda in public schools in the name of “tolerance,” the Minnesota Department of Education (DOE) recently approved a “toolkit” that directs schools to “segregate” students who are uncomfortable with sharing restrooms and locker rooms with transgender classmates.  (Read More)

July 27, 2017
Avoid Target: Do Your Back-To-School Shopping Elsewhere

(The Stand) As back-to-school shopping season nears, I`m asking your family to avoid shopping at Target stores...and to warn your friends about the danger Target presents to women and children.  (Read More)

July 27, 2017
Texas Tries to End P.C. in the W.C.

(FRC) There may be 20 issues on Governor Greg Abbott`s (R-Texas) special session agenda, but one may be getting more attention than the other 19 combined: the state`s Privacy Act. Kicked into extra innings after House Speaker Joe Straus refused to move it, the bill was one of the driving motivations for the legislature to reconvene.  (Read More)

July 27, 2017
French President Macron and African Babies

(Breakpoint) Well, according to the French President, it’s no use pouring money into Africa because Africans have too many babies. Yes, he really said that.  (Read More)

July 27, 2017
Health Board Forces Pregnancy Centers to Post False Signs Saying “We’re Not a Health Care Facility”

(LifeNews) In the past year, Care Net of Puget Sound—a state-licensed medical provider based in Seattle—contributed over $6 million worth of services to its community at zero cost to taxpayers.

Starting Thursday, however, Care Net and other pro-life centers in the area will be forced to post a false statement in their waiting rooms, online and in all advertising materials.  (Read More)



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