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June 22, 2018
Aid the Iraqi Christians!

(Breakpoint) For too long the U.S. government has done too little to aid Iraqi Christians. That has to change.

It takes courage to be a Christian in Iraq, more courage than I or I’d bet most of us can even imagine. Some of the courage we see from our brothers and sisters there comes from the church’s deep roots in the region.  (Read More)

June 22, 2018
Canada's Supreme Court rules against the Bible

(OneNewsNowIn a ruling that is sure to send shock waves through the nation, Canada's Supreme Court ruled 7-2 against Trinity Western University's (TWU) Law School. In effect, what the court declared is that universities must choose between biblical standards and accreditation. Put another way, the court ruled that Christianity and higher education are incompatible.  (Read More)

June 22, 2018
Nine Abortionists Caught Doing Abortions on Girls as Young as 12, Not Reporting Sexual Assault to Authorities

(LifeNews) Nine abortion practitioners in the state of Indiana have been caught failing to report child sex abuse in cases where they did abortions on the babies of young girls. The nine abortionists in question did abortions on the girls as young as 12 years of age without reporting cases of sex abuse or statutory rape to law enforcement officials as required by law.  (Read More)

June 22, 2018
"Drag Tots," "Super Drags"-- Parents Beware

(Faith & Freedom) Apparently, Yogi Bear and Road Runner are out. Cross-dressing and transgenderism is in---for kids television.

The days of innocent Saturday morning cartoon watching for kids has been over for some time, but this is the lowest, most abusive assault I've seen on innocent young minds.  (Read More)

June 22, 2018
County Passes Resolution to Become the First-Ever Abortion-Free “Sanctuary for the Unborn”

(LifeNews) An Illinois county declared itself a “Sanctuary for Unborn Human Beings” this week to express its opposition to abortion.

Much in the same way several large, liberal cities have declared themselves “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants by not enforcing federal law, Effingham County leaders hope their county will be a place where unborn babies are protected from abortion.  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
DOJ to Churches: To Each His Zone

(FRC) At Ragamuffins Coffee House, owners are probably most famous for this blend: community service and worship. That's because the Maryland spot isn't just another business on Laurel's Main Street. It's run by a church that opens its doors -- and its arms -- to the area's homeless and needy families, offering coffee six days a week and a shot of God everyday, especially on Sunday.  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
The Golden Age of Education Innovation

(Breakpoint) What happens if your school district crosses a line with its curriculum? What do you do now?  Here are some words of encouragement.

Last month, we learned that the Orange County California Board of Education will not allow parents to remove their kids from classes that discuss “gender, gender identity, gender expression, [or] sexual orientation.”  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
Google: GOP Ideology "Nazism"

(Faith & Freedom) House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA.) is angry---and he should be. If California citizens Googled the Republican Party prior to last week's primary election, they would have been told one of the ideologies of the Republican Party is "Nazism."  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
London allows anti-Semitic march flying terrorist flags

(OneNewsNow) Despite the protest of the Jewish community, hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators were allowed to fly the flag of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas through the streets of London at the United Kingdom’s annual anti-Semitic Al-Quds Day event.  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
Pro-Life Group Releases List of Products, Cosmetics and Vaccines Made Using Cells From Aborted Babies

(LifeNews) Children of God for Life released a new list this week that informs consumers about products that are made or tested with cells from aborted babies.

The pro-life organization’s popular list has been successful in persuading companies like PepsiCo and Kraft to switch to ethical alternatives for testing their products.  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
Social Media Giants 'Friend' Extremist SPLC

(FRC) They're four of the biggest names on the internet -- and right now, they have one thing in common: a dangerous partnership with SPLC. Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter are no lightweights when it comes to market influence, so the news they're all leaning (in some way or another) on the extremists at Southern Poverty Law Center is giving conservatives plenty to think about.  (Read More)

June 14, 2018
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Apologies for Eating at Chick-fil-A, “I Forgot About Their Christian Background”

(LifeNews) Chick-fil-A’s slogan is “eat more chicken” — not act like one! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did after activists slammed him for posting evidence that he’d stopped by the fast-food chain. After six years, the controversy over Chick-fil-A is still sizzling...  (Read More)

May 30, 2018


Join us on the steps of the California State Capitol to rally in opposition to AB 2943.

What is AB 2943?

It's a California bill that will make "sexual orientation change efforts" illegal including the selling of books, organizing conferences or events, or counseling services that hold to a biblical teaching on sexual relationships, if a financial transaction takes place.

This means an adult who desires to receive counseling could not pay for those services. A book store could not sell books that address the subject of "change" for those with unwanted same-sex desires. Events would be prohibited if admission is charged. It's possible that any book, including the Bible, which discusses God's plan for sexual relations, would be included.

Join us on the steps of the California State Capitol to rally in opposition to AB 2943.

DATE: Tues., Jun. 12, 2018

9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. - PRE-RALLY
Men and women who were "once gay" will share their personal stories of change.

11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. - Lunch

12:00 P.M. to 12:45 - MAIN RALLY

Main speakers include:
Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

1:00 P.M. to 4:30 P.M. - Attend the Judiciary Committee hearing.
Every person in attendance will be allowed to voice his or her opposition to AB 2943. Please attend!

Questions? Call the Real Impact Ministry at (909) 393-7100
Attendees responsable for making their own travel arrangements.

Read this informative article: https://www.nationalreview.com/…/california-bill-threatens…/


June 08, 2018
School Drums up Outrage on Music Teacher

(FRC) When John Kluge was told he had to start addressing kids by their "preferred" names, he went straight to the school's administrators. A child may be struggling with their gender identity, but he couldn't in good conscience encourage them down that dangerous path. The two sides compromised, telling John he could call the students by their last names instead. After several months, though, the school reneged, insisting he had to comply or resign.  (Read More)

June 08, 2018
95% of UK's PC Islamic 'deradicalization' programs fail

(OneNewsNow) A government report revealed that the United Kingdom government’s “deradicalization” initiatives have a failure rate of greater than 95 percent – which is blamed on their politically correct delivery because instructors are too scared to use a “religious extremist” context and resort to discussing “Islamophobia,” instead of Islamic terrorism.  (Read More)

June 08, 2018
The Supreme Court Opinion Everyone Is Talking About

(Family Policy Alliance) The long awaited Supreme Court opinion in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case was handed down yesterday: 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips and his business, Masterpiece Cakeshop. Family Policy Alliance congratulates Jack Phillips and his legal team with our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom on their long-awaited victory!  (Read More)

June 08, 2018
Pro-Abortion Show “Handmaid’s Tale” Falsely Claims Christian Husbands Beat Their Wives

(LifeNews) The latest episode of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale comes up with a new way to twist the words of the Bible into their own depraved interpretation. This time, they justify violence against women at their hands of their own husbands. It just goes to show, never trust Hollywood to quote Scripture.  (Read More)

June 08, 2018
Christian Soccer Player Refuses To "Don Her Gay Apparel "---Booed In Portland

(Faith & Freedom) Jaelene Hickle is a world-class professional soccer player with the North Carolina Courage.

She is also a deeply committed Christian.

When she declined to play for the US National Team because the US jersey celebrated "LGBTQ Pride," she did so because she felt she could not celebrate something that the Bible condemns---something that violates her beliefs and her conscience.  (Read More)

June 08, 2018
Exclusive: 56 Lawmakers Ask HHS Probe of Planned Parenthood’s Response to Child Sexual Abuse

(Daily Signal) In a letter Thursday to the Department of Health and Human Services, Hartzler and 55 other Republicans ask the agency to probe whether Planned Parenthood, as a recipient of federal Title X funds, “failed in its duty to report suspected child abuse to local authorities and to HHS.”  (Read More)

June 08, 2018
Never Drink Another Starbucks Coffee Again, It Funds Planned Parenthood

(LifeNews) Your tax dollars aren’t the only thing supporting Planned Parenthood — proceeds from your daily coffee may be too! By now, Starbucks’s grande agenda on social issues isn’t a surprise to anyone, except maybe its CEO.  (Read More)



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